Thursday, 13 December 2007


After tonight..i somehow feel, everyone in their own way do make a difference in others life..i mean..there's always a reason y some ppl find certain ppl in time of for example, wen ur car breaks down, for some reason,d mechanic is not d first person u call..u either call ur dad, or ur boyfriend or someone who is close to u..oni den will u or dat someone will help u call a mechanic..

Neways,tonight..i think somehow i manage to finally do something right..tho i think its not such a big deal to many but it was to me n "the family"..i dunno whether its cos i went for confession earlier tonight or wat..but i jus felt diff after confession..i dunno where i got so many words of advise but somehow it gave a great impact n it somehow saved d nite..i mean wen someone comes to u for help, u dun jus turn dat person down..u will at least ask y or wats up..n den try to help which eva way u can..n dat was wat i did..jus lend a helping hand..

N d most touching thing is to see d situation turn around 360 degrees..n dats wen u know, u did d right thing..i mean i was close to leaving d msg cos i was chargin ma fon but i guess god led me to my fon..hehe..

i wish i cudve answered wat my heart wanted me to answer to dat last msg..but expecting somethin in return after doing a favor is jus not d right thing eh...

well at least i was able to give everyone a goodnight sleep...

will b waiting for ur wedding in church =P

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