Thursday, 6 December 2007

Floriferous 18th Bday

hey all..i guess its destined for me to change blog after 18 huh..frenster din seem to coorperate wit me..dats y ive decided to hop over here..well..since some stuff cudnt b done gonna post d 4 days celebration of ma 18th bday here..hope u guys enjoy reading it..i know its long..but bare wit me k..hehe...

let us begin on 28th November 2007

..d day where i planned to c d sunset from somewhere high wit ppl dat r close to me..ok enuf of d crap..i went up EoM wit d whole bunch of new close frens i have(benji,jason,eg,uj)n of course ma bestie, kristine..well everything was goin well until we got bak from Jusco after "Stardust" earlier dat day, wen i saw d clouds in sg long were aledi GREY..i was alredi feelin sad dat i wont b able to get d perfect shot of d sunset up in EoM..neways..we left for ben's place at 4.15 n reached his place 5 minutes b4 5..good timing leh..hehe..

us whorin in traffic jam =P

neways once there, we juz hung ard till d rest arrived..n s usual..whoring..


after whoring..u can c dat kris n I cudnt bare the wait any longer =P

then ard 5.30 we left for was approximately 5 mins from ben’s nice..ben wanted to stop for cendol..but after sitting at d stall for quite sometime unattended, the fella said cendol habis..semua habis..we were like WTH?? Now oni say..

neways off to EoM..arrived there wit a smile on ma face..was kinda jakun I gotto admit..hehe..took pics like we neva seen KL b4..well, d amount of pics I have in ma frenster explains it all..we took some pics b4 goin up, while lining up, while up there(tho they said no moving in the gondola), and after coming of every move we made..hehe..


great photography skills by eg..


kris n i in d line...


jason n ben competing in bubble gum blowing


our private gondola..its cheaper…
BY 80 cents = P




first shot of us in d gondola


my fav pic of kristine n me..


kris n i wit klcc..c how fast i changed place


combo of dark

clouds n sunny sky


KL from EoM..


group pic in d gondola using timer..


kris n I wit the sunset..cunness


circle in a sphere..

d most creative pic of d day…

n creativity continued…..


us by nite...


EoM in ma fav color

and so the nite continued wit my first cake blowing at ma car..hehe..thanks jason for the cake..tot he was oni sendin his sis bak..mane tau pergi wonder he took so long to get

after that we headed off to Naili's at sentul for dinner...had a great plate of nasi lemak and mango a reasonable price..was as usual making the most amount of noise..hehe..n was discussing abt goin up genting n all..but end up decidin to go mini genting or lookout point..until dis very day i dunno which is which..haha..k den off we went..was nicely playin on d road wit jason..n there was a time where we were at d foot of d hill where lookout place was, benji stuck his head out of ma car window n both jason n eg came out from the car n looked as tho they were gonna looked so real dat d car behind jason reversed..hahaha...dat was d joke of d day man..hehe..had d best driving up a hill eva..there was even time for jason to tailgate..n we were shouting our lungs out all d way up..haha..madness we were..

as we reached d driving skills were testing to d limits..hehe..there was oni one lane up n down dat place..worst, parking there was LIMITED n NEAR to each other..i had a bit of difficulty but managed it..i felt proud of maself after doin dat parking..haha..*perasaness*..oh n after dat, out of no where, ma left leg cramped..was limping on d way up to d lookout "pondok"..hehe..once up there..u cud hear d angels of heaven singing.."hallelujah"..d scene was jus..indescribable..d first thing i noticed was both klcc n kl tower were litted up fully..cos there r somedays when they dun turn all d lights on...n spots of orange jus made it more stunning..ok enuf of descriptive writing..lemme jus show u d pics..


need i say more???hehe..



n after dat we had a drink at one of d cafe's there n it was time to head home..
gave d guys a hug for spendin time wit me thruout dat nite..
kris was counting down ma bday in d car..hehe..n funnily she was so bz counting down she missed d 12 oclock sharp..hehe..but ive gotto admit, at least she was wit me..dats wat was most important..being d one u love..right right?? hehe..
i cud hear ma fon ringing of..but sadly memory was full so it stopped after a few msges..hehe..

after sendin kris home, i came bak n was bumped to find dat d internet cudnt work..i was so sad..cudnt get to express ma happiness on9..dats y dis blog is delayed..hehe..but it was also good in a way cos i needed sleep..end of day one..


