Wednesday, 3 June 2009

About Time...

Hey all..sorry for d long period of me MIA-ing.. Just didnt know wat to write about..alot of things had happened d past month..Some good, some not so good..A few things has changed..Some remains the same..But dun worry, I'VE MOVED ON..

so to begin no longer working in starbucks anymore..due to some unbearable attitudes, i left and currently jus lepaking around..

there were times where the past was sort of reliving its scenes..but somehow, my senses told me to get a grip for it might not turn out d way it seemed..however, it realli shocked me dat i actually felt a glimpse of wat i felt back den..somethings jus dun erase dat easily eh..?? but anyhow, things passed n im learning more from each mistake..

honestly speaking d month of may was like a non stop action month..almost every weekend i had something on..mother's day, mum's bday, bridal gown testing, flower girl dress shopping, etc etc..mostly jus going shopping for various occasions..sadly non for me..=p

apart from that..met a few new frens..courtesy of kristine thong who intro-ed to me..glad to have made new frens..but somehow sadden dat some old frens r jus drifting more pisses me off at times but wat am i to do if some chooses others over u..ive said dis b4 n here again i shall say, i rather have lesser but greater..pointless to have more but useless..rather be grateful for those ard than tolerate ungratefulness..i dun treat others unkind unless treated likewise..

neways..i cant wait for thursday..i presume it as a HAPPY day..first ill b attending the Hennessy event at Zouk wit Kristine n 2 of our new frens, Yat & Hikaru..secondly, it is one of my good frens' bday..JASON NG..he's turning 24..HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance jace..thirdly, 2 movies will b released on dat day..hope to catch 17 Again if time allows..=)

so thats jus a few updates for now..some pictures will b coming in soon from last weekends event..check out facebook k? c u soon..take care..god bless..