Friday, 2 October 2009

Hennessy Artistry Press conference @ Quattro feat Boys Like Girls, Lenka, Paul Freeman & Hsiao Hung Jen

First n foremost..thousand apologis for not updating my blog..ive been so busy wit uni, bro's wedding n god knows wat else..i think its jus dat i din realli have d mood for blogging for a while..yes i know some will say its an on goin thing..but for me its jus a past time..not realli a job or a compulsory thing for me..

neways.. s d title says it all..I was at the Hennessy Artistry Press conference..yes it is back again..n BLG is back again to rock the stage..they did awesome at world stage..

Thanks to Yat, not oni did i get invites for d Press Conference, we got to meet the artistes in person, take pictures, free cd's n get top it all up, we got passes to c them perform on Artistry nite.. WAHOOOOOOO!!!..u shudve seen d look on our faces wen we heard here d some pics..more to come from Artistry Nite..=) c ya soon..

i actually manage to get all of them to look at my camera..
they so buddy =D

finally my chance to camwhore with Martin & Paul..
without STRUGGLING =p

hack even a group pic

din mean to b bias towards BLG but they were d oni wans left after d Q&A we like their songs more than d other artists..=)

So to those who will b there tonite, c u all..for those who still wanna go, can msg me..while passes r still availabe..for those who cant/dun wanna go..wait up for pics k..=P

passes & cds (3 BLG, 1Lenka) collected from goody bags

the autographed cd


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Amanda's baju really green! LOL

Amanda Janelle said...

Yes i know.. the green baju is like making me a walking neon light!! I shall wear it more so i get noticed.. LOL.. maybe maybe, BLG will see me tonight and remember the green!!! LOL..

flora said...

HAHA..lady in GREEN!! wonder bryan gave u d pick..haha