Saturday, 13 September 2008

Worst week of my life..

hey everyone..d oni reason im here is cos i got ntg else to do(tho i have paper on monday) n jus feel dat i needed to let it out you all know, trials began dis week..n hell was it torturous..having to rmbr wat u studied n write it all out in 3 hours long paper every single day for 4 days jus kills ur brain cells..ur mood n everything else ard u..=p

so anyhow..was looking forward to friday cos i din have to worry on any hard core papers n get a hella good rest n jus hang out wit frens at was all goin well till d sun wen seriously, bad karma after sun down? my mum was even in a good mood to bring me to starbucks eventho i end up paying for my iced caramel machiato but jus spending dat time talkin wit mum abt how d muffin taste so good n all..hack she even got me a whole set of dat aloe vera face product from body shop..i guess she knew d exams were gettin to me n decided to gimme a break..hahaha..

but everything turned ard once we got out of jusco..first i got a call from kris askin me if thilip called..i said no..den i told her ill call her bak in a while..den she called me bak even b4 i reached home..n told me dat d guys were having a drink at station 1..but s soon s i was abt to bathe d plan was cancelled cos they had to go bak for dinner..i dunno y i got frustrated n all..told them to come later at nite but kon had plans jus decided to follow mum to church to help her arrange flowers..

s i was arranging d flowers in church, got a msg from thilip saying dat they're goin to sg long again..i dunno y but i knew dat kon wud b forcing himself to b there or somethin..i mean i din realli care at dat time whether i had a good nite out or not..aledi lost hope tryin to b jus said ok n will meet them once im done..

finishing d flowers i arranged jus put d smile bak on my was kinda anxious to meet them n was kinda rushing my mum to finish up..n den on d way bak..saw uncle mike n aunti hoay ling standin next to their cars(wira n naza ria) stopped to c whether they needed any assistance lor..i mean i was suppose to meet them at 10.30 but arent we raised up to help ur fellow brothers n sisters in

so helped sent aunti's mother,daughter,granfather n maid bak lor..den after sendin them a call from aunti saying some idiotic driver jus smashed into their other car(naza ria) n jus went had to they needed us to get petrol for d c if that was d problem..n i tot of asking my brother a favor, my mum told me to cancel my wth rite? was jus not fated to meet them la maybe..

bought petrol n headed bak to d scene n boy was d naza in bad shape..uncle eric was alredi there callin his workshop guy for a tow jus stayed there till d tow truck towed both cars away lor..spent my time by d roadside instead..

its not dat i din wanna help..i wanted to..but i din expect a blind n prolly drunken driver wudve cos another accident..if oni i had pictures..i mean d car literally moved another 10 feet from its actual position..n he even cud roll bak down d hill in a semi circle n land his bak tyre in between d divider n manage to get it out n drove off wit his exzos pipe dragging on d i said..he's either drunk or jus lost his mind..

anyhow..i felt realli sorry for uncle mike n aunti hoay ling s much s guilty for not being able to meet up with my frens..especially wen kon was suppose to b at a bbq party..

d nite din end there..i came home..feeling numb dat even wen my mum asked whether i wanted to eat..i said no eventho i oni had coffee n half a muffin at 6..came on9..frustrated n angry n even kris cudnt stand it n left..n after dat i cudnt sleep n cant stop thinkin n decided to do wat everyone told me not to..i cudnt hold it in anymore..but somehow i din realli explain properly n s expected i got an answer dat was wat i knew i was gonna get..

i dunno wat is it dat guys wan sometimes..some cannot b too strong if not they feel vulnerable n shit..cant b too soft, cant b too dis n dat..n they say girls r complicated..sheeshh..


anyhow was tagged by manda also..
the rule of the game is to list 15 weird habits/things/little known facts bout myself.. Then to tag 10 other people..

  1. i can jus lie on d sofabed n watch tv all day..
  2. i still sleep wit my baby pillow..=)
  3. i like buying d same type of clothes in diff colors..if shoes i like were cheaper i wud aso =P
  4. i cant stand seeing my dirty car n used to wash it everyday
  5. wen im tensed, i go get myself a cup of iced caramel macchiato or jus drive like a crazy horse..
  6. i like eating sushi n other jap food but i dun like eating d soup they serve in sets..
  7. n like amanda, ive dreamt n imagined how my wedding wud b like but it will b at a high cost..
  8. i do fall for guys easily n often find myself confessing to them first..i mean wats wrong wit dat??wat happened to honesty is d best policy.. sheeshh..
  9. i oni wear bootcut styled jeans..dun ask me y..
  10. i oni eat fillet o fish n spicy chicken mc deluxe burgers wen im at mcd..
  11. i like eating but dun like to gain weight..hate d thought of not able to wear my clothes n spend on new ones dat r not d same..=p
  12. i somehow prefer smaller handbags to bigger ones..tho i may like some big ones but i still find myself using d smaller ones..
  13. i have a thing for papers, paper bags n wrapping papers..they cannot b crumpled wen i wanna use it or ill b very upset..ppl say i have OCD.. =S
  14. i like clubbing not cos of d booze but d music..haha..(dats y i oni went once)
  15. i oni use the first perfume i got on special occasions n hopes it'll neva finish..or ill have to buy a new bottle..i got it wen i was in form 2/3.. =p
who am i suppose to tag if manda tagged everyone i used to tag?? neways i hereby tag...
  • kristine thong
  • jason ng
  • mark(if u haven do d tag u have to now)
  • freddie-time to get a blog
  • glynn wong
  • whoeva who wans to do dis tag.. =p


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

sorry I malas do your tag..xD

floriferous said...

nah its ok..i dun realli like being tagged aso..=p
oni godsis sake i did it..=p