Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Awaiting 4 Love

Day after day, archaeologist all over the world discover somethin new..dinasour bones, pharoah's tomb n many other urban legends and artifacts..

but sometimes trying so hard will not bring you wat u're looking for..somehow dat saying also applies to love..if you keep finding it, it will not come..n den u start askin will anyone ever fall in love wit u..but if jus wait patiently, sooner or later someone will come..it will always come wen u least expect it..right??
so today as usual picked mum up from train station and after dat we went to pasar malam..since no one else was coming bak for dinner..so went to eat pan mee..n after dat mum wanted to get some fruits and vege..yes she's a concern eater..n while she was choosing papaya's i saw bunches of pulasan on dat "tray"? n since it was in season, they're selling at a cheap price..mum din allow to get 4kg which was oni 10 bucks..so we got like 3 bucks of it..
no dats not worth 3 bucks..jus a picture..

so feeling happy i brought d bundles of fruits bak to d car..n d next thing u know, we end up walkin to mums fav fruit stall.."her best fren"..n we saw MORE pulasans..but we were lookin at grapes and other fruits..den d guy keep sayin d pulasan suppose to eat wit seed n all..so we were amazeed n bought another 5 bucks worth of it..which is another 2 kg..so after dat came home n started eating it..

i cudnt wait to eat d Twined-looking pulasan..jus cause it was bigger..teehhee..n to my surprise, dis was wat i got out of it...


yes its real..c it even have curves..
its not an illusion!!

i wonder if its a sign...hmppphhh..
neways dis is wat i was tryin to say..something comes wen u least expect it..was feeling all miserable thru out d day n c wat came to me =) i mean how can u not have a smile on ur face after gettin somethin so amazing..im gonna keep it n treasure it..hopefully it doesnt rot la ah... =( dat wud mean my heart is rotting too....dat wud suck..neways jus another post for me..hope u guys are as fascinated s i am..dun believe can always come by n check it out for urself..hehe..

dats all from me now..

Love is in the air..na na na na na..
Love is in the air..oooooo


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

You know what I think....I think keeping the seed just like that might really rot...Why dont you plant it? Plant it and let it grow..more significant right? Blooming Love...then Fruiting love? see...its all very good if you plant it...teee heee!

It actually looks rather like a tooth or a macadamia nut..but looks abit like a heart la...tee hee! congrats on the find....keep being positive! =)

floriferous said...

A tooth?? macadamia nut?? =.=

oh well..i doubt it'll grow lor..cos its a pulasan seed..they cant really grow jus lidat rite..but i may plant it..c la..if oni i know where to plant it..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

its pulasan...its a fruit grown in malaysia...why not? if it can grow in the wild just like that...I dont see why with nurturing care it cant grow..unless the seed got prob lar...

U start by planting it in a pot la...then when it starts outgrowing the pot...change bigger pot..then when big d...shift to the padang there la...or the place i park my car there...POSITIVE! you are asking lot of negative question!

floriferous said...

ya will do den...we'll c la huh..plant n grow!!!