Saturday, 8 August 2009




i havent won something in a very long time..
i was the first person on stage to win the Mosh Pitt Pass..
i cant recall d last time i smiled so much in front of my lappie..
i cant recall talking abt so many random stuff in a few hours..
i cant recall d last time i actually played a computer game..
i dun recall multi-tasking (mopping floor,hanging curtains n chattin) n having multi-emotions goin on at d same time
last but not least..hearing the news dat ive been wanting to hear..=)

all these thanks to

UOX promo team for giving me the free pass,
Limkokwing University for inviting the promo team to carry out d event,
Jason ng for making me laugh non stop n drive me nuts,
Mum who cant stand me facing d lappi so much yet make me happy doin hse work in d middle of d nite,
Zhao for telling me the truth

except jason ng..cos u bully me too much..=p

oh n Kristine!! u reminded me today was 789..=)

Friday, 7 August 2009

BOOM BOOM Shake Shake!!

Guess who jus won Mosh Pitt Pass to MTV World Stage Concert..none other than....



yes i woke up from d wrong side of d bed..haha..
(wen i have nice pics they dun allow me to upload..wen i look like crap they allow me to seriously)

the UOX team were in Limkokwing this morning as scheduled..went to check on my art materials n aso waited anxiously to stand a chance of winning a pass to the anxious i was d first to b called up to stage for d first game..i got d superhero they gave us d xmen,ultraman n superman pose..n will have to do wen they mention it la..n tada..i was a natural born superhero..i conquered d game n won myself a pass..=)

The sad part is i dun get to bring a fren along..UOX is an anti fren pass giver..=/ It's hard wen u win something n feel good abt it but u cant bring someone along..No offence to my uni mate(teri).. but i wud like to go for events like these wit someone close n trust-worthy cos at such events things may happen..(touch wood) so happy yet sad..seriously..its hard being me..

So anyone who is going for World Stage to lemme know so dat we can meet up b4 entering or something..yes im still a coward wen it comes to events..hahaha..

(yes i know d title has ntg to do wit d content..but its cos they were playing dat song whole day n i cant get enuf of it..=P )_