Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wings to Fly

hey ya' its been 2 days orientation has been goin on..n so far im having a bunch of fun..its very overwhelming with everything around Limkokwing Uni of Creative Technology (LUCT)..the lecturers,the students,the ambassadors,the technology,the environment and etc...

Yesterday being the first wasnt easy making new frens..maybe cos i was quite stoned..lolz..but once d games started goin, it was goin well..FUN brings ppl together..but hack it was tiring walking ard the campus n thereafter running up n down the campus doin the "amazing race"..

However, today tho the line up were more of speeches than yesterday..i felt it was more fun..maybe bcos there was things related to wat i like n aso found frens that were doin d same course..i went up stage twice today n both for singing..we learned d theme song for LUCT called Wings to Fly..the first time i heard d song, i jus felt so connected to it..n dat made me go up n take part in singing game..

Tho my partner in crime was from d other group, nevertheless we made a good pair(he can sing well) n my team supported us well..=) so if u wanna hear the song..jus click here

Verse 1
There’s a place for you and me
A place that taught me
To be more than I can be
A place where you are always there to see me through
You made me strong again

Verse 2
You lift my soul, and lift my spirit higher
Nothing in this world can stop me now
You gave me strength
To strive higher and higher
You gave me wings to fly

Ahead I see a new life for me
A life I dreamt so frequently
You’re always there
To guide me, and believe in me
You gave me wings to fly

Verse 3
There’s a light at the end of my journey
My life is complete, to be more than I can be
High up among the stars where I will be
You gave me wings to fly

its is a very beautiful n well written song..of course la its written,composed n sang by the ppl of LUCT wat u expect dats all for now..i needa sleep..long day tomoro..

those who will b attending the JUICE party tomoro..See You guys there n let's PARTY..=)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ Bkt Kiara Ft Ying Yang Twins n Fatman Scoop

hey all..freaking tired after a whole day in uni..which ill blog next..(in dis way i will have no choice but to continue blogging)..semangat mem-blog..YAY me.. =P

So as many other bloggers have posted their post on Hennessy Artistry held last's my version..

It was my 2nd time attending an Artistry event..first was the one held at Zouk a month back or so..However i heard dis wan was goin to b bigger plus its Hip-hop n R&B..wat greater music to club to rite? =p (sorry i dun realli like techno/house/trance) So hearing that Fatman Scoop n Ying Yang
Twins were gonna b there..i was all hyped up..=)

When d day came..i cudnt even take an aftn nap cos too know wat to wear cos thought it was gonna b hot since i had an experience at dat arena b4..almost fainting at Simple Plan's decided to go wit a dress..not so hot..

So got ready n Mel's mum came to pick me to head over to Kris place..left abt 7.40 den went to fetch Mun mun..while waitin outside her hse..this is wat we did

courtesy of mel's camera


>.< uno duo tres...waiting for quattro
jus mucho love dat song

FIERCE or more like mau makan org
*snaps like tyra banks*

we tot we were gonna b late n scared cudnt find carpark cos they said event starts at 9 n we were on d way at our surprise, it wasnt dat bad n we were pretty earli compared to others..

I was amazed by jus looking at d entrance of the event..Hennessy realli went all out in making the area/atmosphere a good wan..Red Carpet rolled out..Artistry Backdrops along wit it..

Being us, the picture taking began instantly..=P


oh well..c guys its fated dat i do not blog abt d rest of d nite jus went great n the end..hahaha

Monday, 27 July 2009

Showers of Flowers

Since im still waiting for pics from the Hennessy Artistry event to b uploaded..lemme share wit u some update on d wedding..n no not my wedding ok ppl..

Saturday Oi Leng(the bride to be) and I(the kpc) set to go on flower selection together with Godma Pat n Aunti Alice.. so we headed down to a florist in Bangsar, Florestika..reached there slightly earlier than aunti we jus went ard looking at flowers in d super-freaking-cold-air-conditioned-flower-storage-room..dahla outside was so hot..den tiba tiba so cold..n i was in sleeveless n jeans skirt..yeah..NAIS..not sure if i turned purple..but there were very PWEETTYY..yes s much s i dun believe in guys giving flowers but im a huge sucker for pretty flowers.. here r some of d flowers we thought of using..


colours tip eustoma

calla lilies

little cute flowers..hahaha..



themed coloured eustoma's for bridal bouquet

matchin carnations for the bridesmaid n flower girl..ull c in a while..
satisfied bride..

Due to everyone's hactic weekend..we oni manage to meet up on Sunday nite to learn from aunti alice how to arrange n do d bouquet n d corsages..while arranging s usual questioned when will it b my turn..wat is my theme gonna b like..bla bla bla..den once everythin was done..this was wat aunti alice came up wit..

the bridal bouquet
that got me thinking

mummy reliving her moment of being d bride..=p

the bridesmaid bouquet

the grooms boutonniere
i do wan..nice not?? =p

lovely hand corsages..
cant wait to wear my own one

prettty flowers together makes u happy..

all these flowers make u think abt ur own wedding dont u think?? excited for my brother tho he can b a pain at times..

next post..Hennessy Artistry featuring Ying Yang twins n Fatman Scoop..
not forgetting a whole bunch of nuffnaggings(u know y u're called one)..=p

tho in distance we're far apart
(crap i forgot d 2nd line..=/ the result of sleeping wen pics r loading)


may this b the new beginning n the new end..

