Monday, 31 December 2007

a whole New YEar...

hey ya'll...since everyone is doing their whole years summary..i might s well do one of my own..for memory sake =P

ok lets c...

~Kristine's surprise party at her place..din realli jadi cos of d shoes..n abit of last minute plannin

~long holiday after had lotsa sleeping time..hehe

~Akon's Concert..was ma first time steppin into a club.. =P where we met handsome VJ colby

~lotsa visits to OldTown Kopitiam with sophia,sherie,n d rest

~Manda's Sweet 16th,Dom's 21st n Allison's 25th Combo Surprise party..

~then it was CNY..ntg special..angpau stock wen down dis yearr =( but had some nice family pics..

~first trip to the East coast...Kuching Sarawak..

~passed my DRIVING license without bribing wat so eva..

~had ma hair cut SHORT!!!(i cant find d pic of me after haircut) >.< ~worked as usherer for Napolean Hall/Hill convention in Putrajaya wit Kris..where we met Elena there n a whole lot of other frens who was working..
~Easter we had a Musical Play which turned out real cun..n took some pics wit closies in church..

~ during CNY bro decided to get our Diving had to study n get ready for our diving course in was very excited for the ma first bikini =P n other necessary things for d trip..wen we got there..d place had tremendous development d past 12 years..but d good thing is d water is still BLUEEEEEEEE...but sadly the weather let us was oni sunny during d 1st n parts of 3rd n 4th day..aihh..cudnt do much so din finish our course..but on d bright to come bak another went bak another time in September n dis time..everything went smoothly..n now I'm a CERTIFIED diver..hehe..
im on top!!!!got bubbled..

~it was den time for me to c the Asian Percussion Unit perform in Groove Junction..went wit Dom,Ash n was,food,dancing was great..

u can c how happy we were.. =P
(n all i had was sips of their drinks)

~Seventeen Summer Splash Sunway...daym nice rite..4S's...hehe..

it was dinner after SSSS..

~ Fr Julian's Farewell dinner in was d same nite of SSSS..imagine d exhaustion..=P

~ Fr Henriot's Golden Jubilee celebration
~ Somewhere in June or July i entered form 6..not realli happy but oh well..
~ Sherie's confirmation..My mums first god daughter..means my first godsista??

~ Grandma started feeling very weak in mid year..n after almost a month in hospital..she passed away..may she rest in peace..

~ during d same was my first time goin n watching a Fireworks Competition in Putrajaya for 3 nites...

~ my mum finally decided to respray my carr..weee hoo...
~ then d first time having to travel all d way to Terengganu in a car for our second trip to Redang..lolzz...

finding ma true love?? haha..

~ first time plannin a whacked 17 stations bday surprise for Sherie..daym dat was fun..
d wonderful decorated last stop..POOLSIDE!!

~ First Mooncake Festival Celeb at d field n at home..neva usually celebrate..jus dat we burn up some lanterns..hehe..
D LIST can go ON n ON n On..i think by now ya'll r bored rite...cos i know i am..hehe..but plzz bare wit me ya..

~ den came keith n allison's wedding..d wedding everyone was excited abt..our own choir members gettin married..d tenor n d drummer..lolz..

~ then tragic struck to our fellow frens..Ujin n Eugin..visiting hospital is not a happy thing k..its tiring n sad..but still we had our times..

~ my 18th Birthday!!!! d best one eva...thanks to ALLLLLL ma frenss..i think u all cud c it clearly in ma post abt ma bday not long its no need to say much..hehe..