woke up ard 8+ to go to market to get food stuff for d next day..decided to go alone since manda was still after dat, came home thinkin i wud have some time to sleep..but nehhh..after cleaning up n packing d food stuff, got ready for ma next appointment..haha..KLCC wit kris,ben n eg for enchanted..suppose to pick kris up but decided i shud be pampered on ma bday so kris drove instead..haha..wel reached exactly at 12 in Klcc parking..went to TGV to meet d guys..n off for lunch at Little Penang..thank god we were there earli..if not we wud b lining up god knows for how long..i had char kuey teow, kris-lum mee, ben-nasi lemak *AGAIN*, Eg-curry mee is it?? hmm..cant rmbr..sorry ya..memory abit karated..oh eg had nasi lemak aso..hehe..

got candid..>.<

after lunch it was jus nice for our movie at 1.20..din buy popcorn or drinks cos we were all full to d brim..but wen we sat down in our seats..kris n i turned to each other n said dat we felt weird not drinkin or munchin on anythin in we headed out to get ourselves a drink..OJ for her n water for me..d show was realli first we were laughin saying dat we were in d wrong cinema cos it was realli like a cartoon..hehe..cudnt stop laughin n all..but we all enjoyed d show..i even cried during d touching the song n the look into their eyes..daymm...

after the movie, we went out n headed to parkson since i had vouchers to spend..a great present for me especially wen xmas is ard d corner..hehe..walked ard d clothes department..ntg fascinated after kris brought mel to meet us, went down to d perfume n cosmetic department n there was where i knew i cud get somethin i like..Christian Dior Creme De Gloss..hehe..i was realli confused at d extend i was close to fainting..i cudnt decide till i went out to get some fresh air..after sitting a while at starbucks wit d others, i wen bak in to get d color i finally cud decide..hehe..which is creamy almond..wit dat i aso got a shimmery eye shadow from stilla..after dat, i was a happy bday gal..hehe..

left Klcc ard 5 n we reached ma hse at 5.40..not bad..hehe..had time to do some camwhoring wit d xmas deco's n r some pics..


after d was time for me to go to church to get some i got in d car, amelia gave ma a was a dress..from phenomenal..well at least i got somethin even tho i missed their cheap sale..hehe..they realli do noe me alot..d like..after mass, ma parents literally left me..n i had to follow aunti alice lepak-ed at manda's place till 8.30..while waiting, i wen to try on d dress they gave me..i cudnt believe it ma was a perfect fit..i cudnt stop smiling..aunti pat was aso happy dat it fitted so grateful for her..she knows me too after dat was dinner at Mahkota Cheras..steamboat..n was time for ma second was from Sheraton subang..thanks uncle eric..d cake looked so nice..i was so scared to cut it..but i had to if not no one cud eat it..

after dat, it was time to go home..n crash again..was dead tired..but b4 dat, i got a most happiest to come present..Live n Loud Pop Nite ticket..jason soon msged me n apologizing for cudnt make it for enchanted n aso offered LnL tic..without hesitating,i accepted it..Whitney wei..n i double confirmed wit him n all..n yes we were goin on saturday..n went of too sleep wit a smile on ma face..wat a wonderful bday dis year..hehe..end of day 2..


d next morning..woke up earli again..did some preparation for later dat nite..n den got ready to go watch movie wit freddie,manda,greg,sherie, was Enchanted again..hehe..does dat mean i'll b twice as lucky..we'll c..hehe..went Jusco for lunch at Mcd..met up wit freddie..after lunch, went for a walk ard..dis is d part where i got punked without noticing a single bit..daymm..i feel foooled..manda was sayin she wanted to go c shoes in vincci..cos she still owed melissa her bday present n aso said glynn told her dat she saw some nice shoes wen she was wit me a few days bak..still no we went..wen we reached vincci, i showed her laa d shoes we saw dat day..n so happened, d shoe dat i saw in mv n liked was there..n manda knew ma size n color for dat shoe..still clueless..i nicely picked it up n checked d price n said i'll get it soon..n after dat oni i noticed somethin fishy abt all of them..they started kinda whispering..still didnt care..cos i was excited to watch enchanted up we went for d movie..had another great time..cried again at d waltz part..

after d show..s i walked out d cinema exit, to ma surprise i saw first i tot she was wit her frens or somethin..den i saw reuben..tot he after work came to find okla we jus walked..den later on met dom..he was still in his college clothes..den i started to wonder..wat were they doin here if they was not gonna watch movie..lolz..neways..later i asked glynn if her bro cud send manda for class in kjg on d way first she said yes..den later on she said cannot apparently she had to go uncle's hse for dinner but dom din know he was goin for dinner at his uncles hse..den i started thinkin more..hehe..neways after dat walked ard n den it was time for me to send manda for music we left while sherie,reuben,glynn n dom stayed on..

