Monday, 27 July 2009

Showers of Flowers

Since im still waiting for pics from the Hennessy Artistry event to b uploaded..lemme share wit u some update on d wedding..n no not my wedding ok ppl..

Saturday Oi Leng(the bride to be) and I(the kpc) set to go on flower selection together with Godma Pat n Aunti Alice.. so we headed down to a florist in Bangsar, Florestika..reached there slightly earlier than aunti we jus went ard looking at flowers in d super-freaking-cold-air-conditioned-flower-storage-room..dahla outside was so hot..den tiba tiba so cold..n i was in sleeveless n jeans skirt..yeah..NAIS..not sure if i turned purple..but there were very PWEETTYY..yes s much s i dun believe in guys giving flowers but im a huge sucker for pretty flowers.. here r some of d flowers we thought of using..


colours tip eustoma

calla lilies

little cute flowers..hahaha..



themed coloured eustoma's for bridal bouquet

matchin carnations for the bridesmaid n flower girl..ull c in a while..
satisfied bride..

Due to everyone's hactic weekend..we oni manage to meet up on Sunday nite to learn from aunti alice how to arrange n do d bouquet n d corsages..while arranging s usual questioned when will it b my turn..wat is my theme gonna b like..bla bla bla..den once everythin was done..this was wat aunti alice came up wit..

the bridal bouquet
that got me thinking

mummy reliving her moment of being d bride..=p

the bridesmaid bouquet

the grooms boutonniere
i do wan..nice not?? =p

lovely hand corsages..
cant wait to wear my own one

prettty flowers together makes u happy..

all these flowers make u think abt ur own wedding dont u think?? excited for my brother tho he can b a pain at times..

next post..Hennessy Artistry featuring Ying Yang twins n Fatman Scoop..
not forgetting a whole bunch of nuffnaggings(u know y u're called one)..=p

tho in distance we're far apart
(crap i forgot d 2nd line..=/ the result of sleeping wen pics r loading)


may this b the new beginning n the new end..

"PS : Guess What"


Wen said...

heheh i can easily guess :P

flora said...

there's actually ntg to guess tho..=p

Wen said...

eh i don't mean to annoy u or anything.. i was only trying to joke around ok.. :) im sincere!

flora said...

LOLZ..okok..why so serious?? >=|

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I also can guess! need to guess..I was told..hahaha..

ehh ehh..why so fast do the bouquets for? testing izit?

flora said...

testing la..takkan wanna keep for 2 mati lor..hehe..

yeah there's no guessing to it..its jus a coincidence..i sent a msg saying ps: guess wat n d ending of d show i was watchin(ps i love u) was ps: guess what..