Thursday, 29 October 2009

Michael Jackson::This Is It::

I've been thinkin how to start this post since the movie started..All i have to say is THANK YOU to Jason Ong aka Mynjayz for giving me invites to watch the movie..we indeed lost something precious from our midst..the great spirited soul of pop..this movie is based on the concert he was about to perform jus a few days after the day of his i stated in my status on fb..its a glimpse of wat he had planned for the world n wat the world missed..i realli cant imagine how the real concert wud b like if he was still around..but i guess its a blessing in disguise for everything that happens..

Neways after seeing the flashmob performances, we queued our way into the cinema halls..I missed the touching beginning script cos i was tryin to act take a pic of it but it was too blur..=/
so neways..10 mins into d movie i was alredi tappin my feet n moving my body to the beat of Michaels Famous too tired to rmbr them in sequence..hits from during the days of the Jackson 5 to Beat It n even the Earth Song..n mind u the recordings Ortega used were all his rehearsals..n MJ put effort into his rehearsals..he wore his shiny clothes n special shoes..

he's so shiny u can barely c him..=D
act its jus plain bad photography..

its jus so overwhelming to c him perform wit all his might.. n knowing how much pain he was goin thru after those practices jus to please his fans brings me down..the passionate of one soul..

all he wanted to is heal the world
but the world jus did not response..

altho some of my fav songs wasnt recorded i was guessing he passed b4 being able to rehearse it..But im grateful for all the wonderful songs he wrote n the spirit during all his performances..I would like to proudly say that Mr Kenny Ortega truly is the Best Musical Director & Choreographer to one cud ever pull off such a good documentary on a Legend of Pop Music dat is MJ himself..

you'll always be rmbr as the man who filled my childhood wit the greatest hitz of all time..

after the movie, we hung out wit Hikaru n Yat for Dimsum at old klang road..

so s usual, no premiere goes off without camwhoring..
i hereby state that im not liable for any intolerance to the following pictures..=P

Our Host of the ong..

the fallen of the alienated faces..LOL

Anyone who know's who that chick is?
She is Miss World Malaysia's runner up..yes i kid u not
miss Stefanie Chua

imitating MJ..=D

on the way down ..

this is a short clip of the flashmob..the ending of smooth criminal..

oh ya'll might wanna check dis girl out..she was MJ's Guitarist..n DAYM she's hot on the strings..who needs Slash or other guitar legends wen u have young n fresh talents like Orianthi Panagaris..For her to make it to Michael's Stage is hug enough..Knowing by heart each beat to each song of his is jus no joke..She aso played wit Carlos Santana b4..

kris i stole d pic from ur blog.=p
She is so hot that when other guitarist stand next to her, they look like amateurs..=P
she rockin it out wit MJ in Beat it..

she now has her own album and with great support im sure she'll do well..

and picture of the day goes to...

OMG im turning 20 in a month..>.<


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

wtf horrible last pic gila wtfbbqsauce!

but it was a nice show. tee hee!

flora said...

its called payback my fren..HAAHAHA..but yes a good show indeed n somehow i still can feel emo over his lost..=( i wanna go his concert..*sob sob*

Stanley said...

You watched it in Cathay Cineplax Damansara too? The place was soooo happening!!! xD

flora said...

Yes it was so happening i din know wat pic to take..Jac Victor was there..Daniel Lee was there..8tv,awani crews were there..u name it la..everyone was jus there..great atmosphere to b in

Stanley said...

too much.. and there are many local dancers like battleground judges and some other shows' people