Sunday, 30 March 2008

Got TAGGED!! =.=

hi all..i got tagged by 2 of my wonderful frens..n now i cant tag anyone cos they tagged others's wat they wanted me to answer..lols...honesty is d best policy ehh...

List out Top 5 present you wish for : (mind u it doesnt've have to b my bday..ANYTIME baby..hehe)

  1. A Fair Lady..(not a lady but the Nissan 350z) *HAWtsss*
  2. A diamond necklace/ring *waits for it anxiously =P *
  3. A new Handphone (N96? heard it was slim n cun)
  4. An Oakley shades
  5. A ticket to Celine Dion's Concert!!!!! cheapest wan aso i dun care...=P
Actually Anything dat is nice or memorable and suitable =) (im very kind wan =P )

The person who tagged me is : Kristine Thong Mei Chuin aka Lesbo partner accordin to her blog

Your 5 impressions of him/her:

  • Mad-Crazy-Hyper-Nocturnal-Smart ( there 5) hahaha
  • she's fun to hang ard wit.. no doubt..HANDS DOWN!!!
  • can realli make me laugh non stop..viral infections..hehe..
  • she's financially supportive =p
  • not forgettin HOTS!!!

~* did a handfon accessory in form 5. with both our names on sweet rite.. *winks* oh n she even paid for my xmas dress first ( which i wanted to much) last year..obviously i paid her bak interest charged... =P

~* there's so many things she said... some realli meant alot..there's jus to many to name i suppose...

~* oh wow...d world will fall apart..hehe..well lesbians r quite famous dis days ehh..

~* she killed my other frens or backstab me to other frens..

got dced while doin dis...

decided not to do d rest of d tag cos d ppl i wan dont blog n no way i will know wat they think
abt me if they dun read neither blog abt it...besides dat mood was lost after a call last shall jus end my post n continue my sunday..shall post soon abt d current situation...c ya'll..happy sunday

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Colbie Caillat Live in KL!!!

hey ya'll jus doing a good news spreading today..

(passes r kris' but was lucky to have gotten one
thru d invitation of YB KRISTINE THONG =p )

14TH MARCH 2008
(so happen it falls on someone's bday)

so hope to c u there..
give either one of us a call if u're headin there..

~peace out~

Monday, 10 March 2008

~..NO AIR..~

hey..dis video n song is quite cun..i was randomly searchin for a new song..since d old wan din realli fit d current yeah..enjoy d song..btw..if u wanna watch d video, do pause d imeem player on d sidebar aight.. =)

Tell me how im supposed to breathe with no air (air)

If i
should die
I wake
Its cause
you took
my breath
losing you is like living in a world
with no air

Im here
didnt want
to leave
My heart won't move
its incomplete
wish there
was a way
that i can get you to understand

But How
Do you expect me
To live alone with just me
Cause my world revolves around you
its so hard for me to breathe

Tell Me How im supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live can't breathe with no air
thats how i feel whenever you ain't there
Its No Air No Air
Got me out here and the water so deep
Tell me how you gon be without me
if you ain't here i just can't breathe
Its No Air No Air

No air air (ohhhh)
No air air (noooo)
No air air (ohhhh)
No air air

I Walked
I Ran
I Jumped
I Flew
Right off the ground
To float to you
Theres no gravity
To hold me down

But Somehow
Im still alive inside
You took my breath
But i survived
I don't know how
But i don't even care

So How (How)

Do you expect me (Me)
To live alone with just me (Ohh)
Cause my world revolves around you
its so hard for me to breathe

Tell Me How im supposed to breathe with no air (ohhhh)
Can't live can't breathe with no air (ohhh)
thats how i feel whenever you ain't there
Its No Air No Air
Got me out here and the water so deep (So deep)
Tell me how you gon be without me (Without Me Yeahhh)
if you ain't here i just can't breathe
Its No Air No Air

