Monday, 11 August 2008

artsy fartsy me

hey all..its been almost 2 months since i sorry ya'll..well lets recall wats been happening d past months..well basically was gettin my arts project done as well as doin SOME revision..=p in between had some LONELY moments n also stressfull moments handlin ppl in my life..not dat i asked for it..sometimes they jus happen to b in ur life..
so of d weekends there was a pizza frenzy in d hse..bro even woke up earli to do it..i was s usual d late comer but d most helpful one..hehe..helped him make d dough ROUND n not some other shapes..cos he tends to run out of patience..but it all turned out well in d end..=p

d preview b4 gettin into d oven..dis was our (my mum n i) masterpiece..

c how round n even it abt perfection ppl..



out it came from d oven into d microwave to keep it warm..
dat ended up giving to bro's gf..sighh..
wudve tasted nice..cos everythin is in it..hehe

after dat it was jus my bro n i workin on d pizza making table..=p so wen u have someone who doesnt care of perfection but care for d taste n one who cares for both..dis is wat u get...


i dunno y d pic turned out dis angle..weird..

a squarish sized with alligned mushroom on d side n loaads of cheese in d centre..can c d buldge in d centre dat rose..oh n dats my mums hand..she wanted some credit for making it..padahal she jus took it out from d oven oni..=.=

so dat was one weekend..den weekend which was manda's,glynn's,lis' n d rest of d colony's confirmation..s usual..d whole preparation n excitement for dat event..c'ing d gals in their pretty dresses n all..reminded me of my confirmation..its been 2 years..=/ it felt s tho i was gettin confirmed again..sleepin early..wakin up earli to get ready..hehe..except d part where i did d flower bouquets..dat was tiring but had self satisfaction seeing d result of it..=)^d semangat family

den at night was manda's hse was flooded wit relatives n frens..there was ppl everywhere..every corner of d hse..hehe..fred n i were in charge of present..hehe..more info in manda's blog

it was a hactic,fun,crazy weekend..

so d rest of my time i spent most on painting my final pieces..

(went off to finish up pasting stuff n took pics to put here.n also cos i wont b gettin anythin bak from darn Majlis Peperiksaan gonna keep pics s memories)

so well started in april which was a month behind other now its 90% done..another 10% is d last few pics of evidence n binding d whole thing here r some lemme know wat u think..feel free..ill let d pics do d talking..

n finally..d board piece...

spent d whole friday on dis board n after dat a massive headache..

but enjoyed d rush for a movie after dat wit kris..

watched 21..

its hella show..d way they had a counting system for it man..easy n fast money..hehe..i din know they act had a loss prevention organization in Vegas to catch such ppl..haha..but its a good lesson learnt from dat show..neva misuse ur talents god gave u n neva let ppl make use of ur talents..they will get d profit while u slog for them..

n dis weekend was kinda relaxed/fun/rested-pain/confusing one..

gotto spend time wit frens i hardly get to meet them for 2 nights in a row..=P

but den kena scolding aso laa..from mum..lolz..dats cos d last time we met was last christmas MUM..i din answer her always ill jus keep quiet..cos i was too in pain to say anything..slept prac d whole day today..n i mean it..woke up totally at 6pm..hehe..

n now here i am bloggin n feel its daym earli altho its aledi dats all from me now..

take care n god bless..

floriferous out~


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

i oso got sound...hohoho!

k thx bai...

so much for not updating so long..update more la bugger!

floriferous said...

eh..dats cos i went off to do my arts between d lines least i updated rite..dats d few events i can rmbr..haha..oh got la movie outings n all..dark knight..forgot..oh well..

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I like the page where u drew the shells...2nd page 1...LOL..nice shells man...i love your alatan too...LOL! all the black and thing la wey! hahaha

floriferous said...

d alatan wasnt black n white..its color pencel shading..btw.dat wan teacher helped color abit..(shhh..) if MPM find out im screwed..