Monday, 6 July 2009

D start of something new

hey ya'll..sorry have been abandoning dis poor blog for quite some time much for not working n even more busy now..why i aso dunno..its jus so many things happening everytime..where do i start?? Maybe i'll jus leave pictures on facebook do the talking..teehee..

neways..d reason y im here today aso bcos i jus added d nuffnang ad on my from now on i shall try to update as frequent as show dat im actually blogging..=p
i promise to b less emo..if i do pls shoot me..hahaha..

the other reason is that, I'm officially a Limkokwing Uni student..yay!! *jumps* *claps* *dance* wheee!!~
(can forget abt local u n their biasness towards *coughbumicough*)

i fell in love wit d campus d moment i saw it..=p

Got the offer letter this morning and boy do they treat a piece of paper well..double layer sealed packaging n delivered by DHL..=/

so anyhow, i'll b starting with foundation in design on 27th of dis month..however i dun think ill b as busy as i am now tryin to get everything prepared for bro's wedding..=p but then again im quite freaked out abt d whole course..cos ppl r saying its quite stress and all..=/ i mean which course isnt la rite? so jus keep me in ur prayers k ppl so dat i can finish in exactly 4 years time..

till something happens..dats all from me now..

distance does make d heart grow fonder
its the wonder of you


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

who is far from u??!

flora aka floriferous said...

lolz..everyone? =p

melody said...

Nice campussssss :) have a great time there hehe :)

flora aka floriferous said...

yes likey..=p i think ill b stressed there more then fun tho..but will make d best of it..