Tuesday, 30 September 2008

wat a wonderful weekend it was ~~

hey everyone..wasnt plannin to blog cos im still waitin for pics to b sent to me..but im jus too bored n have ntg else to do..

so s u all know last weekend was like d busiest weekend eva..n mind u dis is jus a close family fren's wedding n i was like runnin ard to help wat i cud until i cudnt run anymore..lolz..i dun wanna imagine wen my bro's wedding comes.. =/

it all started from friday itself..classmates all decided to not go n declared our holiday a day earli..woke up ard 10ish..s usual catch my grey's anatomy on star world..den was jus lazying ard askin d "family" wat to get for freddie n decided we were gonna get him a wallet since his was tearing apart..so was msging n watchin tv until i decided to ask godma whether they needed help in church wit d flower arrgments..godma said she was in pavilion n dat aunti alice was aledi n church..so called aunti alice n she said if free go over to help..since mum aledi knew i was gonna b helping..i hung up d clothes,got ready n off to church wit sherie n jeremy..went there..flowers were flooding d lower part of d sanctuary..n all purple-ish..hehe..without wasting time..got down to doing d benches..

it took us almost 2 hours i think to finish d whole row of it..daym now i wish i had d pics to show u..it was so nice dat godma said she wanted to get married again n walked down dat isle..one of d sister said it was like d garden of eden..it was jus magnificant..d shades of color jus blended in so well..

after dat we helped out wit d table bouquets..park our butts on d floor n started folding leaves for d base of d bouquet..n d next thing u know it was 3.30 n we had to leave cos needed to collect d booklets for mary n head to jusco to get fred's wallet n after dat fetch my mum..so we left n it was rainin heavily..apparently kjg market was aledi flooded n we got stuck in d massive jam..took us 30 mins to move dat 200 metres...daym it..i was goin crazy..haha..n wen we finally reach d printing shop it was still rainin heavily..so ran in n out of d store without gettin d books wet..wen we took a copy to c..it was jus so nice..

top is d front cover n below is d back of d booklet..

so love d back cover..d sunset pics r jus realli awesome..how d sunlight burst in between both of them..

after dat..went to jusco n got fred his wallet..n rushed off to pick mum from serdang..

came bak to shower up n rest a bit n off again to church to help mum wit d altar flower arrangment..i did usual-mother mary and oil lamp..without plannin watsoeva, d arrangement turn out to b a heart shape pattern..lolz..i was kinda happy after seeing dat..u can say dat i was aledi stressed n tired at dat point..

after headed to manda's for reception practice..there was cough n flu ard..n it wasnt a good sign..we needed our voice for d big day..but neways din worry too much..jus drank more water n gulp down honey..

once prac was over..we changed n rushed to Jusco for Mamma Mia..boy dat show is worth watchin..tho i was dead tired..i cud still sing n move to those Abba songs..hehe..but it was sad to c such a low no of crowd..i guess not everyone appreciates music like we do..

after dat we headed home n suppose to sleep but i had my nails to do..n after an hour on it oni i slept..dat aso i woke up ard 5+ tossing n turning till 7+..when you tell me dat u love me was jus repeatin in my head over n over again like a broken tape recorder..finally gave up n woke up to shower n eat bkfs..maybe i was too excited la ahh..

tho i tot it was still earli..there was barely time for me to sleep bak..haha..after bkfs..i changed my top n get my hair tied up n make up done..d next thing u know its 9.30..n fred was suppose to come at 9.45..so changed into my skirt..n d ribbon s always takes a few times to b tied oni will it b perfect..(fussy me) went out n waited for my driver to arrive..hehe..he was late..=p

so neways reach church ar 15 mins earlier oni..did sound check n last minute practice..n it was showtime..haha..keith n allison sang a nice song(i cant rmbr d title) s d bride was walkin in..her dress was realli pretty..lacy prints n fine details..all went well..n wen it came to d exchanging vows..tears were shed..both melvyn n mellissa had tears rolling down..n there u can c aunti pat n me having tears in our eyes..haha..amazing how emotions can b so influential..

after the mass we received ang pau from aunti alice n uncle francis..how kind..den we headed to the tents at d parking lot for a lil luncheon..hardly ate cos it was jus too hot n din feel hungry..while we were at d foyer..suddenly we heard like ppl shouting n all..ran over n saw melvyn n his groomsmen doing d Haka dance..a Maori tribal dance to scare off their opponents..it was quite cool..melvyn turn red instantly..full of enthusiasm..after dat the bridal couple went off..