No air air (ohhhh)
No air air (ohhhh)
No air air (ohhhh)
No air air (No More)

uhh uhh uhh
No Air (ohhh)
uhh uhh uhh (Baby)
No Air (ohhh)
uhh uhh uhh
No Air

Its No Air No Air
No Aiiiiiir

Tell Me How im supposed to breathe with no air (ohhhh)
Can't live can't breathe with no air
thats how i feel whenever you ain't there
Its No Air No Air
Got me out here and the water so deep (So deep)
Tell me how you gon be without me (Without Me Yeahhh)
if you ain't here i just can't breathe
Its No Air No Air

Do you expect me
To live alone with just me
Cause my world revolves around you
its so hard for me to breathe

Tell Me How im supposed to breathe with no air (ohhhh)
Can't live can't breathe with no air
thats how i feel whenever you ain't there
Its No Air No Air

Got me out here and the water so deep

Tell me how you gon be without me

if you ain't here i just can't breathe

Its No Air No Air

No air air (ohh)
No air air (ohh)
No air air (No air)

Monday Bluess!~~

neva felt monday blues such like this
wen all u put in jus crush n turn into ashes
thought everythin was goin fine
but it was oni d thought of d mind

a fall dat makes ur world go round
causes everythin ard u seems so dull
not a moment pass by without meditating on wat went wrong
wen not a thing u did wrong
instead tried d best to please everyone else

having dat someone to talk to
may b d best thing u eva wan n needed too..
neva thought dat old fren will return bak
but his return gave me room to breath again

all d bad yesterdays can jus b washed away
i dun wan them haunting all d rest of my days
all d wonderful things i dreamt
will jus remain in dreams
dat i neva wanna take wit me..
jus take it away...
i wanna have a better tomorrow

Sunday, 9 March 2008

HURT?? Lost?? Broken??

well i dunno how to describe to u d feelin i have now..i realli dun give a f*** wat some ppl might think abt wat im abt to say cos they may say its another lame old blaberring abt me n who eva dats killing me softly..

ITS MY BLOG..n i will freakin type out anythin i freakin if u dun like..freakin leave n get lost i dun welcome readers who r not loyal to me same goes for my attitude..hate me..leave me..i dun need another ass-like fren in my life..

first of all..y does dis world of mine always have to involve ppl dat turn out to b jerks or losers or wateva useless names u can give one who have no bloody care for other ppls feelings watsoever..
y does d "tradition" of guy must like d gal oni den can have a good relationship..y cant it b d other way round..knowing ppl like me who cant help fallin in love wit who i fall for..wana blame who aso cant..bcos i was dumb..shessshhh..

n worst still..tho u have bruises or cuts or wateva can neva beat d pain u have within or d emotional pain..for example dis..
i think its more blueblacked real life...
photos makes it look nicer >.<>
d feelin was so pain wen i was playin vball but after finding out wat i did curiously wanted to know n i think it was for my own good, d feelings of d pain in my hand disappeared s tho it wasnt there..i mean..from being happy with starbucks caramel macchiato to i can do another one but hell might s well jus take coke n ecstasy it'll kill me off straight to seven heaven..maybe its pms..but wat d hack can things turn 360/720 degrees ard?? in less than erm, an hour? so much for me thinkin he's mr.right n shit...telling myself ma future will b great wit him n all...BULLSHIT can i b so darn bloody blodish ass dumb??

i realli dunno..having a heart dats crushed n knowing dat i'll probably find it easier to move on jus dun seem not a quitter..n i dun wanna b one..wat should i seriously do to make it pass by..i wan a normal life..dat is less complicated n possible wit someone who i can at least trust my future wit...daym it..for christ sake..y did my parents choose sg long...i mean d hse is nice..but ppl in dis part of d country is jus giving me more pains den happiness..y cant they throw me into US or UK..i mean i rather go to war n risk myself gettin killed than stayin alive here..i realli wish dat someone wud jus come n rescue me...easter is coming..hopefully i'll die wit jesus on good friday n neva rise again...dat will b so good eh..god no need to tell me wen its time..

