Monday, 20 July 2009

And the Devils go Marching on!!~

So woke up Saturday morning abit moody cos lack of sleep,having cramps n dad was buggin me abt d invitation list..after dat cudnt sleep n cramps got worse n i started sweating n feeling feverish..den took panadol n muscle pain relieve n went back to sleep..i was close to not going for d match..but miraculously d pain subsided n i cud walk out of bed after 1pm..bro was watchin tv n i asked him wat time was he leaving n all..den he asked if i wanted to join him at the 308 area cos his fren still undecided n he asked if any of my frens wanted to buy over his other i said ill try to find n yes i dun mind joinin my heart i was saying "hell yeah..front seats bring it on!!"..hehe..from then on, all pain was gone..=p

I went to get ready n called uncle mike to let him know i was following my bro n wud follow him bak after d match..n we left jus b4 3 n made our way to d stadium..tot using sri petaling way wudve been better..but they diverted d roads AGAIN n made us go a whole big round n park at astro parking lot..sighh..manage to get in by 5.20 n no surprise, the stadium was alredy full n players were alredi warming up on d pitch..

den on d way to our seats we met someone familiar but i cudnt recognize cos he was wearin a cap..n it was Vern (bro's fren) we jus hung ard there n din even sit at our designated seats..the 308 area wasnt FULL..there were ample space to move ard n even empty seats here n there..

n soon it was kick off time..i wud say malaysia played quite well but MU wasnt goin all wasnt realli a GREAT game but the atmosphere,experience n d feeling is all AWESOME..Owen got d loudest applaud from the crowd..newcomer n d man of d match..scoring d last goal..

here is where pics tell a thousand dis case, more than a million words..hahah jz kidding =P

the line up

nani taking the corner kick

nani taking the free kick

scholes in midfield action

gibson pushing forward

brown warming up for substitution

owen scoring the winning goal at 85th min..

n the BEST Action Caught was ....

*jeng jeng jeng jeng*

The Collision
Nani, Rooney n Malaysian goalkeeper in the air..=p

more pics can b found at d link ill add still uploading..
sadly out of d 500 pics i not in back not counted..
so those who are goin today..RMBR TO TAKE A PICTURE OF URSELF..=p


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

1st picture damn nice! :D

flora said...

si si..daym nice indeed..i take wan u know..=P setting semua sediri bikin..