Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A day in KL

Boy now i wish i had my camera wit show the things i did today..i practically walked a whole circle in town today..=.- yes my eyes n feet r quite in pain now..thanks to walking in d haze..=/

so woke up at abt 10.45 by mum to remind me to go down town to get material for grandma's chinese top for d wedding ready n happily rushed off without taking d sample baju along..
*smart flora* pffttt... so headed down n traffic was heavy..dun ppl needa stay in office n work these days?? haiyo.. reached mum's office at 12.15..i was suppose to reach by 12..bad bad timing..

so from there we took a train to pasar seni..thus d walking journey began..went to fah num(place to get material).. spent abt 30 mins selecting which colour,pattern n amount to buy..finally decided a reddish material wit black n gold flower detailing..ill take pics of d baju once its done..hopefully..

from there..we walked to maybank..den down to raja chulan (thinking it was not dat far n monorail was no where to b found)..walk n walk n walk..n den mum said she tired alredi..=p so we stopped at menara weld for McDonalds..yes it was pass lunch time..after dat..continued walking for another 5 minutes n mum decided to head back to office cos her lunch time was up n scared her boss gets back to yeah i went to menara cosway by myself..gave d tailor d material n suppose to take my measurement for my dresses but she said no need..she said i was still in shape..=/ i was den thinkin y did i walk all d way here for den..oh well..den walked over to pavilion to burn SOME time..(3hours alone in a mall n not much cash was a bad idea)

so neways i jus went window shopping..c if there's anything was sales time so i had some doubts but hack there were a few nice s usual..went to charles n keith..saw a few n even shoes sis got in diff colors..den guess had a nice baby pink shoe dat cud match my dresses for bro's wedding..finally saw a J.LO shoe dat is jus perfect for all 3 dresses n its now at a very reasonable price..almost 70% mark down..too bad it din have d size i wanted n i dun have a pic to show..sighhh...big was an in between color s usual..knowing me i dun like common colors..except yeah..

n then, i saw a lot of one shouldered sleeve dresses..there's a new one in topshop in pastel pink n sequined flowers on d sleeve side..a black one in AE which was simple n nice..

again..too bad i dun have a rich boyfriend or i'm older with a well-paid job..if not today i wudve spent 500 bucks easily..=p

at 4 i covered almost all d stores dat i wanted to c..n i was tired of i headed to Raja Chulan Monorail station n took a train back to mums office n had a cuppa tea..=)

jus b4 5 we left n headed home..WAITTTTTT not jus yet...mum headed over to d saloon to get a haircut by Jim the hairstylist..while i detoured to d bakery shop to get some ingredients for Thilip's party tomoro...HAPPY BIRTHDAY THILIP!!! dun worry u'll get to blow or cut a cake tomoro k? i doubt he even reads my blog but nonetheless its d thought dat counts..

n den im home..=) eyes tired..i may jus gobble down dinner n sleep..beh tahan..dats all folks..

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