we hang ard till 1.30 n went to marks place to rehearse for one last time b4 we headed to d hotel..finished ard 3..got home..bathe, packed n load my stuff into d car n headed to d saloon to blow my hair..n mind u i did dis all wit d stupid heavy rain..after dat..going over to manda's place, the road was flooded wit water..it was up to d divider height ok..had to go pretty slow..den reach there, fred said manda's hse no electricity..oni her hse..it tripped or somethin.so everyone had to detour to my place..all haven bathe some more..so chaos la..had to blow d gals hair dry n den get myself ready cos i wasnt changed yet..oh n i almost forgot my shoes..pffftt..

left my hse at 5+ n reached marriot abt 6..quickly did sound check n all..den headed to d washroom n got our make up on n camwhored s always..big ass mirror..take advantage of it..thank god it din crack..=p ill post up d pics once i get them..manda cant upload cos her pc was blown off wen electricity tripped..so wait patiently k..

den while make up-ing..fred called us to go in bak to do soundcheck again..but we were less than half done..so jus finished up n find him..but d doors were aledi closed..n wen it opened abit, we did a quick one n guest walked in a few minutes after dat..

our que was after d speech n toasting..so once they toasted d first toast, we got ourselves prepared outside..said a lil prayer n warmed up our voices for the prayer..we were nervous to our stomach..n mind u it was freakin cold..i dunno y we decided not to take up our shawl during d first song..it wudve been a beta choice...=/ i was up there feelin kinda frozen..i dunno abt d rest..hehe..but thank god we sounded good enuf.. (video's can b found at fred's blog - freddieweeck.blogspot.com)

after dat there was the redo of d Haka dance..but dis time it was wit 20 uncles on stage wit Melvyn..lolz..it was kinda cool n funny at d same time..haha..after dat was our 2nd performance..
we were called up on stage abit too earli cos the bridal couple werent there n we wanted them to hear us..so we hang ard backstage n became backup singers for jude n edward..felt kinda outta place tho..cos we cudnt c d tiny wordings n we din realli know d songs..siighhzz..

so wen we decided to start singing, the couple walks in d side door.. =)
wen it was all over..he headed bak to our table n continued eating..despite d goin on n off stage, we manage to finish up most of our food..

after dat d dance floor was opened but i was jus too tired to move..i literally jus cudnt move anymore..so i jus stayed bak at d table n watch d gals bags..i din wanna b d spoil spot while they have fun on d dance floor..so shall not spoil d whole basket of apples..i even called mark jus to ask him to request to jude to play a bday song for freddie..lolz..dats how tired i was...

so after it was all over, i got up n walked up to fred n wished him..den we ended d nite wit a group pic wit d couple..

reached home almost 1+ n den died till i woke up for mass..was stoned..n for some reason d air con in church was extra cold..i was close to suffering from hipotermia..lolz..slept during fathers sermon..yes i know bad of me..but i cud barely open my eyes..my ears were still on..=p

after mass, many complimented on our singin at d reception..at least we know dat ppl act listened..haha..den headed for bkfs..n wen i reached home..crashed till 3..haha..woke up n got ready to go for vball..n gave fred a lil surprise after dat wit a cake..lolz..he had his face print on it..headed for choir practice..jus for some reason we cudnt stand "someone" tellin us wat to do n how to sing..annoyed d few of us..neways..after prac..we headed to hawker stall in sg long to jus spend d last few hours of freddie's bday..

d weekend was great but i think somehow it led me to feeling emo but d happy type..i dunno how dat can b..but ya..i jus wish things can continue being d way they are..astrologically it showed good signs..but we can neva predict wat d end results will b like..so shall jus hope for d best n jus live life..

will post up pics once they're in..

take care, god bless n luv ya'll..

started at 1pm n finally ended b4 midnight..=p
in between i was searchin up for dresses n songs for a special occasion which is comin in 2009...hehe..stay tuned...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Happy Ending...~~TRIALS over n got tagged!! =.=

TRIALS is over n cant wait for d weekend to come..dunno y but im more excited den nervous..it may b the largest wedding we'll eva witness in HFC..we'll c la ah..besides dat..singing in front of THOUSAND of guests will jus get our nerves startling..jus hope n pray we'll do it well n give everyone a good performance..so to those who dun c me on9 dun think i went missing or somethin ok..ill jus b bz..hopefully will have time to upload some pics of d wedding for ya'll..

will b goin skool tom for d last day b4 d raya holidays starts on monday..hopefully will get at least a paper back..jus wanna know how i fair..

