Saturday, 31 October 2009

100th Post dedicated to...

So i din realise dat my blog was about to reach my 100th post until a few days back..yes im abit slow..but nehow, its oni right dat its dedicated to something dat is special n i have decided that id like to dedicate it to The All American Rejects and my "family"..yes surprise beta make u all cry if not u guys wont b gettin xmas present from me..LOL..

ya'll rmbr dis post > Surprise surprise <

Neways after dat surprise on monday, i called in on tuesday n i won another 2 passes..
Altho we din get the meet n greet passes, the look on those who won hearing 10VIP passes made it sound like ntg..HAHA..i know im very mean..=p

so neways we had it all planned out on wat to do.. Meet them at Pavilion!! we decided dat we'll b at Pavilion early to catch them in person n get our cd's autographed.. im not sure if ive mentioned b4 or not, its not dat we suddenly decided to bcome hardcore fan of AAR, its a fact that they act sing well live n Tyson's stage performance is one hell of a crazy do..the reason i like a band or an artist is not oni by the records played on the radio, but their pure talent n it is oni fair to give them credit for the great music they have produced and the effort put into their performances all ard the world..

now the 2nd part of d post.."FAMILY" it is very unfortunate for us dat Fred cudnt join us..but blessings go to his father..May his soul rest in peace..where do i start..alphabetical order ni la..

yes we so crazy in love wit bryan we got him to give us souvenirs..=p
for all the help n partnership in tryin to win passes to this concert..the anxious waiting for d queue to call..for all we know, u helped me block d lines n i got thru..haha..
despite having exams, she still got time to go crazy n join me in goin crazy..
i have to say she's jus born genius la ahh..*envy* lolz..


d guy who is currently competing wit me in winning stuff on d radio..sorry to say fred, i beat u hands down..hahaha..jus kidding dun emo ahh..
yes he is an emo KING id say..d slightest thing can jus trigger his pissed mode..
however, he's always there for advice or a ear to listen..not oni to gossips but ya..=p
he's also now a leading headhunter..yes..BANG down..
i wud realli like him to find me my first job..n it beta b good k..haha..


d fren dat always gave me honest opinions whenever i need them..he can b very blunt sometimes but its oni fair that wen ure wrong, u need to b gunned down..
another brilliant guy..i jus envy those who have d brains for books man..


altho dis woman have been MISSING IN ACTION!! she is always there wenever u need her..right?? LOL
a talented young ARTist..the things she do may seem a whole lot diff compared to mine eventho we took almost d same foundation..


yes i know its not alphabetical order anymore, but i have to save d best for last..
wat else did i miss..

so here comes d sappy part..
YOU've always had each MY back despite d busy schedule n distance n wat not..
wenever things go sour, i know i have you guys to get me up n moving again..
whenever i need help, i know u guys will b there for me..
whenever i need advice or complaints, YOU'RE ALL EARS..
the best part is, i cant hate you cos i love you..

so cheers to US!!
n more crazy experience to gather till my 200th post or something..=)



Thursday, 29 October 2009

Michael Jackson::This Is It::

I've been thinkin how to start this post since the movie started..All i have to say is THANK YOU to Jason Ong aka Mynjayz for giving me invites to watch the movie..we indeed lost something precious from our midst..the great spirited soul of pop..this movie is based on the concert he was about to perform jus a few days after the day of his i stated in my status on fb..its a glimpse of wat he had planned for the world n wat the world missed..i realli cant imagine how the real concert wud b like if he was still around..but i guess its a blessing in disguise for everything that happens..

Neways after seeing the flashmob performances, we queued our way into the cinema halls..I missed the touching beginning script cos i was tryin to act take a pic of it but it was too blur..=/
so neways..10 mins into d movie i was alredi tappin my feet n moving my body to the beat of Michaels Famous too tired to rmbr them in sequence..hits from during the days of the Jackson 5 to Beat It n even the Earth Song..n mind u the recordings Ortega used were all his rehearsals..n MJ put effort into his rehearsals..he wore his shiny clothes n special shoes..

he's so shiny u can barely c him..=D
act its jus plain bad photography..

its jus so overwhelming to c him perform wit all his might.. n knowing how much pain he was goin thru after those practices jus to please his fans brings me down..the passionate of one soul..

all he wanted to is heal the world
but the world jus did not response..

altho some of my fav songs wasnt recorded i was guessing he passed b4 being able to rehearse it..But im grateful for all the wonderful songs he wrote n the spirit during all his performances..I would like to proudly say that Mr Kenny Ortega truly is the Best Musical Director & Choreographer to one cud ever pull off such a good documentary on a Legend of Pop Music dat is MJ himself..

you'll always be rmbr as the man who filled my childhood wit the greatest hitz of all time..

after the movie, we hung out wit Hikaru n Yat for Dimsum at old klang road..

so s usual, no premiere goes off without camwhoring..
i hereby state that im not liable for any intolerance to the following pictures..=P

Our Host of the ong..

the fallen of the alienated faces..LOL

Anyone who know's who that chick is?
She is Miss World Malaysia's runner up..yes i kid u not
miss Stefanie Chua

imitating MJ..=D

on the way down ..

this is a short clip of the flashmob..the ending of smooth criminal..

oh ya'll might wanna check dis girl out..she was MJ's Guitarist..n DAYM she's hot on the strings..who needs Slash or other guitar legends wen u have young n fresh talents like Orianthi Panagaris..For her to make it to Michael's Stage is hug enough..Knowing by heart each beat to each song of his is jus no joke..She aso played wit Carlos Santana b4..

kris i stole d pic from ur blog.=p
She is so hot that when other guitarist stand next to her, they look like amateurs..=P
she rockin it out wit MJ in Beat it..

she now has her own album and with great support im sure she'll do well..

and picture of the day goes to...

