Sunday, 9 March 2008

HURT?? Lost?? Broken??

well i dunno how to describe to u d feelin i have now..i realli dun give a f*** wat some ppl might think abt wat im abt to say cos they may say its another lame old blaberring abt me n who eva dats killing me softly..

ITS MY BLOG..n i will freakin type out anythin i freakin if u dun like..freakin leave n get lost i dun welcome readers who r not loyal to me same goes for my attitude..hate me..leave me..i dun need another ass-like fren in my life..

first of all..y does dis world of mine always have to involve ppl dat turn out to b jerks or losers or wateva useless names u can give one who have no bloody care for other ppls feelings watsoever..
y does d "tradition" of guy must like d gal oni den can have a good relationship..y cant it b d other way round..knowing ppl like me who cant help fallin in love wit who i fall for..wana blame who aso cant..bcos i was dumb..shessshhh..

n worst still..tho u have bruises or cuts or wateva can neva beat d pain u have within or d emotional pain..for example dis..
i think its more blueblacked real life...
photos makes it look nicer >.<>
d feelin was so pain wen i was playin vball but after finding out wat i did curiously wanted to know n i think it was for my own good, d feelings of d pain in my hand disappeared s tho it wasnt there..i mean..from being happy with starbucks caramel macchiato to i can do another one but hell might s well jus take coke n ecstasy it'll kill me off straight to seven heaven..maybe its pms..but wat d hack can things turn 360/720 degrees ard?? in less than erm, an hour? so much for me thinkin he's mr.right n shit...telling myself ma future will b great wit him n all...BULLSHIT can i b so darn bloody blodish ass dumb??

i realli dunno..having a heart dats crushed n knowing dat i'll probably find it easier to move on jus dun seem not a quitter..n i dun wanna b one..wat should i seriously do to make it pass by..i wan a normal life..dat is less complicated n possible wit someone who i can at least trust my future wit...daym it..for christ sake..y did my parents choose sg long...i mean d hse is nice..but ppl in dis part of d country is jus giving me more pains den happiness..y cant they throw me into US or UK..i mean i rather go to war n risk myself gettin killed than stayin alive here..i realli wish dat someone wud jus come n rescue me...easter is coming..hopefully i'll die wit jesus on good friday n neva rise again...dat will b so good eh..god no need to tell me wen its time..

so yeah..hopefully ill b able to sleep after dis..cos i dun wanna end up crying..while im still controlling it..n whatever it is i'll fly aint gonna work at dis point of time..F*** Dat is more like it..

d fastest post i eva did..
signing out
without listenin to any songs cos all i wan is
SILENCE in my life right now!!!!


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

dudeee...u have successfully confused me...hohohoho....maybe cause I m still half awake...=/

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

eh can u hate sg long because of him?! dey! love sg long because of me! xD

darren said...

hahahha...yeah,come is always full of hardship and suffering but that what make us a better person and appreciate things more..if u really somewhere else beside here,then u won't be able to meet kris or any of us...screw the guy if he doens't like u or playing with u...there are better 1 out there...just wait for ur will come...

floriferous said...

well i dun hate sg long..i jus hated where i was yest..s in d situation..cos it was so bad..dunno la..aishh..even i dun undstd myself wat d hack..