well as always, my godsista cant stop tagging me..n since i got my itunes installed n get to hear my old songs..so decided to jus do it..=p its realli ridiculous but its kinda fun doin it..hehe..so here goes..
  • a.Put your Itunes, WMP, etc on shuffle
  • b. For each question, press NEXT to get your answer.
  • d. Pur any comments in brackets after the song name
  • e. Put this on your blog.
1. If someone says,"Is this okay?"
  • Breathless-shayne ward ( ill jus keep quite?? cos it may effect his or her judgement..=p )
2. How would you describe yourself?
  • Not going nowhere-babyface (very true..i feel like im not goin anywhere..jus living each moment)
3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
  • Shoop Shoop - whitney houston ( ermm..they can dance or sing??)
4. How do you feel today?
  • Apologize - 1 republic ( i din even do anything wrong to anyone today..)
5. What is your life's purpose?
  • Hang - Matchbox 20 ( haha..hang myself will prolly b a good idea..but i aint endin my life so soon)
6. What is your motto?
  • Aint got you - kevin michael ( i guess i haven found my mr right dats y..haha)
7. What do your friends think of you?
  • time of my life - david cook ( they cud think im enjoyin my life??i dunno u tell me)
8. What do you think of your parents?
  • sweetest girl - wyclef jean ( errmm..they're the sweetest ppl? =p )
9. What do you think about very often?
  • i'll be lovin you long time - mariah carey ( loving my bf for all time?? but sadly i dun have one yet..haha)
10. What is 2+2?
  • Girlfriend- avril ( err i got no comment..i din know maths cud sum up to words)
11. What do you think of your best friend?
  • hard to say im sorry - az yet ( well it is hard to say ure sorry wen its ur best fren..cos it will have to b a big mistake to need an apologize..i wud neva wanna say sorry to her cos i wud neva wanna hurt her in any way)
12. What do you think of the person you like?
  • sexy love - neyo ( oh wow..im speechless)
13. What is your life?
  • burning up - jonas bro's ( ermm..not exactly but its gonna b a hactic weekend =p )
14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • i cant hate you anymore - nick lachey ( well i wudnt wanna hate anyone in d future but not wat i dream to b tho..)
15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
  • time after time - quiet drive ( well it does take time to get d person u like to like u bak right?)
16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
  • california dream - benny benassi ( maybe after d dance floor is opened or d after party..not at d wedding reception..ill fire who eva plays such song at my wedding)
17. What will they play at your funeral?
  • Hot - avril ( errr..so not appropriate..i wudnt wanna jump out from my coffin)
18. What is your hobby/interest?
  • stranger - hilary duff ( ya i love to act like a stranger...NOT)
19. What is your biggest fear?
  • Bye bye - mariah carey ( well its always hard to say bye to someone..especially close family members n frens..so can deny dat it is one of my fears)
20. What is your biggest secret?
  • music of my heart - nsync n gloria estefan ( quite true..oni i can feel every beat of my heart n feel wats right n wrong..)
21. What do you think of your friends?
  • helpless wen she smiles - BSB ( errmmm..they r very fun ppl to hang out wit cos they're always makes me happy n wen i c them happy im happy..)
22. What will you post this as?
  • happy ending - mika ( not so happy but its fine...haha)
23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
  • tattoo - jordin sparks ( well it will leave a scar in my life physically n psychologically..so it may b suitable? hahaha..haven thought of it tho)
so hope u had fun wit dis hilarious post i had to do n have a great weekend up ahead n drive safely to those who r travelling this coming festive season..take care..c u soon..

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Worst week of my life..

hey everyone..d oni reason im here is cos i got ntg else to do(tho i have paper on monday) n jus feel dat i needed to let it out here..as you all know, trials began dis week..n hell was it torturous..having to rmbr wat u studied n write it all out in 3 hours long paper every single day for 4 days straight...it jus kills ur brain cells..ur mood n everything else ard u..=p

so anyhow..was looking forward to friday cos i din have to worry on any hard core papers n get a hella good rest n jus hang out wit frens at nite..it was all goin well till d sun wen down..like seriously, bad karma after sun down? my mum was even in a good mood to bring me to starbucks eventho i end up paying for my iced caramel machiato but jus spending dat time talkin wit mum abt how d muffin taste so good n all..hack she even got me a whole set of dat aloe vera face product from body shop..i guess she knew d exams were gettin to me n decided to gimme a break..hahaha..

but everything turned ard once we got out of jusco..first i got a call from kris askin me if thilip called..i said no..den i told her ill call her bak in a while..den she called me bak even b4 i reached home..n told me dat d guys were having a drink at station 1..but s soon s i was abt to bathe d plan was cancelled cos they had to go bak for dinner..i dunno y i got frustrated n all..told them to come later at nite but kon had plans alredi..so jus decided to follow mum to church to help her arrange flowers..

