Friday, 27 June 2008


Here I am, Oh God

I bring this sacrifice

my open heart

I offer up my life.

I look to You, Lord

Your love that never ends

Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to you, Lord

In Your strength will I break through, Lord

Touch me now, let your love fall down on me

I know your love dispels all my fears.

Through the storm I will hold on Lord

And by faith I will walk on, Lord

Then I'll see beyond my Calvary one day

And I will be complete

in You.

sorry yall for not updating(especially kris who requested an update)..been bz since 2nd week of d condemness of d router led to laziness to connect directly to d modem..dats cos to use to d luxury of wireless..hehe..also been spendin alot of time in skool doin misc stuff..n finally im almost at d end of my art folio..but dis last few pages of painting is gonna b hell la..after almost completing one page on thurs, feel like ive accomplished alot padahal still got 3 more pages to go..haha..

neways dis song has been in my head since we started practicing it again last week..we sang it for a wedding last year..n everyone had goosebumps wen dis song was sung..neways..d reason i feel so much for dis song is cos i know i can neva be complete without d BIG BOSS up there..

having brought up in a catholic church, we are suppose to believe dat everything happens in our life is His yea..theres no such thing s coincidence or accidents..if u are meant to meet wit someone at a particular time n place is meant to happen..OR if something good/bad happens,it has its reasons behind it..tho some may argue abt dis but dats wat I believe n wats been instilled in me since young..

so neways..dis song aso made me realised something else..i know im not suppose to relate church songs to personal stuff but i cant help but think abt yea..i have to say im incomplete without dat someone ard..jus being ard s a fren..not oni has dat someone been on my mind for d past weeks..but aso after hearin dis song, he being bz somehow led me into pure loneliness.. emotions got worst after d youth gatherin n talk yest on girl boy a good frenship can lead to a successful romance..oh well..wat to do..jus wait lor..oni time will tell..

enuf of me..jus wanted to share dis meaningful n nice song wit ya'll..hope u all will like it eventho u're not a church goin person..enjoy d melodious tune n singing..not easy to pull it off..hehe..

so do take care n hope to update soon..

~floriferous OUT~

ps: laptop is down..using dad's one now..sighss..

Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Beaten Conquest..~

hey ya'll..holidays ended very quickly..maybe cos i had quite a few things to do within dat short period of to spend quality time n aso free my mind after d stressful exam weeks..

Mum was in d mood to bring me shoppin n altho she said "i dun have d shoppin mood anymore" but being who she is, she bought lotsa stuff..pampering herself wit "ACCESSORIES" n d rest for d hse..its rare seeing mum in such a shoppin mood..believe me on yea, i on d other hand got a new pair of jeans n a top or a dress..depending on how i wear it..

so d followin weekend was in d farm..where i had a great experience..not oni did i get to bond n laugh more but aso manage to come clean wit others..(kinda gettin sekat-ed wit words)

neways..monday it was time to get bak to skool..was anxious to get my results..(its actually hidden somewhere in dis post)..i was quite happy dat i din fail any subs especially my Biz all week was bz gettin our marks n counting our percentage n an average of 57.8% oni which is a B wit a 2.92 for GPA..was sad dat i din manage to get a 3 was so near yet so far..oh well..but it was thanks to my Arts dat i manage to cover my lost in Biz paper..n not oni my surprise after 12 years in skool, in my final skoolin year, im finally able to get to d top of d list in class..altho percentage wise is not all dat good but hey, how often do u get no 1 right?? other than my godsister la..she's jus some genius..but neways..

NUMBER 1 baby!!~~
a date to rmbr..hahaha..
oh n hey..its also Naresh's Bday..all d more easy to rmbr..hehe..
(my mum jus asked me whether im studyin or playing here)
i haven told her yet..cos i somehow know she's gonna say it aint good enuf..
so y bother..jus let her take d results next week..

so jus wanted to share my happiness here since there aint anyone to share it wit..rewarded myself wit 2 McD pies after skool..haha..pathetic rite?? neways dats all from me dis time..

shall jus u wit a song entitled I Believe by Brian Mcknight which i found from d show Daddy'a Little Girls..

gonna b an emo night i guess..dunno y but cant stop thinkin of dat someone..exams jus takes ppl away..*sighss*

Some people think they've seen it.
But once they get in between it,
They find out that it's not the way
They hoped and they prayed it would be.
The stories are so dramatic;
The endings are sad and tragic.
You find yourself so far away,
A distance that love could not reach.

