Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A Legendary Nite?? =P

hey ya'll..jus got bak from MV..went to watch d premier of "I am Legend"..casting Will Smith n Will Smith only..haha..d whole show he n his dog,Sam was d main free tickets from Sherie..act from her bro la who works in 8TV..lolz..

went over to Manda's at ard 7.15 to wait for Dom to fetch us..din wan to trouble him to go round fetchin ya..he came exactly at 8 den went to fetch Freddie from his sis place..den off to Mv..on the way there, gosh was realli makin lotsa noise..singing..frustrated..happy..excited..all at once..Freddie played songs on his fon..MOSTLY LOVE SONGS..i dunno y we had to listen to it but we did..thank god mood din change..if not..i aso dunno..neways was singing along la..den came to So Close..i realli felt dat song k..SO CLOSE!!!!..i did feel abit emo laa..was staring blankly..den jus acted normal once we reached Mv..din take long to find a parking..den met up wit Sherie at d Cinema area..bought some snacks n went in..oh while lining up, met pn afidah(from ma ex secondary skool)..amazingly she recognized me..lolz..

oh oh..the security was so tight dat even electronic devices werent allowed dat includes we had to put them in bags n tagged..first time im experiencing it..oh n we went thru a line of security..had those metal detector search..went thru 2 ppl some more..bag got searched..din i mention it was d PREMIERE??? except we din have red carpet to walk on laa..tho freddie realli thought of it..hehe..ya so we got searched..den entered d cinema..we cudnt decide who gonna sit where..sherie n reuben nicely went to d their seats..while d 5 of us still standin d end, fred,manda n glynn walked down to d first row while dom n i joined sherie n reuben at d top row..yes we got split..

d show was a bit scary i have to admit..i think i whacked dom a few times..SORRY DOM..those darkseekers(i think dats wat they're called) keep jumping out of no where..freakeyy..but overall, its not a bad show..abit weird but ok la..

after d movie..we realised it was still earli..expected to b 11+..hehe..we stood at a position for quite sometime until freddie suggested bowling n we all went in cosmic bowl..d environment was daym cun..sherie manda n me cudnt tahan..lolz..started grooving abit..den decided to stop cos it was not d right place n wrong ourselves shoes n socks..12 bucks for a game..lolz..thank god we manage to get lanes next to each other..splitted d it was funner..started realli sucky but d main point we had fun..freddie n dom was striking n sparing their frames off laa..while we gals on d other side, embarassment..hehe..but at d end..d F's dominated..lolz..freddie was d highest for d guys..while i was highest for d gals..but not dat high la..85 ni..

neways after dat, was time to take off but s usual..a few pitstops..hehe..glynn went to tarpau McD while Dom went to get burger from Carl's Jr..we nicely drank his drink n went n refilled d whole cup..hehe..den started walkin bak to d car..oh n an amazing appearance by Ruby(if u din know, she's d after 12 of Reuben =P ).. dis time she tried doin catwalk to Jt's Sexy Back..hehe..too bad it wasnt recorded..

den in d car..on d way out..i quote :

Dom: left or right?
Flora: right (wit d right intention so dat he can go out straight)
Dom: (saying to d guy on d left lane) tak mau u..tak cun..
Dom moves forward..
Flora: oh gosh...
All: *burst out laughing*
Dom: wat wat?? (doors half closed)
Flora: look...
Dom: oh dang.. (d guy was maked up s a gal...all tried controling)
*door closed*
Flora: not cun enuf ahh..hahaha..
Dom: u la..ask me go right..
Flora: wat not my fault u asked which i said right la..easier for u ma..hahaha..

Everyone burst out laughing n cudnt control..haha..den d ride bak was abit quiter..all tired la i guess..dom almost forgot to send freddie home cos a Cefiro annoyed him on d road..lucky thing we sounded in time for him to turn into d Balakong exit..after sendin freddie,den he sent manda n den me..n daym tired..gotto sleep d..dats all from me i guess..hopefully can sleep soundly la.. =P


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

i tak paham d part where everyone was laughing...=/

~* Melody *~ said...

I think she meant tehy were laughin because they saw a guy who make-up and acts like a gal?

floriferous said...

yes..melody got it..jus maked up like a gal..din realli act much..lolz..teruks wei..