s i was arranging d flowers in church, got a msg from thilip saying dat they're goin to sg long again..i dunno y but i knew dat kon wud b forcing himself to b there or somethin..i mean i din realli care at dat time whether i had a good nite out or not..aledi lost hope tryin to b happy..so jus said ok n will meet them once im done..

finishing d flowers i arranged jus put d smile bak on my face..so was kinda anxious to meet them n was kinda rushing my mum to finish up..n den on d way bak..saw uncle mike n aunti hoay ling standin next to their cars(wira n naza ria)..so stopped to c whether they needed any assistance lor..i mean i was suppose to meet them at 10.30 but arent we raised up to help ur fellow brothers n sisters in christ..no?

so helped sent aunti's mother,daughter,granfather n maid bak lor..den after sendin them home..got a call from aunti saying some idiotic driver jus smashed into their other car(naza ria) n jus went off..so had to they needed us to get petrol for d wira..to c if that was d problem..n i tot of asking my brother a favor, my mum told me to cancel my plans..like wth rite? was jus not fated to meet them la maybe..

bought petrol n headed bak to d scene n boy was d naza in bad shape..uncle eric was alredi there callin his workshop guy for a tow truck..so jus stayed there till d tow truck towed both cars away lor..spent my time by d roadside instead..

its not dat i din wanna help..i wanted to..but i din expect a blind n prolly drunken driver wudve cos another accident..if oni i had pictures..i mean d car literally moved another 10 feet from its actual position..n he even cud roll bak down d hill in a semi circle n land his bak tyre in between d divider n manage to get it out n drove off wit his exzos pipe dragging on d road..like i said..he's either drunk or jus lost his mind..

anyhow..i felt realli sorry for uncle mike n aunti hoay ling s much s guilty for not being able to meet up with my frens..especially wen kon was suppose to b at a bbq party..

d nite din end there..i came home..feeling numb dat even wen my mum asked whether i wanted to eat..i said no eventho i oni had coffee n half a muffin at 6..came on9..frustrated n angry n even kris cudnt stand it n left..n after dat i cudnt sleep n cant stop thinkin n decided to do wat everyone told me not to..i cudnt hold it in anymore..but somehow i din realli explain properly n s expected i got an answer dat was wat i knew i was gonna get..

i dunno wat is it dat guys wan sometimes..some cannot b too strong if not they feel vulnerable n shit..cant b too soft, cant b too dis n dat..n they say girls r complicated..sheeshh..


anyhow was tagged by manda also..
the rule of the game is to list 15 weird habits/things/little known facts bout myself.. Then to tag 10 other people..

  1. i can jus lie on d sofabed n watch tv all day..
  2. i still sleep wit my baby pillow..=)
  3. i like buying d same type of clothes in diff colors..if shoes i like were cheaper i wud aso =P
  4. i cant stand seeing my dirty car n used to wash it everyday
  5. wen im tensed, i go get myself a cup of iced caramel macchiato or jus drive like a crazy horse..
  6. i like eating sushi n other jap food but i dun like eating d soup they serve in sets..
  7. n like amanda, ive dreamt n imagined how my wedding wud b like but it will b at a high cost..
  8. i do fall for guys easily n often find myself confessing to them first..i mean wats wrong wit dat??wat happened to honesty is d best policy.. sheeshh..
  9. i oni wear bootcut styled jeans..dun ask me y..
  10. i oni eat fillet o fish n spicy chicken mc deluxe burgers wen im at mcd..
  11. i like eating but dun like to gain weight..hate d thought of not able to wear my clothes n spend on new ones dat r not d same..=p
  12. i somehow prefer smaller handbags to bigger ones..tho i may like some big ones but i still find myself using d smaller ones..
  13. i have a thing for papers, paper bags n wrapping papers..they cannot b crumpled wen i wanna use it or ill b very upset..ppl say i have OCD.. =S
  14. i like clubbing not cos of d booze but d music..haha..(dats y i oni went once)
  15. i oni use the first perfume i got on special occasions n hopes it'll neva finish..or ill have to buy a new bottle..i got it wen i was in form 2/3.. =p
who am i suppose to tag if manda tagged everyone i used to tag?? neways i hereby tag...
  • kristine thong
  • jason ng
  • mark(if u haven do d tag u have to now)
  • freddie-time to get a blog
  • glynn wong
  • whoeva who wans to do dis tag.. =p