Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wings to Fly

hey ya' its been 2 days orientation has been goin on..n so far im having a bunch of fun..its very overwhelming with everything around Limkokwing Uni of Creative Technology (LUCT)..the lecturers,the students,the ambassadors,the technology,the environment and etc...

Yesterday being the first wasnt easy making new frens..maybe cos i was quite stoned..lolz..but once d games started goin, it was goin well..FUN brings ppl together..but hack it was tiring walking ard the campus n thereafter running up n down the campus doin the "amazing race"..

However, today tho the line up were more of speeches than yesterday..i felt it was more fun..maybe bcos there was things related to wat i like n aso found frens that were doin d same course..i went up stage twice today n both for singing..we learned d theme song for LUCT called Wings to Fly..the first time i heard d song, i jus felt so connected to it..n dat made me go up n take part in singing game..

Tho my partner in crime was from d other group, nevertheless we made a good pair(he can sing well) n my team supported us well..=) so if u wanna hear the song..jus click here

Verse 1
There’s a place for you and me
A place that taught me
To be more than I can be
A place where you are always there to see me through
You made me strong again

Verse 2
You lift my soul, and lift my spirit higher
Nothing in this world can stop me now
You gave me strength
To strive higher and higher
You gave me wings to fly

Ahead I see a new life for me
A life I dreamt so frequently
You’re always there
To guide me, and believe in me
You gave me wings to fly

Verse 3
There’s a light at the end of my journey
My life is complete, to be more than I can be
High up among the stars where I will be
You gave me wings to fly

its is a very beautiful n well written song..of course la its written,composed n sang by the ppl of LUCT wat u expect dats all for now..i needa sleep..long day tomoro..

those who will b attending the JUICE party tomoro..See You guys there n let's PARTY..=)

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