Monday, 31 December 2007

a whole New YEar...

hey ya'll...since everyone is doing their whole years summary..i might s well do one of my own..for memory sake =P

ok lets c...

~Kristine's surprise party at her place..din realli jadi cos of d shoes..n abit of last minute plannin

~long holiday after had lotsa sleeping time..hehe

~Akon's Concert..was ma first time steppin into a club.. =P where we met handsome VJ colby

~lotsa visits to OldTown Kopitiam with sophia,sherie,n d rest

~Manda's Sweet 16th,Dom's 21st n Allison's 25th Combo Surprise party..

~then it was CNY..ntg special..angpau stock wen down dis yearr =( but had some nice family pics..

~first trip to the East coast...Kuching Sarawak..

~passed my DRIVING license without bribing wat so eva..

~had ma hair cut SHORT!!!(i cant find d pic of me after haircut) >.< ~worked as usherer for Napolean Hall/Hill convention in Putrajaya wit Kris..where we met Elena there n a whole lot of other frens who was working..
~Easter we had a Musical Play which turned out real cun..n took some pics wit closies in church..

~ during CNY bro decided to get our Diving had to study n get ready for our diving course in was very excited for the ma first bikini =P n other necessary things for d trip..wen we got there..d place had tremendous development d past 12 years..but d good thing is d water is still BLUEEEEEEEE...but sadly the weather let us was oni sunny during d 1st n parts of 3rd n 4th day..aihh..cudnt do much so din finish our course..but on d bright to come bak another went bak another time in September n dis time..everything went smoothly..n now I'm a CERTIFIED diver..hehe..
im on top!!!!got bubbled..

~it was den time for me to c the Asian Percussion Unit perform in Groove Junction..went wit Dom,Ash n was,food,dancing was great..

u can c how happy we were.. =P
(n all i had was sips of their drinks)

~Seventeen Summer Splash Sunway...daym nice rite..4S's...hehe..

it was dinner after SSSS..

~ Fr Julian's Farewell dinner in was d same nite of SSSS..imagine d exhaustion..=P

~ Fr Henriot's Golden Jubilee celebration
~ Somewhere in June or July i entered form 6..not realli happy but oh well..
~ Sherie's confirmation..My mums first god daughter..means my first godsista??

~ Grandma started feeling very weak in mid year..n after almost a month in hospital..she passed away..may she rest in peace..

~ during d same was my first time goin n watching a Fireworks Competition in Putrajaya for 3 nites...

~ my mum finally decided to respray my carr..weee hoo...
~ then d first time having to travel all d way to Terengganu in a car for our second trip to Redang..lolzz...

finding ma true love?? haha..

~ first time plannin a whacked 17 stations bday surprise for Sherie..daym dat was fun..
d wonderful decorated last stop..POOLSIDE!!

~ First Mooncake Festival Celeb at d field n at home..neva usually celebrate..jus dat we burn up some lanterns..hehe..
D LIST can go ON n ON n On..i think by now ya'll r bored rite...cos i know i am..hehe..but plzz bare wit me ya..

~ den came keith n allison's wedding..d wedding everyone was excited abt..our own choir members gettin married..d tenor n d drummer..lolz..

~ then tragic struck to our fellow frens..Ujin n Eugin..visiting hospital is not a happy thing k..its tiring n sad..but still we had our times..

~ my 18th Birthday!!!! d best one eva...thanks to ALLLLLL ma frenss..i think u all cud c it clearly in ma post abt ma bday not long its no need to say much..hehe..

~ Live n Loud..Triumph Street Party...Christmas Party..MO..Christmas Eve..Christmas..Sheila's wedding..n everything else wudnt have been fun without d ones i spent it..the company..the presents..the whoring..the pictures...EVERYTHING...i dunno how much more i can say..cos im realli realli out of words...but not out of in random order..i like to thank everyone posted below ya..doesnt mean u're not in d pic im forgotten u k..i'm thankful for EVERYONE who has been part of my life..may we stay frens as long s we live k?

so wishin all of u..a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008...May it be a time for Reflection & Renewal..Filled with celebrations,Wonder,Dreams,Discovery n Achievements...God Bless..!!! n Have a blessed year ahead... LOTSA LOVE HUGS n KISSES..from me for d last time of d year...

signing out at 7.03pm

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