Monday, 12 October 2009

Just Married!!~~~

As i was reading my godsister's (manda) blog n i realised i haven done a post on "the Wedding"..LOLZ..

So it all started a year ago wen my brother n college soulmate, Oi Leng Aka Amanda decided to tie the knot. and wen it was down to d last week, it was jus work,work n WORK..d week started of wit d wrapping of fruit cakes..Aunti Pat (godma), amanda n amelia (godsis), mark,my sister,my mum n i sat at d table to get d work was quite a heart-dropping moment wen we opened d first cake n found fungus on it..which aunti alice warned us cos it was d wet batch, so wit anxiety, we opened d following cake, n thank god it was all good. then the cutting n wrapping began..

c d bundle of cut cake n hardworking ppl..=p
d topics on d table was jus priceless..n mind u we din even feel so much time passed once we were done

d wrapping itself took 6 hours or more..we lost track of time..=p

den d thursday b4 d wedding, aunti pat n i went to get flowers for d bouquet n pre-order the flowers needed in church..n we started doin d corsages on dat day itself so dat we cud concentrate on d hand bouquets d next day..

D real day came and it felt so was quite calm n relax at first..till d heng tai's started arriving n den u cud feel d pressure of certain things dat needed to b done..n b4 they left, they had a brief on how d convoy was gonna b done..amazing team city guy..i forgot his name..=/
i shall now go s i post in pics..

all set to go..
bestman-nick, groomsman-vern
d car i din get to drive..=(

the cars lined up for convoy..yes all of them were black except 1 red n blue Subaru..

mummy happy to c them leave..

so while the guys went over to d groom side to pick her up, we were gettin ready here..n time pass so fast, wen we were doin mum's make up, we heard d blast of horns n SIRENS (yes they had all diff kinds of them) coming from d end of d we quickly got changed n all n headed down to greet d couple..

here comes the new member of d family..

den off to church for mass...
sorry tumpang glamor creation..nice not?? =)

the lighting of unity candle after their vows

the nuptial blessing

the signing of the marriage registry
the "family"
the tossing of bouquet..
which was caught by the best man.=.="

so after the church ceremony, we lepak ard the mini reception..n bought back mcd for lunch/tea/dinner..den rested b4 went for sunset mass..n den d best part of d day was wen we decided to head to Bamboo 9 with the newlyweds n we got dressed up n brought d oh HALO-ed Manda for her first clubbing experience.. n s we all expected, she lost her halo there n then..LOLZ..wateva happened dat nite can neva b replaced i tell was so awesome even d queitest soul *ahem luke ahem* was DANCING!! now dats something u dun c often ok..haha..n d rest is remained unsaid..=)
kris ure coming wit us next..HAHA..guys u know wat to do..*wink*

so we got back ard 5..manage to get some sleep for d nite reception..i shall not say too much abt it bcos i wasnt realli satisfied how everything went n part of it i am responsible for..n dat here r some pics..

uncle eric n aunti pat helped me out at d front desk...
yes we had a LINE of guest at the reception..=/

the godsistas
the best fren who's always there take good pics n eveready to help =)

group camwhore!!
my 2nd family
now isnt dat a nice combo..haha..

the couple

the surprise song which was an epic fail thanks to d PA system..AIHHZZ..
n we turned out in shades of blue..wth.

the fountain of love or so they call it..

ze cousins
the toasting ceremony

the best man doin his job

my frens table..thanks guys for coming..=)
steph u left b4 i cud take pic..=/

mastered d art of DSLR camwhoring.. =D

all in all, i think we did alrite for d first time n handling such a big crowd without a professional planner..we all learn from mistakes n the mistakes we make will only make us a better and stronger person..=)

Thanks Again
to all who helped direct and indirectly thruout d one year of preparations..
i dun dare to state names cos i dunno where to start n i may miss out..
so u know who u are..
we wouldnt have done it without your help..

Jus to let u know, the newlyweds will b flyin off to Krabi for their honeymoon tomoro..
so do keep them in ur prayers n maybe we'll c a new Oh member next year..HAHA..

dats all from me dis time..

Next up,
Bali study trip..
hopefully ill get to post up something while im there..

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