Thursday, 3 November 2011

Keep Walking with Johnnie Walker

Dear readers,

I know its been a long time since i last posted but since I'm on holiday now and this would actually be a good early birthday present, so here I am to share a lil something..=)

As we all know Johnnie Walker is the world's leading Scotch Whisky and the number one whisky in Malaysia. They have also been the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005 for the similar values of innovation, winning and leadership. JW brings the energy and glamour of the pulsating Brazil GP to the Black Circuit Lounge for a high-flying Formula One lifestyle experience.
Even though I do not watch F1 that often anymore but energy and glamour is what keeps me going on a daily basis. The reason why i feel i would match the style and sophistication of Johnnie Walker with the energy and glamour of Brazil is because I strive for perfection in everything I do, I do not compromise on the clothes and shoes that I put on, and I'm very determine in achieving my dreams and celebrate with a bottle of champagne. =)
Believe it or not, black has always been my first choice for dresses. If i had a choice on how i would dress for the Johnnie Walker it would be with a little black dress just like Audrey Hepburn style and pair it off with my lovely Guess lace peep toe's

We gotta look as good as we can just how these F1 cars look stunning even on the move.
dont you agree they look just incredible..
a girl can dream to look as stunning..=)
With that we have to Step inside the Black Circuit Lounge with Johnnie Walker for an inside access into the style and sophistication of the world of Formula 1.

As we all know, Johnnie Walker's motto is "Keep Walking", I personally think that Thanuja Ananthan epitomizes the meaning of those 2 words not solely because she was crowned Miss Malaysia 2009 but she live up to her words in saving animals as the ambassador of PETA Malaysia and also not supporting animal tested or produced products for her glamorous looks. She also personally help me gain more confidence during my training as a finalist in Miss Malaysia World 2011. Being first in the line up was not an easy task but she kept giving words of encouragement to keep me going.
She looking fab at Michael Kors store opening and quoted
"faux snake skin Micheal Kors clutch..EVERYONE can still look like a million dollar fashionista and NOT KILL!!!"

So who's your role model? Just answer in the comment box the question below

Name a Malaysian public personality who you think epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" and in 75 words or less, describe how this person inspires you on your own journey of personal progress and determination.

The best answer will be spotted by Johnnie Walker and you stand a chance to win exclusive passes to the JOHNNIE WALKER Black Circuit Lounge- Brazil Party.

So comment if you want to party like these people.

Hope to see you there..

Keep Walking!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Speedy Saturday!

As mentioned in the previous post, I attended Benson Chan's launching yesterday. End up going alone due to unwanted circumstances.. *Ash if u're reading you owe me* LOL.. So anyways, the evening started off with a 4pm wedding mass in church. Once it was over, i headed to my car to get my "party" dress and got changed. Good thing i didnt wear that for church or it would have been drenched in was THAT HOT!!

I had the less kan cheong version of 29 dresses where she changed constantly thruout the night. Mine made my car looked like a changing room with dress, shoe and make up bag. After changing, i touch up my make up in the car and race my way thru rain and traffic n reach KL in 30 mins..

Once there, i felt so small..Everyone there felt IMPORTANT.. Designers of The Twelve, Amber Chia, Lisa Wong as MC, More important people, Bloggers, Press and shoe lovers like me.

The show kicked off at about 7 and they had live male mannequin for the shoe showcase..

While they had their rotation I took the opportunity to go try some of the shoes..And it was SUPER COMFORTABLE! Not sure how long the comfy can last but it definitely got 10/10 for first try..

those sandals are made for walking..

A room i'll be visiting often! =P

Once the showcase was done, they had a photo session with Benson Chen and Amber Chia with the models.

My moment with Benson =D

A reason for me to get a new camera!!!

Then it was prize giving time.. Hoping to get the voucher so that i can spend them on the nice pair of flats/shoes but unfortunately i didnt. Sad part was the winners for the status contest did not even turn up for the event. They gave weather as an excuse but i risked SPEEDING IN THE RAIN to get to the event. Unfair but thats LIFE rite?

Best Dressed Winners

2nd Runner Up
1st Runner Up(a fellow Blogger Michelle)

Well her dress was nice and she did wear a Benson Chen pair of shoes.
(But Kristine and I still wondered, How did an Australian dress beat a dress from London..LOL..)

So after that was done I thought it was still early and i could make it for the dinner since wedding dinners never start early..=P Made a few calls and i made it back in Kajang by 8.30pm. Sat at table with Lester, his brother Clement, Rachel, Eric and family, n some of their close frens. Surprising thing even though some meeting for the first time but we manage to talk and laugh through the night.
Got stalked while drinking my soup.. But im liking the picture tho

picture with the host..

Then before leaving, we had mini photoshoot with people around.

Kajang KLCC

Lost sheep with the Yee Family

Glynn, Lester and Me

And Photo of the Night goes to....*drumrolls*
Young Aunti Suzie, Rachel and Me.

Who says you need a red carpet event to look good..All you need is a little black dress..AMEN??

So what did i learn this weekend???
"Life is all about timing..the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable..attainable. Have the patience, wait it out it's all about timing."
-Stacey Charter-

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Come Back!

Hi everyone,

It's been almost a year plus since i last posted something here. But i guess sometimes when you stop for a while, you come back stronger? So like i've promised to make this blog a fashion blog, I've told myself to at least try to make it happen. It won't just be a fashion blog but also my personal space to post and share things with all of you.

This may come as a surprise. But I'm BACK! Hope to get all the support i need.. =) Page is still under a lil construction. Things have change so much in such a short period. It may take some time to kick start, so bare with me and stay tuned! I try my best to give you the best stuff if not in Malaysia, Sungai Long.. =P

Also a quote by fashion designers will be shared in every post .

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary." -Cecil Beaton-

Ps: Will be attending Benson Chen's collection showcase tomoro..EXCITED!!