so yeah..hopefully ill b able to sleep after dis..cos i dun wanna end up crying..while im still controlling it..n whatever it is i'll fly aint gonna work at dis point of time..F*** Dat is more like it..

d fastest post i eva did..
signing out
without listenin to any songs cos all i wan is
SILENCE in my life right now!!!!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Stepping up on d holidays..

hey..jus got to my lappie(7.55pm)..n decided to blog since i posted ma nick s "blog being floriferous during hols" yeah..

like in d previous post which was dis morning, i said i was headin to mv..well d main point was to watch step up 2..which we made it jus in time...11 buy tickets,11.05 buy food n drinks, 11.10 enter cinema..n lights so ngam timing..speakin of msian's time managament..we're punctual ppl k..dun mess..oh n a thing i realised,kris movie ticket seating act resembled d word dog..D 09..hehe..

den..went for pool session..had d chance to play at d MORE private place..but after 10 mins, privace invaded..hahaha..n we were like clowns playin tho we knew we'll end up laughin at our terrible pool playin skillss..hehe..

dun b fooled by d way i stand..gaya saje lebih..
btw dis was taken during kris bday outing

so b4 our 1 hour was up, we decided it was gettin on our nerves to get those balls in, n got bak our deposit n left..told u we were good at time management..haha..

after dat,our fren wanted to get colbie caillat's cd...for a "REASON"..shall not expose it so dat she wont get in trouble n i will benefit out of it.. =P hopefully..*fingers n toes crossed*..

so went cd hunting..d guy at d first store (cannot rmbr d store name rock something) wasnt very sure abt d "reason" went to tower records..sold went bak up to get d cd..n he actually found out for us the "reason" paid n den down we went for strawberry choc FONDUE..boy..those things taste like heaven..

after dat, helped kris out wit her jeans hunting headed to Levi's..tried a few..she was happy wit certain features of d many jeans she tried but weren't fully happy with went to mng n guess..but i wonder if im a bad fashion consultant..hmm...

neways, Guess was on SALE..s i wished..n d top/dress i loved n still want was 50% off..dude..who wouldnt b happy to grab it from d rack..but den...still cudnt afford it..smartess quote by kristine of d day "if u cant afford, dun buy it"..which somehow turned my whole day ard...n realised im neva gonna get it..tho she din offer me her credit card (as in she sign for me first)..but she was indirectly draggin me out d..oh well..there goes another nice piece of outfit..sadness jus filled all my artheries n veins..n blocked all flow of red blood cells..

so wasnt realli happy all d way bak..din have appetite at all..wasnt in d mood for anything..n we were on our way bak..d next thing i know, we were at mcd hussein onn drive thru ordering..n dat cashier almost make me blow my top but i held it together n we manage to get home with our happily..was plannin to go for a swim but was too darn lazy to move our juz lepaked n chat..n came up wit crazy ideas how to video our entry for amazing race next year..yes..we're plannin to join amazing race asia..had a real great laugh till i cud cry..hahaha..

it was a good start for dis least my mum din not nag me abt goin out n yada yada yada..i realli hope i can get my mum over to the gardens n buy me dat top...*sobbing inside out* it is oni 100+...dis is where a credit card or an atm card comes in handy man..argghhhh...

dats abt all i have..stay on9 to c futher progress of my holiday..

p/s to kristine: dun b my matchmaker on9 plz..
cos it might not go d way u wan it to..
let fate take its toll..aight??

floriferous OUT...
signing out at 8.48pm
not listenin to anything but d turns of d blades of my fan =P

WEE hooo...HOLIDAY!!! =)

yes on holiday for a week..daym it feels so good..d past week have been like full of studyin..*not realli but still got k* d feeling of not doin so well scares d shit outta me..hehe..neways jus wanted to say im on feels good to b able to wake up later than bloody 6+ (its now act 7.35) hahaha..dats cos i slept dead d past 8 hours..hehe..yeah..headin to mv for STEP UP finally..been waitin for dis day to come..but dunno my fren krisitne will b able to wake up or is at 11..dat woman most prolly needs me to wake her up..haha..dun worry no shoppin spree happy wit wat i have at d moment..maybe jus look ard for easter outfit if got..tho i love d guess top/dress but its outta ma reach at d moment.. sob sob..SALE SALE..i demand for SALE in guess..hahahha..

