Sunday, 4 October 2009

I'm in love wit Bryan Donahue

Yes d reason im here bloggin at 3.10am is to express the lots of love i have for Bryan case u dunno who he is..

Bassist of Boys Like Girls

d person who brought me into d Nuffnang community..*bows*
dun have a nice shot of us in my cam..=/

As ive mentioned in d previous post, i attended my 3rd Hennessy Artistry event last nite..I must say eventho the venue was a bit small and a diff crowd, yesterdays line up was one of the best among the previous Artistry..not only was the performance good, all of them CAN SING LIVE!! *clap clap* Thank You Hennessy for making the right decision to make another event after Bkt Kiara..

So anyways, in the beginning wen i first met The Boys Like Girls at World Stage, i thought Paul was the best looking among all 4 of them..but last night, everything changed..i think it was jus meant to be..Kris n I, we stood on d right side of the stage where it was d designated MEDIA area..but everyone wanted to b in front of d stage thus d emptiness ard instead of fighting wit d crowd we decided to get d best of where we were..At first we were bumped out cos Paul wasnt gonna b standin at dis side of d stage..but hack, it din matter cos having Bryan on our side was way cooler..i think its jus a thing abt bassist? i dunno..

anyhow, they started off wit Love Drunk and followed by Hero Heroin, Heart Heart Heartbreak, Thunder i think..dang i cant rmbr..cos y? i was bz tryin to take a good shots of them..n s i kept on taking pics, i realised dat Bryan act quite hot..
not oni did he had great hair,

great bass skills,good sense of style, tattoos

he is FRIENDLY! =D so after they had their toast, i asked him for his first i tot he wasnt gonna gimme, but b4 they started Great Escape, he drank 3/4 of his drink n guess wat? He walked towards me n gave his glass to ME.. =D x100.. yes i was freagin happy..tho i tot a guitar pick wudve been nicer but how many glasses did he give away? 1 n only 1..lolz.. *bangga* best part is, we manage to converse during a F****** cool is dat?? *melts*

it took me a while to sink in dat getting his glass is actually a big deal..=)

so neways here r some of the pics from last nite, more on fb..

the company minus mark

the company wit mark

Paul Freeman

no she's not d guy in afro but he looks daym cool..
din get a nice shot of her..=/

my personal fav..=D

cheers to Hennessy!!


Last but not least,

the glass that was given to me by Bryan
it was d best drink ever..LOL
mark u take blur pic >=(


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

LOL...I tot the post would be much longer...apalah...

but then..I hardly have a pic of me as

And I looked rather good that night.. HAHAHA!

flora said...

Longer? i was quite stoned alredi doin joke..hahaha..i slept almost at 4+.. its all abt d feel u feel no go..haha..

yeah u make me invisible..sad can? =( haha wait for nigel to upload..hopefully he does..bugger

Cavey said...

Eh.. me too!! (commenting on ur title) :p

Just happened to stumble on your blog. I was there too in the middle, smack right in front of Martin lol.

Was a great show.. everyone performed well that night, and Bryan is just gorgeous!! =)