"PS : Guess What"

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A day in KL

Boy now i wish i had my camera wit show the things i did today..i practically walked a whole circle in town today..=.- yes my eyes n feet r quite in pain now..thanks to walking in d haze..=/

so woke up at abt 10.45 by mum to remind me to go down town to get material for grandma's chinese top for d wedding ready n happily rushed off without taking d sample baju along..
*smart flora* pffttt... so headed down n traffic was heavy..dun ppl needa stay in office n work these days?? haiyo.. reached mum's office at 12.15..i was suppose to reach by 12..bad bad timing..

so from there we took a train to pasar seni..thus d walking journey began..went to fah num(place to get material).. spent abt 30 mins selecting which colour,pattern n amount to buy..finally decided a reddish material wit black n gold flower detailing..ill take pics of d baju once its done..hopefully..

from there..we walked to maybank..den down to raja chulan (thinking it was not dat far n monorail was no where to b found)..walk n walk n walk..n den mum said she tired alredi..=p so we stopped at menara weld for McDonalds..yes it was pass lunch time..after dat..continued walking for another 5 minutes n mum decided to head back to office cos her lunch time was up n scared her boss gets back to yeah i went to menara cosway by myself..gave d tailor d material n suppose to take my measurement for my dresses but she said no need..she said i was still in shape..=/ i was den thinkin y did i walk all d way here for den..oh well..den walked over to pavilion to burn SOME time..(3hours alone in a mall n not much cash was a bad idea)

so neways i jus went window shopping..c if there's anything was sales time so i had some doubts but hack there were a few nice s usual..went to charles n keith..saw a few n even shoes sis got in diff colors..den guess had a nice baby pink shoe dat cud match my dresses for bro's wedding..finally saw a J.LO shoe dat is jus perfect for all 3 dresses n its now at a very reasonable price..almost 70% mark down..too bad it din have d size i wanted n i dun have a pic to show..sighhh...big was an in between color s usual..knowing me i dun like common colors..except yeah..

n then, i saw a lot of one shouldered sleeve dresses..there's a new one in topshop in pastel pink n sequined flowers on d sleeve side..a black one in AE which was simple n nice..

again..too bad i dun have a rich boyfriend or i'm older with a well-paid job..if not today i wudve spent 500 bucks easily..=p

at 4 i covered almost all d stores dat i wanted to c..n i was tired of i headed to Raja Chulan Monorail station n took a train back to mums office n had a cuppa tea..=)

jus b4 5 we left n headed home..WAITTTTTT not jus yet...mum headed over to d saloon to get a haircut by Jim the hairstylist..while i detoured to d bakery shop to get some ingredients for Thilip's party tomoro...HAPPY BIRTHDAY THILIP!!! dun worry u'll get to blow or cut a cake tomoro k? i doubt he even reads my blog but nonetheless its d thought dat counts..

n den im home..=) eyes tired..i may jus gobble down dinner n sleep..beh tahan..dats all folks..

Monday, 20 July 2009

And the Devils go Marching on!!~

So woke up Saturday morning abit moody cos lack of sleep,having cramps n dad was buggin me abt d invitation list..after dat cudnt sleep n cramps got worse n i started sweating n feeling feverish..den took panadol n muscle pain relieve n went back to sleep..i was close to not going for d match..but miraculously d pain subsided n i cud walk out of bed after 1pm..bro was watchin tv n i asked him wat time was he leaving n all..den he asked if i wanted to join him at the 308 area cos his fren still undecided n he asked if any of my frens wanted to buy over his other i said ill try to find n yes i dun mind joinin my heart i was saying "hell yeah..front seats bring it on!!"..hehe..from then on, all pain was gone..=p

I went to get ready n called uncle mike to let him know i was following my bro n wud follow him bak after d match..n we left jus b4 3 n made our way to d stadium..tot using sri petaling way wudve been better..but they diverted d roads AGAIN n made us go a whole big round n park at astro parking lot..sighh..manage to get in by 5.20 n no surprise, the stadium was alredy full n players were alredi warming up on d pitch..

den on d way to our seats we met someone familiar but i cudnt recognize cos he was wearin a cap..n it was Vern (bro's fren) we jus hung ard there n din even sit at our designated seats..the 308 area wasnt FULL..there were ample space to move ard n even empty seats here n there..

n soon it was kick off time..i wud say malaysia played quite well but MU wasnt goin all wasnt realli a GREAT game but the atmosphere,experience n d feeling is all AWESOME..Owen got d loudest applaud from the crowd..newcomer n d man of d match..scoring d last goal..

here is where pics tell a thousand dis case, more than a million words..hahah jz kidding =P

the line up

nani taking the corner kick

nani taking the free kick

scholes in midfield action

gibson pushing forward

brown warming up for substitution

owen scoring the winning goal at 85th min..

n the BEST Action Caught was ....