came bak n prepared more stuff for dinner..n was workin all alone untill at a point i started panicin cos there seemed like a lot to do..but manage to handle once mum n bro came bak n helped in d kitchen..bro decided to take over d mac n cheese n mum was helpin wit d chicken wing n d cleaning..manda n i was workin on d fruit salad..n everythin turned out nice..Dscn2791

at 8.30 all were here (sophia d earliest,amanda,freddie, dom,glynn,sherie,reuben)..except keith,allison n ashley who were coming after their zone's dinner..everyone was happy wit d food n we had great time laughin over grapes, strawberries n tomatoes..hehe..den it was time for d nite to get more n liquor was brought to d table..


first pic dom openin d wine bottle..sophia was den goin high wit d vodka bottle cos she was not allowed to drink...she has found d LAND..hehe..
and the next is d yumseng all dat gotto do wit money..hehe

den we brought d fun down to d living area..where it was much cooler n cozy..hehe..then it was time to take some real good pics..(sadly i cudnt upload..overload kua =( )

after enuf pic taking..some began to leave..sophia left ard cinderella ni..hehe..den sherie n reuben left..den after abit of xbox n hey-ing sessions..d rest left for home..they left d home but they din get into their carss..hehe..cos they had another session outside..more laughin n talkin carried on outside..n after 10 mins or so i think oni we said our goodnites..hehe..dat nite, my internet cud b used n so came on9 n heard another good news..kris,ben,mel n eg got cheaper tics for LnL..all d more happy was I knowing dat kris was gonna b there..wasnt quite happy knowin somethin else dat nite..(YOU know y) neways din wanna spoil ma bday another day passed..end of day 3..


1st Dec 2007 a date to remember

dis time i woke up ard 9..hehe..cudnt sleep on cos was feelin excited for later..hehe..din even had appetite for bkfs..after dying mums hair,had lunch which was jus leftover chicken wings n papaya..hehe..cudnt eat cos was overexcited for whitney n elliot yamin..after dat, got ready n waited for jason to fetch me..n off we were to Mont Kiara..
wen we arrived, d first thing i saw was rows of cars parked by d side of d road n d queue at d entrance..boy both were LONG..met up wit ben,kris n eg at Pusat Sains entrance..n decided to go for a drink in we went n sat down at some mamak..din c d name..some drank n some ate..some whored some stared..hehe..catchy line..


me at hartamas posing in ben's shades

b4 we knew it, it was 5 n ben needed to go fetch eg followed him to lead him d way while jason,kris n i waited at pusat sains..parked in a way we took to spaces n watched initial D while waiting..dat is some cun show i have to say..somehow i dun rmbr watchin but i rmbr some parts of d show..haha..weird..had a bit of a headache n notousness somehow..maybe it was d heat..not sure..lied down a while n at abt 5.45 ben,eg n mel arrived..
it was time to make our grand entrance..while d of them were showing off their tickets, jason went to redeem his n my tickets from d booth..n d next thing u know it, we had our tickets in CARD form n it has a barcode behind it..N we also get to keep it..hehe..cun rite..
we walked in without any hustle..jus where jason n i had to go thru dat maze thing at d line..hehe..den kris n i visited d public unlabelled gender portable toilet..hehe..dis is due to nature call..egermency!!!

after dat we stopped by a souvenir stall..n s usual,we cudnt resist wat was on jason,kris,ben n i got ourselves LnL t shirts..all diff colours..all 3 of them got d headphones print while i got d wan dat matched my entry car n d paper bag they gave wit d tshirts..hehe..i think its a natural thing of me matching stuff..hehe..neways after dat we started taking pics of us wit our new tshirts..hehe..

n across d field we went..n got ourselves a spot to lay our arsses on..hehe..thank god for d good quality n maintainence of d polo field..hehe..n s usual once there's a camera in our hands..theres no way of escapping being caught by it..hehe..

performances by project pop was a good warm up for us..den it was elliot yamin..who sang daym good s well..tho it was rainin, we din mind..hehe..he melted our hearts wit his famous "wait for u"..

den there was performances by Jo Flizzow i think..his performance was not bad la..had some fun..

later on d msian artists came out n somehow bored us abit..too many same kinda songs..but to our surprise, nikki from msian idol, sang powerfully n wonderfully..i had goosebumps wen she sang..she was no doubt good..i can say better than jaclyn dat nite..she did d openin n closing for dat session..amazing..u go girl..

a few performances la here n there..n there was a part we jus went bored..seriously..some whoring..some sleeping..sum jus hangin ard..god knows la wat we were doin..hehe..n time was passing n like no one mattered..