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Way LIfe IS..

when the sun goes down
and u're all alone in the room
a day of pleasant moments draws to an end,
one waits restlessly for the breakin of dawn,
to have memories to ponder on.

the night dawns
and all worries are laid to rest
but reflection rises and fills up the mind.
Negativeness often drowns the thoughts of one
sadness filld the lonely soul
but in reality friends are abundant full
and one looks up to the stars
wishing life was better than wat it is

the sun may rise on the beautiful morn
sorrows and pains may not end in the morn
but anxiously waiting what the day brings in the morn

old ending: (happiness, joy, love and peace
is what the heart longs for
living life like there is no tomorrow
will get u by and make LIFE better much more.)

new ending: (with a bit of help from kris)
gone were the yesterdays

but dat is wat no one can take away
as one awaits the dawn of a new day
d journey of LIFE continues on its way

(sounds much better =))))

dear faithful blog readers of mine..i realli need ur opinion on dis for dis might b an entry for my current skools first magazine creative writing section..n being the editor does stress quite a bit.. so do leave ur matter good or bad..i'll accept it wit open arms..hehe..thanks..gotto get myself to study my final paper...ECONS..arghhh..

Sunday, 2 March 2008


usually wen ppl talk abt spirit, is abt d supernatural things dat flies ard or in simpler words, seems like a negative word..but a matter of fact, spirit is actually breath or soul..which is somethin everyone must have, if not u'll b lying in a coffin burried 6 feet under.. n wen u have someone who sings like an angel n makes ur hair stand, it realli fills n satisfy d spirit within u..n dat is y i think leona lewis made a good choice naming her album SPIRIT.. hearing her songs realli mad a diff in ma day today..some r break up songs, some r sad, happy,positive..yet to hear all of d songs in her album.."yesterday" sounds realli sad but rather meaningful, wanted to put it as my blog's music but mel aledi used it for her blog, so i had to find another song..n after hearing "Whatever it takes" last nite, i straight away set it s my blog's background music for it gave me more positiveness(since i was lack of dat d pass week =p)..n here's another song i came across..."better in time"..these two songs mean alot n relates to wat im goin thru at d moment..except d season part n d part where there's no more u n me..wish i had winter here tho n wish i had u..hehe..neways here's d lyrics..go dld her songs..

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

[ Chorus: ]
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy
you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

[ Chorus: ]
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll
be fine without you
Yes I will

[ Chorus: X2 ]
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

oh oh..another song is footprints in the sand..d title aso like so nice d rite..hehe..ok i gotto get studyin abit more..wishin i can go for volleyball n choir prac later..wish me luck..=P (dats if u read b4 it ends laa..)

29 Days of Feb...

well due to boredom of studyin 4 my business paper, mum is not on guard n its end of 1st of March, ive decided to make my blog readers happy n post somethin up..(tho i know not many =.=)

my favourite no
my birthdate
(its not in feb for those who dunno)
combination is equals to my birth-month
(n also like card-ing wen gamble cos it brings me luck)
my volleyball jersey no for one of d year in high skool
n it makes ma birthdate a nice no =P

ok ok..i think u all get it dat 29 is a significant no for me..n it oni comes every 4 years..n dats y im here to blog abt wat has been happenin d last month..