~ Live n Loud..Triumph Street Party...Christmas Party..MO..Christmas Eve..Christmas..Sheila's wedding..n everything else wudnt have been fun without d ones i spent it..the company..the presents..the whoring..the pictures...EVERYTHING...i dunno how much more i can say..cos im realli realli out of words...but not out of in random order..i like to thank everyone posted below ya..doesnt mean u're not in d pic im forgotten u k..i'm thankful for EVERYONE who has been part of my life..may we stay frens as long s we live k?

so wishin all of u..a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008...May it be a time for Reflection & Renewal..Filled with celebrations,Wonder,Dreams,Discovery n Achievements...God Bless..!!! n Have a blessed year ahead... LOTSA LOVE HUGS n KISSES..from me for d last time of d year...

signing out at 7.03pm

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

XMas is Da time...

dats me b4 rushing off to church for xmas vigil..
i was actually late but still had time to whore >.<

well sadly din take much pic on Xmas Eve wit everyone dressed up..jus got to know(s in 5 mins b4 i blogged) dat he was aso in a Zara doubt but i loved everything abt dat nite..neways but here are some pics d mamak after midnite mass..haha..

d god-siblings

d godsistas

d me =)

us in d car =P

Xmas Morn

For some reason i had difficulty sleeping dat nite..maybe cos passed bed time..or maybe i jus cudnt dat 4 hours i think i woke up 3 times..n after 6.30 i cudnt sleep anymore..stayed up watchin "the Fugitive" n den wen alarm clock wen off at 7.20 i got up n got ready for mass..lucky thing i got ready ma stuff d day b4..if not..*shakes head*

neways left hse b4 8 n reached church jus in time..but it was empty..compared to last nite..ppl were there an hour early..lolz..amazing..neways reached there, saw hardly anyone there except dom,freddie n glynn..sad ehh..neways manage to sing tho had slight sorethroat n flu..after mass..decided to take a pic together..for memories..since din get to take any d nite here they r..

group pic of me wit all my loved ones..
c da tree behind?? manda n i did it..=P

godsistas on xmas morning..
dun they look so lovely in dresses.. =P

me at bkfs place..cudnt resist..>.<
after bkfs, went home to help mum out wit lunch..but after a while..i slept off at d couch till relatives arrived..hehe..wat uexpect i slept less than 3 hours..den ate n ate n prepared were jus too hard to resist..den called kristine n family over since we had more than enuf..but timing abit late..they had lunch so jus asked them to drop by..n manage to get some pics..

wats better than to have a close fren to celebrate xmas wit..
ermm presents from them =P (kris i loved them ;-) )
check out d eye baks man..hehe
dat shows how much sleep we had..

us wit d lovely tree behind n d very bright bakdrop

after everyone left..had some time to rest..den at 7 woke up to get ready for Aunti Cynthia's open hse..after dat..decided to go naresh's place since cudnt make it last year..but being d clown he is..wen we arrived, naresh said they were goin out d..den he felt bad n stayed awhile b4 we all came bak to sg long..cos d guys wanted to play pool here..din wanna join them cos both manda n i had flu n we told our parents we wud b bak by 11.30 i guess it was our day..hehe..went bak to aunti cynthia's to let our parents know we're bak..den ard 11.30 we came bak home..n we waited for d guys to come..n s usual, they arrived an hour late..haha..thank god its christmas served them drinks..played cards..den chatted till 4 in d morning..din know we had so much to talk..usually we will jus go blank..hehe..but being close frens..they told stuff dat i needed to know..honestly is OUR BEST POLICY..hehe.. Trust the One's who Trusts You..quote FLORA..hahaha..

neways..had a real good sleep last nite..n woke up ard 12.30 a call from aunti alice to go over for lunch..realli good timing..cos i was got ready n went over..s always wateva on d table tasted good..its AUNTI ALICE we're talking abt..hehe..den after dat went over to manda's cos too lazy to go home..den dats wen all d emoness of d day began..but it din last long cos i SLEPT off at her couch..

after 3 hours..woke up n headed home..but d emoness din go away..i ended up crying ma heart out..i think d last time i cried dat bad was ma grandma's funeral..i dunno wat was d cause of me crying so's jus A WEDDING.. (to those who know wat im talkin abt) not to say i wont see him again..but bcos of me having planned to give away ma first slow dance to him n now knowin i wont b able to get it..jus turned me 180 degrees ard..ok enuf of emo talk..b4 i start crying..i jus hope things will work out...ONE DAY..

so again to everyone...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 2 days down..9 more to go..hehe..take care..god bless...

