Monday, 21 April 2008


where's dat someone wen u reallli realli need him/her...i know u're out there..someone who will tolerate my emotions..who i want? i dunno..who i have in mind? no brains r jus empty right now..i need someone who can get some sense into me...psychologist perhaps??? god...i went to penang to pray n i get screwed up like dis...its so weird...hmmmpphh...

at dis point i feel nautious (feel like vomiting) dunno whether correct spellin...
listening to ruben studdard's celebrate me home again n again...
talkin to my ex who seems to b d oni wan being concern at d moment but me being a stubborn ass is jus not taking his advise to eat somethin...cos i find it useless for it will oni come bak out in d reverse i dun c a point..y is it so hard?? ive neva been so hard on myself b4..

last time alcohol used to help but i guess wit no alcohol tolerance now it might oni result to worst..

im not even 19 n im aledi fed up wit life..wats fucking wrong wit me??
i cant even bloody take care of myself..
i cant depend on myself..
i cant hold my tears in...
wat is wrong wit me..
bloody hell...jus suck me down there where i can burn in flames..
tho its not d best way to die..but its d same s cremating my wat d hack..
its probably one of d stupidest post..
im tryin to let it all out..
but i guess some emotions r jus left unexplainable???
n i know its weird..but wat to do...i cant freakin explain myself...

for all there is,
im still reminiscing,
the possibilities,
that i cud b facing.
the future is not for me to perfect,
nor d past dat was impaired.
there may b a light
on dat lonely planet
where my soul landed
but till it arrives
i drive along d long bumpy roads.

i got ntg else to write..probably d most lamest poem (if u consider it as one) ive ever written..
if oni things wud go d way we wished,
life wudnt b such a struggle??
im not seekin for attention..
i jus needed to let it out somewhere somehow..
i guess a time out wud do some good..

*feeling sick to d stomach*

Monday, 14 April 2008


i juz got back from a concert dat can give me goosebumps until now as i type here (1am plus)... if u all din know..CELINE DION performed at Stadium Merdeka last nite.. 13th April 2008..i tot Live n Loud was good..this was god knows how many times betta..PERFORMANCE wise...HANDS DOWN..tho we were seated further from the stage..the quality of wat goes into my ears dat counts..hahahaha... however, i realli wished dat KRISTINE WAS THERE :( first cos i was mmg plannin to go wit her..second den she cud hear for herself, CELINE DION..third, so i din have to shout into her ears on d fon..n so..i shall dedicate dis blog to my closie KRISTINE THONG MEI CHUIN...hahaha..n also to those who wanted to go but Freddie, Zat, Roshan n MY MUM...

so 4.50 darren came n pick me up..went over to kris to get extra cam memory card (which i din end up using)...den waited for his in d car..fetched another 2 of their frens..n off we were for Stadium Merdeka..was an hour behind schedule..but being smart kl ppl..we knew where to find parking..parked at Kg. Attap n took a slow walk across...n den made our way to GATE 4 as it is stated on our ticket..

our tickets got exchanged at d gate..n i ended up wit one of mel's tickets =p
n dis is taken by her..

so neways s it is stated, i bumped into mel while walking pass d darn long line..and smart darren found a shorter line near d walked up d hill again..mind u it was a worth while exercise ok..we were in by 7.10?? or was finding some good seats..n we got some realli nice wans..could c d stage clearly n were in a proper position facing d big ass speakers..while waiting..took pics..realised it was a beautiful sunset..

^at 7.00

^at 7.30 (i think)

^d stage n huge ass screens with CELINE on it!!

^ stage,screens,sunset(3s) n fake moon =P

and as usual..we cant escape whoring sessions k..wen u have a is d right thing to do..

d person i met on my right(mel) n d person i wentwit on my left(darren)...
how lucky am i =P

d ladies..aunti irene,mely moo,me

at first d crowd were so quiet n not realli hyped up..even i was like.."we gotto something to get us hyped up"..n d next thing i knew..mexican wave started from d other side..n it went on n on n on n on..n it was daym funny wen d crowd in d mid field continued after oneside ended...hahahaha..cudnt record it...was stilll figuring out wat mode n all to use..n din wanna waste neways..we were doin dat till like 8+..n wen it was abt 9..d arrival of d Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-pertuan Agong..n all d other bigshots dat came..cant hear n rmbr who n all were there but yeah there were d big shots there..heard ariana teoh was there too..Siti was on screen for a while..=p.. but i was gettin all excited for celine's openin..

n suddenly...POOfff...Lights off...

SHe was singing backstage n tunes of "I drove All Nite" cud b heard but it was a bit long..din know wen she was gonna appear..n den suddenly u c


n den from then it was all up to her to sing n make me HYPED-HAPPY-n everything else beyond..words cud not explain how good she was n how happy i was to b able to finally see her..daymm...she sang so many songs..some from her previous albums like power of love,All by myself,It's all coming bak to me now, because u loved me, river deep mountain high, im ur angel, if that's wat it takes (in french).. afew songs i din know d title..realli old..ermm..wat else..den new ones from d current album taking chances,alone,eyez on me,my love,shadow of love n a few more..realli cant rmbr..come to think abt it, she sang ALOT of songs ehh...

following pics r not uploaded according to d order of d songs...hehe...cant rmbr wat pic for wat..
was realli bz recording n taking pics n singing...

the medley of all timess...
its all coming bak to me now & because u loved me

the power of love filled d air.. =P

d beautiful colored lighting stage...
n she knelt while singing "my love" was so meaningful..

celine wit her back up singers rocking d stage

she rocking during river deep mountain high..

celine leaning on d gilagood-guitarist..
its actually 2 pictures taken in one shot..
how cool ehh... *winks*
no photoshop involved..jus did some cropping..dats all..

celine reaching those high notes...
those still gimme goosebumps..

dancers during intermission..they rocka!!

eventho she said goodnight after river deep mountain high, she knew dat we wudnt leave without dat ONE SONG...MY HEART WILL GO ON..n guess wat..i had a few misscalls wen she went off stage n i tot she went to change..but it was oni at d last n very last time, she came out on stage wit dis gorgeous yellow-ish peach, spagetthi strap long flow-wy dress n humming to d tunes of My heart Will go on..wen i heard dat..dat was d moment my camera batt had to run out on me...SIGH...but manage to catch dis last 2 shots of was recorded by darren instead..n his fon batt died after dat hehe..

u wudnt imagine how happy i was after gettin dis 2 shots..
plus her voice..i was literally in tears..

den it was time for us to have our own limelight wit d stage...hahaha..
not on stage but close enuf =P

yin & yang or yang & yin ^^

yin yang n yong???

yin yang in darkness..=p

after that made our way bak to d carpark where we had to go thru bigshots asses have to hog d oni road to d stadium..crossed d massive road..n off for supper near PGRM wit uncles n aunties n darren...n came home to 4 celine posters sis got...WEEE!!~~~ not signed but at least somethin rite..since i din buy anythin bak.=p gave one to aunti elaine..n d rest is for me to keep s remembrance...

signed out at 3.50am
i gtg skool in 2 n half hours time...daym screwedd!! will edit tom or somethin..will let ya know..take care..enjoy d clips..

resigned in at 1.45pm
signed out at 5pm
sorry for d delay..uploadin punya pasal..hahaha..

ps: darren n send over d pics ya =P
pss: sorry for d bad video recording..but thank god d sound was clear rite...
besides me talkin n singing or shud i say shouting in d background.. =p


im gonna miss my celine oh celine dion...