OMG im turning 20 in a month..>.<

Monday, 26 October 2009

Surprise Surprise!!~~

So wen life gives u lemon u make lemonade..but wen life gives u surprises u jump n shout HOORAY!!!

well today it started off wit a good sunrise greeting me in d i decided to wash my car s i was still early to head to uni..after feelin all good dat my car is clean, i got ready for class n headed off..tho i wasnt being much of help wit d final drawing cos Han(group mate) insisted he wanted to perfect i practically sat in front of him from start to finish..which was till 4 wasnt fun i tell u..i was on d verge of giving up n jus left but i wanted d final drawing so dat i cud come bak n figure out some color for it..

so anyway while sitting down doin ntg, i was listening to they were giving out 6vip passes to Digi Music Live which will b happening dis saturday at bkt i spread d news to manda n kris so dat we can try to win those passes..i had 2 fons in my hands n was all semangat to go for it..but unfortunately i was too slow in i jus sat there disappointed..

after a few hours had gone by, manda msged me ard 4+ n told me they were still giving out passes..but i was so tired i told her to Han n I had chicken chop..i manage to get 2pieces of chicken at d price of one..another good scenario..=)

so i decided to leave campus n head to serdang station to wait for mum n get a quick nap s usually..took a slow drive n listened to hitz for d fun of it n listen who might b d next winner..jus b4 i stopped d car, i heard natalie announcing d song for d queue to call..all i heard was one buck shot n soon s i stopped my car under d shade, i saw my fon n d batt was low alredi..but i din wanna use d car batt to play d i jus reached bak into my bag n took d headset out n tuned to hitz..jus s i wanted to shut my eyes, i heard a song dat cud b d queue to call..den once i heard mooky's voice, i pressed call on d 03-95433311..n it was ringing..d next thing i heard was Natalie's voice..i was jus shocked n din know wat to say..n mind u i was talkin thru my headset..but it was all clear n good..i cud tell dat they were den i started my engine to turn on d air cond cos it was jus getting TOO HOT!!! u get d vibe? hahaha..den they were playin te amo n d next i heard was natalie talkin to me on cool..first time on radio n winning not 1,not 2 but 6 VIP passes to watch AAR AGAIN..its definitely a sign to become their hardcore fan..first world stage mosh pitt passes now this..TOTALLY CAN..=p

so neways ill c u guys there rocking out wit the local acts like, One Buck Shot, Disagree, Pop shuvit(i think) n of course THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS!!!

cant wait to get those tickets in my hands..wheeeeeeeeee!!!



so rmbr, whenever u feel like ure having a bad day, something good might jus happen n ull b d happiest person of d day..HAHAHA..peace out!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Hi everyone..a week in Bali passed so fast i din even really bother abt d absence of fb n internet..=/
so it WAS a study trip however, i din realli get info for my project because most or shud i say ALL of d places we visited were temples n paddy fields n my project is on ya..more like a holiday for me..but nonetheless i cudnt run away from the long bus rides n do group presentation..all in all, the long journey to d temples were worth it bcos of d view,design n architecture of the place is beyond our from here, ill jus let d pics do d talking..


the view from the plane

the arrival sunset

first nite dinner place..

my belarus-ian roommate

the view from our room

the barong n keris dance

Ida Bagus wood carving Gallery

Mount batur volcano



Sunrise at the beach

Surfer dude


Sunset at Uluwatu

Kecak Dance

Dinner ON the Beach ..
literally on d sand ok..n d tides were coming in b4 we left..


Lunch Venue b4 heading to Besakih temple

Then it was a visit to the Mother(Besakih) Temple..
it was 1km up d hill to dis spot ok..=.=
real good work out in those sarongs


lookout point at Paddy Terrace
i look fat here wtf..=/

we were asked to got down from d bus bcos d bridge had a HUGE hole
so end up taking pics of paddy b4 hoping on back to d bus

Main entrance to Tanah Lot temple

The view at d lower cliffs
i dun like my look but d shot is awesome wit d waves crashing d stone back there

Groupic at the higher cliffs and at one of the temples

yes i is LOVE the SUNSET =)

Our last nite in Bali..
the rest of d nite remains a mystery..=p

Almost Home
Touch DOWN!!! LOL

n dats all folks..

nahh jus kidding..haha..s long s it took me to finish dis post, im glad to b able to share my experience wit u guys..the trip thought us more than culture n gave me d opportunity to make new frens n bond wit each other and learn from each other..
to me it was a well spent trip..tho i still owe my mum for it cos i promise her to pay bak after workin at monsoon cup but d company dat so called hired us sub d contract to another company thus vanish my 1.8k..=/

neways lecturer told dat we may head to London next year..n i so cant wait for dat..i hope its abt d same price den i may b able to afford..=p

Next week is gonna b filled wit events-Campus Halloween Party, AAR's concert n sisters bday..but b4 d partying is all d submission of portfolios..=/