Wednesday, 26 December 2007

XMas is Da time...

dats me b4 rushing off to church for xmas vigil..
i was actually late but still had time to whore >.<

well sadly din take much pic on Xmas Eve wit everyone dressed up..jus got to know(s in 5 mins b4 i blogged) dat he was aso in a Zara doubt but i loved everything abt dat nite..neways but here are some pics d mamak after midnite mass..haha..

d god-siblings

d godsistas

d me =)

us in d car =P

Xmas Morn

For some reason i had difficulty sleeping dat nite..maybe cos passed bed time..or maybe i jus cudnt dat 4 hours i think i woke up 3 times..n after 6.30 i cudnt sleep anymore..stayed up watchin "the Fugitive" n den wen alarm clock wen off at 7.20 i got up n got ready for mass..lucky thing i got ready ma stuff d day b4..if not..*shakes head*

neways left hse b4 8 n reached church jus in time..but it was empty..compared to last nite..ppl were there an hour early..lolz..amazing..neways reached there, saw hardly anyone there except dom,freddie n glynn..sad ehh..neways manage to sing tho had slight sorethroat n flu..after mass..decided to take a pic together..for memories..since din get to take any d nite here they r..

group pic of me wit all my loved ones..
c da tree behind?? manda n i did it..=P

godsistas on xmas morning..
dun they look so lovely in dresses.. =P

me at bkfs place..cudnt resist..>.<
after bkfs, went home to help mum out wit lunch..but after a while..i slept off at d couch till relatives arrived..hehe..wat uexpect i slept less than 3 hours..den ate n ate n prepared were jus too hard to resist..den called kristine n family over since we had more than enuf..but timing abit late..they had lunch so jus asked them to drop by..n manage to get some pics..

wats better than to have a close fren to celebrate xmas wit..
ermm presents from them =P (kris i loved them ;-) )
check out d eye baks man..hehe
dat shows how much sleep we had..

us wit d lovely tree behind n d very bright bakdrop

after everyone left..had some time to rest..den at 7 woke up to get ready for Aunti Cynthia's open hse..after dat..decided to go naresh's place since cudnt make it last year..but being d clown he is..wen we arrived, naresh said they were goin out d..den he felt bad n stayed awhile b4 we all came bak to sg long..cos d guys wanted to play pool here..din wanna join them cos both manda n i had flu n we told our parents we wud b bak by 11.30 i guess it was our day..hehe..went bak to aunti cynthia's to let our parents know we're bak..den ard 11.30 we came bak home..n we waited for d guys to come..n s usual, they arrived an hour late..haha..thank god its christmas served them drinks..played cards..den chatted till 4 in d morning..din know we had so much to talk..usually we will jus go blank..hehe..but being close frens..they told stuff dat i needed to know..honestly is OUR BEST POLICY..hehe.. Trust the One's who Trusts You..quote FLORA..hahaha..

neways..had a real good sleep last nite..n woke up ard 12.30 a call from aunti alice to go over for lunch..realli good timing..cos i was got ready n went over..s always wateva on d table tasted good..its AUNTI ALICE we're talking abt..hehe..den after dat went over to manda's cos too lazy to go home..den dats wen all d emoness of d day began..but it din last long cos i SLEPT off at her couch..

after 3 hours..woke up n headed home..but d emoness din go away..i ended up crying ma heart out..i think d last time i cried dat bad was ma grandma's funeral..i dunno wat was d cause of me crying so's jus A WEDDING.. (to those who know wat im talkin abt) not to say i wont see him again..but bcos of me having planned to give away ma first slow dance to him n now knowin i wont b able to get it..jus turned me 180 degrees ard..ok enuf of emo talk..b4 i start crying..i jus hope things will work out...ONE DAY..

so again to everyone...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 2 days down..9 more to go..hehe..take care..god bless...


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

ahhh.....i forgot what i wanted to say...=/

u ne...tgh pms or wat??..


dunno what to say...well at least my present to you was colourful right?! LOLLL!!...xD

floriferous said...

hahaha..yes it was bright n nice colors..hehe..i pms..i aso dunno lor..dats y freddie n sherie came over..hehe..wat u wanted to say..recall recall...

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

nowadays my memory can gone case kow kow la....within minutes can '....' hahahaha...sorry...really tak ingat...xD so i put some colour on u...xD hahahaha...=P

Shennie said...

chill la, though i seriously am really blur on what u're talking about.. =S

floriferous said...

hey steph..hehe..thx..its all cool now..hopefully it'll stay dat way la ahh..hehe