Monday, 24 December 2007


hi ya'll its been almost 2 weeks since i last blog..well dats cos d last two weeks have been d most hactic week of d year..maybe of ma whole 18 years..well i promised dat i'll upload pics from MO d last here r some more..not many in d first round..more to come k?

dom n me b4 charity nite

glynn n i
another pic of resh n us at charity dinner...

den d whole of last week, was bz practicing our dance for our annual dinner..dat was wen disaster struck..i injured ma left foot was quite bad dat i was was bed riden a whole day n cudnt dance for dinner nite..but thankfully d medicine worked wonders for me n i cud enjoy during d dinner which was last friday 21.12.07..nice date ehh..cudnt perform but i won best dressed dat nite..first time in d last 11 years..weeee...danced my heart out once d dance floor opened..hehe..

d family pic b4 d event...godsista's,bro,bro's gf,godbro...

the hawaiian twins of d nite.. =P

best dressed winners..c me?? lolz..

beautiful pic of uss...

d nite ended ard 12.30 but headed to mamak after dat...hang ard till 2 i think..cant rmbr..was too morning..woke up for choir prac in church..everyone was so stoned..for us it was d dinner but others i dunno..was glad to c irene..she came bak for xmas..after prac we found out dat we had to decorate xmas had a quick meal wit manda,dom n glynn at tong shen..den it was off to get lights for d tree..non were found..for d first time we manage to finish d tree in less than 2 hours..amazing..den drove godparents oddysey back..THEY TRUSTED ME WIT THEIR CAR...even ma mum din trust me wit her car last time..hehe..neways rushed home to get ready for MO..

Dom picked us at 3.30..n it was smooth sailing all d way to MO..reached there..went to Delifrance for some light meal..den it was time to superstar was alrite..after performance, dom decided to go watch National Treasure 2.. i was waiting to watch dat show went for d 9.20 show..had quite front seats but it was not too bad..d funniest thing was dat wen they shut off d lights, there was oni sound coming pics were on d at first i tot it was sound check..c c d show was aledi showing..den everyone started shouting "OI" some "refund"..while we jus sat there waiting for ppl to go c d supervisor..hehe..den after a few trial n error..there was picture..lolz..the show was great..alot of good as the first one..A RECOMMENDED SHOW to all..go watch..

after that headed home..was realli tired out..

yesterday..woke up for mass..went for bkfs wit godparents..den came home n helped mum wit some stuff n wrapped presents wit oi leng..d next thing i knew i was getting ready for MO..din have time to sleep.. =S

reached MO super earli cos there was no jam..took us oni 20 mins..dom n glynn wanted to went to burger king..i was still full then..n stomach wasnt doin very well..den walked ard n den headed bak to get ready...somehow i felt performance was d best yest...maybe cos there was more crowd...not sure..neways..ITS OVER n everyone who heard us said it was dats a good thing.

after dat..walked ard n den ended up in Starbucks wit Keith,Freddie,Allison,Jason,Ashley,Alicia n n laughed like there was no tom..hehe..d usual..den after an hour of madness we decided to head home..

n today i finally had time to least..n later d fun starts again..Caroling n Mass in Church..will have to get ready now..wan everything to b jus

dats my lovely xmas tree... =)

have a non stop..booz all nite..have fun!!!
n all christian frens dun forget abt Jesus..without him we're ntg..
god bless!!!

p/s: if i dun reply ur cos ma credit expired..not i sombong k? =)

Saturday, 15 December 2007

1st Round of Mandarin Oriental (MO)

hey all..well yest was our(HFC CHOIR) first round of 3 rounds caroling in MO dis year..2 more to go next those who r interested, we will b performin somewhere in between 7-9..timing not fixed..

well dom picked sherie n me up at 3.20 or so..n made a detour to a lightings store next to SFA church in Cheras, den it was off to MO..well we having left so earli, reached d earliest among d choir members..haha..had an hour plus to walk ard..after dom did d sound check n all, off we went to KLCC..went to hunt for safety pins which end up not using >.< den went to get someone his xmas present from memory was realli funny getting present wen d person is jus next to more wrappers..n off bak to MO..

reached there,still there was no one but the clown n his gf(i think) hehe..funny part was dom entered n pickaboo them..lolz..dat was suppose to b d clowns work..hehe..den we saw dat freddies stuff was at d least someone la ahh..den all went to change n got ready for our opening session..