d month started wit preparations of Chinese New Year..where i found n got myself my first cheongsam..well i wore a few but non of them were mine..*sighzz* so after kris told me she saw a laced wan in ISETAN, i told myself if oni i can find somethin lidat..

so one saturday after some appointment i think *tryin to rmbr* drove mum, dad n myself to The Gardens Midvalley for d first time where we had lunch at Flying Chillies which happen to b a Thai Restaurant..

mum n i agreed dat we're gonna order one dish from each category..while dad keeps lookin at d menu =p so ordered one pineapple fried rice, wanted otak-otak but sold out, so ordered a whole fish instead, den seafood tomyam, n last but not least desserts- red ruby chestnut wit coconut milk for me n coconut cream wit sago n honeydew for mum n dad..

after dat walked ard n since there was ISETAN, was hoping to find d cheongsam kris was talkin abt..n taddaaa...found it..but was afraid wud get d same color s kris, so while tryin in d fitting/zipper room i was talkin on d fon wit abt multi-tasking..hehe..mum said i look young n sweet in d lavender wan but i said i wanted dark n decided to get d wan both my dad n i chose..=p n i was a happy gal for d whole day..came home n took a pic of it some more..

so den i think it was Chinese New Year alredi..but on d eve, tragic struck for me mum..(dun worry ntg bad happened to her) jus dat her smart boss who was dumb enuf to release bonus on dat day, mum who had half day leave had to stay till abt 5.45 to finish up d bonus sheets for d at first wen we reached her office, sis walked in her room after goin to d washroom where mums boss was in there, n he said sorry had to hold bak my mum..bull shit doubt he's sorry..he's most prolly happy he can get his bonus but dumb enuf not to think dat d banks have alredi closed at 4+ dat same day n it was 5+ aledi...DUMB SELFISH BRAINLESS offence kris n those who r or soon to b lawyers but some of them are..

den my bro's turn to go up..n finally i went up n she was done..hurray..cos i was starving..was keepin my stomach empty for d dinner..
so we left mums office for dinner in Ampang waterfront was alrite..but they were chasing us cos we were late ma..n they had second sessions at 8 i waiters were bringin out food like they were chased by dogs..(dun mind d exagerations)

after dinner we headed to granny's first all were like lazying ard, till d mahjong table n cards came out..den we had sessions of ginrami(i think dats how its spelled) n blackjacks on d dining table..dis year i think luck wasnt realli on my lost 20bucks on eve..d nite ended quite earli..ard 10+ i was bak home d..

so next day..was CHINESE NEW YEAR..oni me n my parents went for woke up quite earli to get ready n all..was a bit difficult to walk in my cheongsam..cos i think it shrinked abit after washing..but it was fine after a while..attended mandarin mass which all d years i hardly understood nor pay much attention wats happenin except d part where d priests give away ang paus =p din stay long after mass cos mum had to come bak n came home n changed n off we went for uncle's place in ampang..d usual lunch n gambling sessions..bad luck again..lost ard 20bucks..shessshhh..

den dinner at Royal China in Jalan Ampang..dats where craziness of d Lam family for karaoke's rose..everyone was excited to c d room equipt wit tv n karaoke wat else..all nite singing..ballets,rock,rnb songs..u name it we sang it..hehe..n after all dat, we took pics n dis year d best family portrait..

was tryin some photography skills while waiting for food

mum n dad so lovingly..=)

their last years s ang pau receivers..=P

bro mum n me..

sis in laws to be

happy family..
happy happy familia..

so after dat..we all left for home..longest dinner i think..almost 3 hours..hehe..was stuffed..s u can c in some of d pics..=p after dat, got home, changed n headed off to sue reens..gambled..lost aso i think..cant rmbr..2nd day went visiting n in manda's hse i finally..but lost d next day in her aunts place..basically dis year, d extra ang pau's i get were spent paying out in gambling..sighzz...

ok den mum n sis left for Langkawi wit Luke n his in mother in law's vacation..hahahah..but it was a good thing for me..freedom..hehe..