after dat was loba loba..haha..he was plain awesome..he rocked d stage, d crowd, d whole KL i wud say..hehe..i ran out of words to compliment on his performance..maybe cos i loved him since young..i still rmbr his video clip..there's some chicken n it was flyin ard nakedly..hehe..if im not wrong was bak wen i was 5/6 years old..all of us were goin crazy n singing our lungs our wen he loud dat we scared we wont have voice wen whitney came out..hehe..his performance was so entertainin dat i din have time to record him doin crazy stuff..hehe..double thumbs n toes up for him..old but still goin strong eh..and after his performance we all juz landed on d ground..too darn tired..

then we played d waiting game..waited n waited n waited..n after a full hour of waitin n techno songs, oni den we had hints dat whitney was gonna come on stage..they were setting up d band n d lightings were tested..

n at abt 12.45 oni did we c her on stage..she started off wit "If i told u dat"..altho she sang d songs differently, she still sound good as eva..her moves on stage din seem like she got old..hehe..she handled d crowd well..her spirit was there..she was in KL..hehe..sadly i cudnt record video during her performance..but manage to curi record her voice la..hehe..den she sang songs dat were older than me n songs dat reminded me of me watchin her video clip everyday..n ma grandma wud shake her leg to her songs..sshe sang medleys consisting of saving of my love for,greatest love all,all at once,shoob shoob,heartbreaker hotel,its not right but its ok...she ended d first session wit my love is ur love which she sang wit her daughter..aww how cute rite..

den she had an intermission...n after dat she came out in a stunning purple dress..i dunno whether coincidence is d word, but i wanted ma outfit for ma bday to b all purple..i did wear purple for d whole 4 days..hehe..n seeing her in dat purple dress jus made me happier..she started d second session wit i wanna dance wit somebody..n dis was when ma camera had to run out of battery...aihhh..damn potong steam man..n den after dat i cudnt rmbr wat song she sang but wen i will always love u came on..i was so touched dat i cudnt stop crying n thinkin of someone..n wen i stopped, whitney started crying..hehe..dats how powerful dat song is was touching wen kris lend her shoulder...hehe..again..being wit someone u love..lolz..(no we're not les k).hehe..after dat song..we tot it was over..d crowd was alredi dispersing..but den we heard ppl shoutin for whitney..n wen i turned bak, i saw d background singers n d band were still on i said dis is a catch..she wans us to call out her name so dat she wud come out n we joined in shoutin WHITNEY WHITNEY..n she did come out..singing her final n last song for d nite..I'm every woman..kris n d guys were too exhausted to move while i was still grooving to dat song..hehe..u cant get whitney yeah..all out for her..

it all ended at 2+..n off we were for is where i thnk i lost ma evita hairclip..haihz..neways, d ride home was hilarous..kris n i end up talkin god knows wat..lights became bright..bright became lights n both burst out laughin..haha..dats due to tiredness of both brains n body..lolz..but overall d exhaustion was worth..dis is to last me till next year..

i cant b any thankful to all of u who made my 18th bday a blast..d best wan i eva kristine..who was there everytime n everywhere during all d 3days,ur time n presence perfected d 3 days n for the 6 diff colored nail polish-divert to thank steph jason,ben,eg(for sacrificing ur time =p) n uj for spending time wit me for n on ma bday...EoM,the cake, Enchanted,LnL..especially jason for the ticket n d ride to Mont Kiara..Ben for fetchin me bak n showing me d way up to Lookout Point..tho i cant realli rmbr..hehe..Melody for the present n every effort for coming..Family for d angpau n dinner..hehe..teruks me..amanda,freddie,sherie for goin wit me to watch Enchanted..d dress..d shoes..thanks Dom for checking d shoe so thoroughly,Glynn for having d idea of gettin me shoes,Reuben n Ashley for sharing in d gift..Allison n Keith for d handbag..all of ya'll for having dinner wit me..tho its diff days but THANK YOU very much...did i miss out anyone..oh n thank you everyone for wishing me...sorry if i din ran out on ma bday itself..sad rite..hehe..(thank u speech wei..Oscars pun kalah)

ok i think it took me more than 6 hours to complete dis blog..n needed a few days to do it..i hope no one slept off readin dis..haha..thank you again god bless all ya'll..Happy to all..

Ps: dis blog rocks..n there's more pics in ma frenster profile if u all wanna view..there's jus too many to upload..hehe..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

i think blogs here just looks nicer...dont u think so?? oso cunner!...welcome!!...may this post b 1st to many others to come!....cheeer~*! =)

Glynn said...

hey flora... finally u decided to get a blogspot blog.. it's better than friendster.. the pics bigger.. hehehe...

floriferous said...

haha..yes i agree wit both of u..looks aso cunner..JUS NICER..hehe..thanx ma loyal comment in d posts to come ya.. *winks winks*