Friday, 7 March 2008

WEE hooo...HOLIDAY!!! =)

yes on holiday for a week..daym it feels so good..d past week have been like full of studyin..*not realli but still got k* d feeling of not doin so well scares d shit outta me..hehe..neways jus wanted to say im on feels good to b able to wake up later than bloody 6+ (its now act 7.35) hahaha..dats cos i slept dead d past 8 hours..hehe..yeah..headin to mv for STEP UP finally..been waitin for dis day to come..but dunno my fren krisitne will b able to wake up or is at 11..dat woman most prolly needs me to wake her up..haha..dun worry no shoppin spree happy wit wat i have at d moment..maybe jus look ard for easter outfit if got..tho i love d guess top/dress but its outta ma reach at d moment.. sob sob..SALE SALE..i demand for SALE in guess..hahahha..

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