6.30 sharp we were cued to go out..den we waited n waited n waited for the VIPs..almost half an hour late ok..imagine us jus standing by d grand piano like idiots not doing thing..n wen finally they arrived, there were almost 150 kids gatherin round d huge xmas tree..n after the emcee addressed those who were present, we started off our 10 mins was so soft that it sounded realli weird..or was it jus me..after singing Silent Night,Jingle Bell Rock, n Winter Wonderland, we waited again..everyone was dreadin to go bak..hehe..after they had cleared d lounge, den oni we made our way bak to d Pearl Room.

all jus landed their butts on d chair..hehe..den had more photography sessions while waitin for our 2nd session..dis time they were ahead of went up to d Junior Ballroom, s soon s we walked in, they announced daym gaya ni..dis time, d PA system was louder..n guess wat, Reshmonu was seated right in front..n we had eye contact..haha..jus kidding =P

sang slightly more songs there..after dat, we joined the event n were served dinner..d food was not bad..better than wat we had in d staff cafeteria last year..hehe..den there were a few performances by the kids from diff homes..they were rocking d stage..

den while Glynn n i was walkin bak from the washroom, Reshmonu was at our table, we manage to take some pics wit him b4 he left d event..

all of us in black..including Reshmonu.. =P

den cam d magician..he realli caught all d kids n including our attention..he was good..tho at first we tot it was lame, but those tricks r real wei..n he was funny too..uncle vincent..haha..
after his tricks, it was d end of d event..made our way bak to d Pearl Room to collect bak d books,scarfs,tie, get our stuff n home awaits..hehe..

u cud c in d car dat everyone jus wanted to go home n lie down on d bed..hehe..but dom was still in d mood for clubbing..lolz..he neva gets tired man..reached home n landed on d bed..den was chattin wit dom n glynn b4 they left for Bandung earli dis morning..aledi missing them..lolz..was also waitin for pic files to transfer..but somewhere in d middle it failed..*sweat*

somehow automatically woke up at 4.30 n wished them bon voyage..cos i know i wont b able to wake up at 8 b4 their flight..hehe..altho i did wake up again ard 8.20..n now here i am blogging..act wanted to blog last nite but was waitin for the pics in dom's camera..oh well..we jus gotto wait la ahh til he comes bak..patience is a virtue.. =P

k dats all from me dis time..c ya'll ard soon..i think got carolin prac later...not too sure..haha..
tc..have a great weekend..

love from me..floriferous.. =)

Friday, 14 December 2007

delayed promised pics

hey ya' r d pics i promised to upload..tho its abit late..but like they said, better late than neva enjoy d pics..haha..

me in pavilion...their xmas deco's r like..1st of d 1st class..n we tot klcc wan was grand..hehe..n d performances on stage we so cute n cun..jus wished someone was there wit me =P
wats beta than taking a pic wit a great fren wit a lovely xmas tree??
shopping wit her..hehe..
i think d deco's without me was nicer..hehe..yes those r's donuts dat im carrying..
yes we were both dreaming of a white christmass...we fell in love wit dat tree =P

later dat day s mentioned, we were at d is wat happened wen we wondered in d mall..
we stopped n posed for d camera..hahahah..
if u noticed, our legs we crosed d same but opposite way..

we d black chinese-hak sei wui..i think >.<

slowly things started to get out of hand...

den we were lost in our own world of poserss..

den we jus totally lost it wit our teeth..