Friday, 14 December 2007

delayed promised pics

hey ya' r d pics i promised to upload..tho its abit late..but like they said, better late than neva enjoy d pics..haha..

me in pavilion...their xmas deco's r like..1st of d 1st class..n we tot klcc wan was grand..hehe..n d performances on stage we so cute n cun..jus wished someone was there wit me =P
wats beta than taking a pic wit a great fren wit a lovely xmas tree??
shopping wit her..hehe..
i think d deco's without me was nicer..hehe..yes those r's donuts dat im carrying..
yes we were both dreaming of a white christmass...we fell in love wit dat tree =P

later dat day s mentioned, we were at d is wat happened wen we wondered in d mall..
we stopped n posed for d camera..hahahah..
if u noticed, our legs we crosed d same but opposite way..

we d black chinese-hak sei wui..i think >.<

slowly things started to get out of hand...

den we were lost in our own world of poserss..

den we jus totally lost it wit our teeth..

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