Monday, 2 June 2008

For a Moment in Time~

im actually typin this from bed..was jus history repeat twice?? or do feelings for someone come ard after it is long gone?? is it gonna b worth tryin?? wat do u do wen u're in situations like these??

it was way bak in form 2 i think or was it 3?? he used to b d guy i chat most on ICQ..ya it was dat long ago..cud say d first guy i eva chatted la..cos my frens din have such privilege having computers..dats d advantage being d youngest..share wat ur elders have..hehe..neways..yea..tho he was closer to my sis n bro but i somehow got to know him n had dis crazy crush..first encounter ok..din know wat love was..hehe..dumb kid den..

so ya..was quite close to him..until i one day found out dat he alredi have hopes gone..n den jus tried to forget it n move on..n i think dat was d same year my ex came into d lost of contact wit DAT GUY..

so yea..years past..diff kinds of ppl in n out my life..he was still there at times giving advises or listenin to me blaberrin my stories..

n one day.. i get a msg from him jus like d normal hi's but i noticed a change in his was like d end of d world for him or somethin..den i asked him abt it n told me to read his blog..there i found out everythin i needed to know..i tried consoling him for d next few in contact wit him n made sure he was was jus a normal reaction a fren wud do wen u hear such things..

den wen another person came into d pic..i kinda neglected such a horrible fren..den he aso was bz wit his own stuff..n den today wen i finally get to chat wit him abit more than usual..flashbaks of how i used to talk to him n worry abt wat he does jus makes me history repeat???

is it a sign n solution to my wonders of not finding d right one...many wud say i think to much..but god always have a plan for each of us..its jus how we interpret d signs he leave down for us..hmmm..

its not often someone u used to like comes bak to ur mind n SINGLE...=P most of them jus find new gf's n move on..

neways i jus needed to let it out..was rollin on d bed wondering abt yea..

one more week of holiday..
hope to finish up s much work i can n enjoy choir retreat d comin weekend..

~floriferous out~


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

it always happen doesnt it...

floriferous said...

errr...i dunno...but its so ironic? dunno wat word to use..oh well..part of life i guess..