Sunday, 25 October 2009


Hi everyone..a week in Bali passed so fast i din even really bother abt d absence of fb n internet..=/
so it WAS a study trip however, i din realli get info for my project because most or shud i say ALL of d places we visited were temples n paddy fields n my project is on ya..more like a holiday for me..but nonetheless i cudnt run away from the long bus rides n do group presentation..all in all, the long journey to d temples were worth it bcos of d view,design n architecture of the place is beyond our from here, ill jus let d pics do d talking..


the view from the plane

the arrival sunset

first nite dinner place..

my belarus-ian roommate

the view from our room

the barong n keris dance

Ida Bagus wood carving Gallery

Mount batur volcano



Sunrise at the beach

Surfer dude


Sunset at Uluwatu

Kecak Dance

Dinner ON the Beach ..
literally on d sand ok..n d tides were coming in b4 we left..


Lunch Venue b4 heading to Besakih temple

Then it was a visit to the Mother(Besakih) Temple..
it was 1km up d hill to dis spot ok..=.=
real good work out in those sarongs


lookout point at Paddy Terrace
i look fat here wtf..=/

we were asked to got down from d bus bcos d bridge had a HUGE hole
so end up taking pics of paddy b4 hoping on back to d bus

Main entrance to Tanah Lot temple

The view at d lower cliffs
i dun like my look but d shot is awesome wit d waves crashing d stone back there

Groupic at the higher cliffs and at one of the temples

yes i is LOVE the SUNSET =)

Our last nite in Bali..
the rest of d nite remains a mystery..=p

Almost Home
Touch DOWN!!! LOL

n dats all folks..

nahh jus kidding..haha..s long s it took me to finish dis post, im glad to b able to share my experience wit u guys..the trip thought us more than culture n gave me d opportunity to make new frens n bond wit each other and learn from each other..
to me it was a well spent trip..tho i still owe my mum for it cos i promise her to pay bak after workin at monsoon cup but d company dat so called hired us sub d contract to another company thus vanish my 1.8k..=/

neways lecturer told dat we may head to London next year..n i so cant wait for dat..i hope its abt d same price den i may b able to afford..=p

Next week is gonna b filled wit events-Campus Halloween Party, AAR's concert n sisters bday..but b4 d partying is all d submission of portfolios..=/


kenwooi said...

really nice pictures! =D

flora said...

thx..working wit a compact cam sure is a lil diff from a dslr..=p