Sunday, 19 July 2009

Man Utd Training Session 17.07.09

So Friday went for Man U's Training Session. Tag along with Uncle Mike n the boys..we left abt 4pm thinking would b early enough..On the way, decided to test the camera n get use to it by taking pics of d sky n the boys in d car..Sky was clear n nice not to mention HOT s well..

Uncle used TPM way to avoid d jam coming from Sri Petaling..instead we end up goin a big round around d stadium thanks to mr-dungu-polis-men who block every turning they could that led to parking lots from our side..knowing uncle mike, he boiled up in a matter of minutes..Honking at every police man he sees..=p

the line for a "training session"

the kajang boys some hardcore fans some NOT..=p

After 30-45 mins or so, we manage to park n made our way to d entrance..without knowing which gate to take, we jus went d wan nearest not knowing dat d other side wudve lesser crowd..oh well..need to get recipe for liquid luck alredi..=p Neways once we were in, we settled for d higher seats where we cud roughly tell who was who..

training session lasted for about 45min-1hour then we headed home n attended BEC gathering and after dat Harry Potter..which turn out to b abit less than good.
n den it was d anticipation for d match d next day..more pics can b found at Pictos and more surprises to come. =)

My personal favourite..
note that there was no editing done
its called
"the moonlight in the daylight"

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