Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday Bluess!~~

neva felt monday blues such like this
wen all u put in jus crush n turn into ashes
thought everythin was goin fine
but it was oni d thought of d mind

a fall dat makes ur world go round
causes everythin ard u seems so dull
not a moment pass by without meditating on wat went wrong
wen not a thing u did wrong
instead tried d best to please everyone else

having dat someone to talk to
may b d best thing u eva wan n needed too..
neva thought dat old fren will return bak
but his return gave me room to breath again

all d bad yesterdays can jus b washed away
i dun wan them haunting all d rest of my days
all d wonderful things i dreamt
will jus remain in dreams
dat i neva wanna take wit me..
jus take it away...
i wanna have a better tomorrow


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

u will have a better tomoro...they said...darkness has befallen but soon the sun will rise dont worry abt that part laa...dont we all go tru hell at a point or another...breathe!!~*

darren said...

damn wey...why suddenly write all this post la...jangan la tulis this kind of poem what kris say...thing will look up on u soon...just relax and chill....

floriferous said...

lolz...things was dat bad in d morning..i prefer sunsets den sunrise to b frank..=p