well b4 she left, after skool i went to Brickfields wit kris to order food but d store was detoured to the gardens to get parking tickets for kris assignment..
ended up walkin ard..met ashley n irene while walkin..den wanted to find my dream guess shoe but cudnt find in MV..was sadly n badly disappointed..but wen i walked in the Guess accessories store in the Gardens, the bells rang n the angel sang "halellujah"..

i saw a handbag dat was posing in front of d glass window...d design was diff den d other guess bags i usually see in d market..wat else, checked d price n it was ok n decided to get it but kept d wallet i saw in din struck me dat next door was shoes..after buyin oni i realised but jus walked pass..den headed to get ourselves some good ice cream in BR..

den headed home..told kris to keep my bag first cos din wan mum to find out..notti me..hehe..she din say much wen i got bak tho she sounded angry on d fon..din have much time cos was headin to church at said goodbye kissed her n off i went..n off she went too..hehe..

sense of freedom =)

was aledi plannin for d next day wit frens..i planned to skip skool cos there was ntg to do besides seeing d cross country track..


Y u're wondering..well cos for once i went out on Vday n had a guy fren to fetch so pathetic rite..

neways it was Jason Ng la dat changed our(kris n i) day..he ajak to go watch Jumper wit him n his fellow guy i asked kris along aso it was like a single days ready n all..he picked us up at 8 den headed to MV..main aim was to go get my wallet cos i cudnt stop thinkin d other nite..mane tau sampai there, i saw d SHOE!!!!...totally dumped d wallet still it was half priced..asked for size..n walked it out of d store gladly wit a smily face..hehe..

den d next day was melody's open hse..

gambled there..was losing due to too much bloody laughin..hehe..den after changin place wit jeff..i like 3 blackjacks in a row..from then onwards i won bak wat i lost..hehe..

oh n bad luck struck us (kris n i) on d way sending kris bak...hehe..d car literally stopped in d middle of d road..reuben drove pass us without stoppin..*sweat* called benji to d rescue..hehe..but somehow manage to start d car n got it bak to kris place..den knocked it abit..den it started bak n ben temaned me bak..s in he drove behind me la..hehe..

dat sunday was d first time i eva played volleyball on a fake-comfy-green grass at mark's place..we din even needa wear slippers apalagi shoes..but d funny part is wen d ball goes flyin out of d court..u can c human grasshoppers..cos there were stones n all..hehe..oni fred n i were there..d other choir members din know/cudnt make after dat, i rushed off to kris place for her open hse..met afew of her college mates n den d usual kaki's came..gambled till ard 11 den i had to go..

den both kris n i got d job ben suggested to us..n we both skipped classes on tuesday to get 150 bucks jus for a group discussion on gprs n wap..which i think was worth..2 hours for dat..y not..n dat went to the gardens for lunch at flyin chillies n after walkin ard for almost 2 hours, kris got a pair of shoe's she wanted n also dats wen i got another family member to add into ma guess wallet..n wallaa..there're all together..

n now saving money to hope to get dat designer cut dress by marciano..which will match perfectly wit dat shoe...hehe..*hints to guys who wish to date me* u get me dat dress, i'll b happy to go out wit u..but no guarantees for other benefits..but it wud b great if i can get dat dress for easter.. =S

n after dat, i till today..ive been miserable yet..wat a sad ending u all must b thinkin..well not dat i wanted it to happen aso rite..studies,extra activities n personal stuff have somehow hit me hard dis can someone tough like i used to, feel so vulnerable n crappy..neways..i dun wanna brag abt dat jus gonna treat it s another pms moments...=p

so hope ya'll r happy wit d post..will maybe post during d hols again..not much goin on but skool n sleep..hehe..

take care n god bless...

p/s: jus so u know, took me almost 3 hours to finish d blog wen i suppose to b studyin for my business paper on monday..hehe..*shakes head*