Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ Bkt Kiara Ft Ying Yang Twins n Fatman Scoop

hey all..freaking tired after a whole day in uni..which ill blog next..(in dis way i will have no choice but to continue blogging)..semangat mem-blog..YAY me.. =P

So as many other bloggers have posted their post on Hennessy Artistry held last's my version..

It was my 2nd time attending an Artistry event..first was the one held at Zouk a month back or so..However i heard dis wan was goin to b bigger plus its Hip-hop n R&B..wat greater music to club to rite? =p (sorry i dun realli like techno/house/trance) So hearing that Fatman Scoop n Ying Yang
Twins were gonna b there..i was all hyped up..=)

When d day came..i cudnt even take an aftn nap cos too know wat to wear cos thought it was gonna b hot since i had an experience at dat arena b4..almost fainting at Simple Plan's decided to go wit a dress..not so hot..

So got ready n Mel's mum came to pick me to head over to Kris place..left abt 7.40 den went to fetch Mun mun..while waitin outside her hse..this is wat we did

courtesy of mel's camera


>.< uno duo tres...waiting for quattro
jus mucho love dat song

FIERCE or more like mau makan org
*snaps like tyra banks*

we tot we were gonna b late n scared cudnt find carpark cos they said event starts at 9 n we were on d way at our surprise, it wasnt dat bad n we were pretty earli compared to others..

I was amazed by jus looking at d entrance of the event..Hennessy realli went all out in making the area/atmosphere a good wan..Red Carpet rolled out..Artistry Backdrops along wit it..

Being us, the picture taking began instantly..=P


oh well..c guys its fated dat i do not blog abt d rest of d nite jus went great n the end..hahaha

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