Thursday, 16 July 2009

I Heart MU =)

hey peps..yes i know i was suppose to blog more frequently but i jus din have any juice to blog on..considering i'm grounded for 2 weeks..yeah dats another story..=p long story short, I went out too much n came bak at wee yeah..

anyhow i finally got something to blog today..n that aso thanks to my bro..y? COS he FREAKING WON A PAIR of Tickets for the Manchester United Asia Tour game worth RM308 EACH..He won it thru some website entry..when he came knockin on my door i tot wanted to scold me or something..c c he won those tickets..terkejut dibuatnya..=p

he deserve it for being quite a hardcore Red Devil's fan (n a real one) since young =p

Unfortunately im not dat lucky to sit with him in d front rows..However, he gave me his Rm58 ticket and the training session admission pass..which is better than nothing i would say.. =)

Tho im not big of a fan..but i've watched MU play since young..d days wen eric cantona used to b captain..
n david beckham was oni 16/17..
tho lately i haven been much a supporter..but i rmbr those nites wen my whole family or my bro n his frens used to watch it in d living room or wen big games against all time rivals at d mamak stall..boy those were fun nites...getting to c them real life is jus awesome enuf..hehe..wit so many talented young'll b a waste not to go n c them..=p

champions for 2 seasons in a row..

jus cant wait for d weekend to start..=P altho i may b d oni girl tomoro n alone on saturday..i get to c those hot bods on d field n maybe even get to meet them..*dreams* too bad david beckham is no longer wit them..oh well..we'll c if i can get a nice shot of them..

neways bump into a few nice shots of teamcity cars in bro's cam..some of them r realli cool..specially d wans with customed wing doors..n dats oni d exterior of d car..wonder wats under d hood..hmmphh..sizzlesss..

n below is jus a random shot i took..tried to do some gaya-fied picture..tell me wat u think abt it k..
i tried retaking d shot..cant seem to get d same effect..=/

Harry Potter tomoro nite with Sg long Families..NAISS..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

oooo...nice cars~

flora said...

yes indeed..lets go one day..=p