It's easy to find a someone,
A Mr. or Ms. for right now.
I promise you'll never leave,
Someone you can't live without.

Baby, I believe it's you.
I don't care what other people say or do.
It only matters what we have is true.
And I believe it's you.
Oh baby, I believe...

Some people say they have it.
Only to find what they have is habit.
Like waking from a dream,
And every cliche is true.
Is it better to love somebody & lose
Than never to love somebody who
Doesn't feel like you do.
Fairy tales don't always come true.
(d oni phrase dat caught my attention)

It's easy to find someone
A Mr. or Ms. for right now
I promise you'll never leave
Someone you can't live without.

Baby, I believe it's you.
I don't care what other people say or do.
It only matters what we have is true.
And I believe it's you.
Oh baby, I believe...

I didn't think I'd find love.
I wasn't sure til' right now.
I wasn't man enough til' you...
Til' you

Baby, I believe it's you.
I don't care what other people say or do.
It only matters what we have is true.
And I believe it's you.
Oh baby, I believe its you.
Baby, I believe... it's you

signing out at 8.02 pm

Friday, 6 June 2008

Thursday nite friday morning..

i couldnt sleep so end up typing stuff i came up wit..not a poem..not a story..jus me typing randomly..=p

a star shone brightly tonight,
(tho i din look at d sky)

a wish struck my thought,
wished dat star was u,
who would always b there shining upon me,
protecting me from harm,
making sure i wud have a goodnight sleep,
for i cant help but think of u,
even wen those eyelids have shut,
flashes of u smiling dat lovely night.
was all dat i cud get,
cos there was nothin more i cud do
but to bring u dat little happiness
for dats d little wat a fren could offer.


Monday, 2 June 2008

For a Moment in Time~

im actually typin this from bed..was jus history repeat twice?? or do feelings for someone come ard after it is long gone?? is it gonna b worth tryin?? wat do u do wen u're in situations like these??

it was way bak in form 2 i think or was it 3?? he used to b d guy i chat most on ICQ..ya it was dat long ago..cud say d first guy i eva chatted la..cos my frens din have such privilege having computers..dats d advantage being d youngest..share wat ur elders have..hehe..neways..yea..tho he was closer to my sis n bro but i somehow got to know him n had dis crazy crush..first encounter ok..din know wat love was..hehe..dumb kid den..

so ya..was quite close to him..until i one day found out dat he alredi have hopes gone..n den jus tried to forget it n move on..n i think dat was d same year my ex came into d lost of contact wit DAT GUY..

so yea..years past..diff kinds of ppl in n out my life..he was still there at times giving advises or listenin to me blaberrin my stories..

n one day.. i get a msg from him jus like d normal hi's but i noticed a change in his was like d end of d world for him or somethin..den i asked him abt it n told me to read his blog..there i found out everythin i needed to know..i tried consoling him for d next few in contact wit him n made sure he was was jus a normal reaction a fren wud do wen u hear such things..

den wen another person came into d pic..i kinda neglected such a horrible fren..den he aso was bz wit his own stuff..n den today wen i finally get to chat wit him abit more than usual..flashbaks of how i used to talk to him n worry abt wat he does jus makes me history repeat???

is it a sign n solution to my wonders of not finding d right one...many wud say i think to much..but god always have a plan for each of us..its jus how we interpret d signs he leave down for us..hmmm..

its not often someone u used to like comes bak to ur mind n SINGLE...=P most of them jus find new gf's n move on..

neways i jus needed to let it out..was rollin on d bed wondering abt yea..

one more week of holiday..
hope to finish up s much work i can n enjoy choir retreat d comin weekend..

~floriferous out~