Monday, 24 December 2007


hi ya'll its been almost 2 weeks since i last blog..well dats cos d last two weeks have been d most hactic week of d year..maybe of ma whole 18 years..well i promised dat i'll upload pics from MO d last here r some more..not many in d first round..more to come k?

dom n me b4 charity nite

glynn n i
another pic of resh n us at charity dinner...

den d whole of last week, was bz practicing our dance for our annual dinner..dat was wen disaster struck..i injured ma left foot was quite bad dat i was was bed riden a whole day n cudnt dance for dinner nite..but thankfully d medicine worked wonders for me n i cud enjoy during d dinner which was last friday 21.12.07..nice date ehh..cudnt perform but i won best dressed dat nite..first time in d last 11 years..weeee...danced my heart out once d dance floor opened..hehe..

d family pic b4 d event...godsista's,bro,bro's gf,godbro...

the hawaiian twins of d nite.. =P

best dressed winners..c me?? lolz..

beautiful pic of uss...

d nite ended ard 12.30 but headed to mamak after dat...hang ard till 2 i think..cant rmbr..was too morning..woke up for choir prac in church..everyone was so stoned..for us it was d dinner but others i dunno..was glad to c irene..she came bak for xmas..after prac we found out dat we had to decorate xmas had a quick meal wit manda,dom n glynn at tong shen..den it was off to get lights for d tree..non were found..for d first time we manage to finish d tree in less than 2 hours..amazing..den drove godparents oddysey back..THEY TRUSTED ME WIT THEIR CAR...even ma mum din trust me wit her car last time..hehe..neways rushed home to get ready for MO..

Dom picked us at 3.30..n it was smooth sailing all d way to MO..reached there..went to Delifrance for some light meal..den it was time to superstar was alrite..after performance, dom decided to go watch National Treasure 2.. i was waiting to watch dat show went for d 9.20 show..had quite front seats but it was not too bad..d funniest thing was dat wen they shut off d lights, there was oni sound coming pics were on d at first i tot it was sound check..c c d show was aledi showing..den everyone started shouting "OI" some "refund"..while we jus sat there waiting for ppl to go c d supervisor..hehe..den after a few trial n error..there was picture..lolz..the show was great..alot of good as the first one..A RECOMMENDED SHOW to all..go watch..

after that headed home..was realli tired out..

yesterday..woke up for mass..went for bkfs wit godparents..den came home n helped mum wit some stuff n wrapped presents wit oi leng..d next thing i knew i was getting ready for MO..din have time to sleep.. =S

reached MO super earli cos there was no jam..took us oni 20 mins..dom n glynn wanted to went to burger king..i was still full then..n stomach wasnt doin very well..den walked ard n den headed bak to get ready...somehow i felt performance was d best yest...maybe cos there was more crowd...not sure..neways..ITS OVER n everyone who heard us said it was dats a good thing.

after dat..walked ard n den ended up in Starbucks wit Keith,Freddie,Allison,Jason,Ashley,Alicia n n laughed like there was no tom..hehe..d usual..den after an hour of madness we decided to head home..

n today i finally had time to least..n later d fun starts again..Caroling n Mass in Church..will have to get ready now..wan everything to b jus

dats my lovely xmas tree... =)

have a non stop..booz all nite..have fun!!!
n all christian frens dun forget abt Jesus..without him we're ntg..
god bless!!!

p/s: if i dun reply ur cos ma credit expired..not i sombong k? =)

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