*jeng jeng jeng jeng*

The Collision
Nani, Rooney n Malaysian goalkeeper in the air..=p

more pics can b found at d link ill add still uploading..
sadly out of d 500 pics i not in back not counted..
so those who are goin today..RMBR TO TAKE A PICTURE OF URSELF..=p

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Man Utd Training Session 17.07.09

So Friday went for Man U's Training Session. Tag along with Uncle Mike n the boys..we left abt 4pm thinking would b early enough..On the way, decided to test the camera n get use to it by taking pics of d sky n the boys in d car..Sky was clear n nice not to mention HOT s well..

Uncle used TPM way to avoid d jam coming from Sri Petaling..instead we end up goin a big round around d stadium thanks to mr-dungu-polis-men who block every turning they could that led to parking lots from our side..knowing uncle mike, he boiled up in a matter of minutes..Honking at every police man he sees..=p

the line for a "training session"

the kajang boys some hardcore fans some NOT..=p

After 30-45 mins or so, we manage to park n made our way to d entrance..without knowing which gate to take, we jus went d wan nearest not knowing dat d other side wudve lesser crowd..oh well..need to get recipe for liquid luck alredi..=p Neways once we were in, we settled for d higher seats where we cud roughly tell who was who..

training session lasted for about 45min-1hour then we headed home n attended BEC gathering and after dat Harry Potter..which turn out to b abit less than good.
n den it was d anticipation for d match d next day..more pics can b found at Pictos and more surprises to come. =)

My personal favourite..
note that there was no editing done
its called
"the moonlight in the daylight"

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I Heart MU =)

hey peps..yes i know i was suppose to blog more frequently but i jus din have any juice to blog on..considering i'm grounded for 2 weeks..yeah dats another story..=p long story short, I went out too much n came bak at wee yeah..

anyhow i finally got something to blog today..n that aso thanks to my bro..y? COS he FREAKING WON A PAIR of Tickets for the Manchester United Asia Tour game worth RM308 EACH..He won it thru some website entry..when he came knockin on my door i tot wanted to scold me or something..c c he won those tickets..terkejut dibuatnya..=p

he deserve it for being quite a hardcore Red Devil's fan (n a real one) since young =p

Unfortunately im not dat lucky to sit with him in d front rows..However, he gave me his Rm58 ticket and the training session admission pass..which is better than nothing i would say.. =)

Tho im not big of a fan..but i've watched MU play since young..d days wen eric cantona used to b captain..
n david beckham was oni 16/17..
tho lately i haven been much a supporter..but i rmbr those nites wen my whole family or my bro n his frens used to watch it in d living room or wen big games against all time rivals at d mamak stall..boy those were fun nites...getting to c them real life is jus awesome enuf..hehe..wit so many talented young'll b a waste not to go n c them..=p

champions for 2 seasons in a row..

jus cant wait for d weekend to start..=P altho i may b d oni girl tomoro n alone on saturday..i get to c those hot bods on d field n maybe even get to meet them..*dreams* too bad david beckham is no longer wit them..oh well..we'll c if i can get a nice shot of them..

neways bump into a few nice shots of teamcity cars in bro's cam..some of them r realli cool..specially d wans with customed wing doors..n dats oni d exterior of d car..wonder wats under d hood..hmmphh..sizzlesss..

n below is jus a random shot i took..tried to do some gaya-fied picture..tell me wat u think abt it k..
i tried retaking d shot..cant seem to get d same effect..=/

Harry Potter tomoro nite with Sg long Families..NAISS..

Monday, 6 July 2009

D start of something new

hey ya'll..sorry have been abandoning dis poor blog for quite some time much for not working n even more busy now..why i aso dunno..its jus so many things happening everytime..where do i start?? Maybe i'll jus leave pictures on facebook do the talking..teehee..

neways..d reason y im here today aso bcos i jus added d nuffnang ad on my from now on i shall try to update as frequent as show dat im actually blogging..=p
i promise to b less emo..if i do pls shoot me..hahaha..

the other reason is that, I'm officially a Limkokwing Uni student..yay!! *jumps* *claps* *dance* wheee!!~
(can forget abt local u n their biasness towards *coughbumicough*)

i fell in love wit d campus d moment i saw it..=p

Got the offer letter this morning and boy do they treat a piece of paper well..double layer sealed packaging n delivered by DHL..=/

so anyhow, i'll b starting with foundation in design on 27th of dis month..however i dun think ill b as busy as i am now tryin to get everything prepared for bro's wedding..=p but then again im quite freaked out abt d whole course..cos ppl r saying its quite stress and all..=/ i mean which course isnt la rite? so jus keep me in ur prayers k ppl so dat i can finish in exactly 4 years time..

till something happens..dats all from me now..

distance does make d heart grow fonder
its the wonder of you