Friday, 27 June 2008


Here I am, Oh God

I bring this sacrifice

my open heart

I offer up my life.

I look to You, Lord

Your love that never ends

Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to you, Lord

In Your strength will I break through, Lord

Touch me now, let your love fall down on me

I know your love dispels all my fears.

Through the storm I will hold on Lord

And by faith I will walk on, Lord

Then I'll see beyond my Calvary one day

And I will be complete

in You.

sorry yall for not updating(especially kris who requested an update)..been bz since 2nd week of d condemness of d router led to laziness to connect directly to d modem..dats cos to use to d luxury of wireless..hehe..also been spendin alot of time in skool doin misc stuff..n finally im almost at d end of my art folio..but dis last few pages of painting is gonna b hell la..after almost completing one page on thurs, feel like ive accomplished alot padahal still got 3 more pages to go..haha..

neways dis song has been in my head since we started practicing it again last week..we sang it for a wedding last year..n everyone had goosebumps wen dis song was sung..neways..d reason i feel so much for dis song is cos i know i can neva be complete without d BIG BOSS up there..

having brought up in a catholic church, we are suppose to believe dat everything happens in our life is His yea..theres no such thing s coincidence or accidents..if u are meant to meet wit someone at a particular time n place is meant to happen..OR if something good/bad happens,it has its reasons behind it..tho some may argue abt dis but dats wat I believe n wats been instilled in me since young..

so neways..dis song aso made me realised something else..i know im not suppose to relate church songs to personal stuff but i cant help but think abt yea..i have to say im incomplete without dat someone ard..jus being ard s a fren..not oni has dat someone been on my mind for d past weeks..but aso after hearin dis song, he being bz somehow led me into pure loneliness.. emotions got worst after d youth gatherin n talk yest on girl boy a good frenship can lead to a successful romance..oh well..wat to do..jus wait lor..oni time will tell..

enuf of me..jus wanted to share dis meaningful n nice song wit ya'll..hope u all will like it eventho u're not a church goin person..enjoy d melodious tune n singing..not easy to pull it off..hehe..

so do take care n hope to update soon..

~floriferous OUT~

ps: laptop is down..using dad's one now..sighss..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I heard..ppl get seriously depressed during winter in UK...I am doomed! =S

floriferous said...

winter den u balik la..hehe..oh well..we tropical weather aso depressed..i think winter it'll b jus like any other season..haha..