Saturday, 15 December 2007

1st Round of Mandarin Oriental (MO)

hey all..well yest was our(HFC CHOIR) first round of 3 rounds caroling in MO dis year..2 more to go next those who r interested, we will b performin somewhere in between 7-9..timing not fixed..

well dom picked sherie n me up at 3.20 or so..n made a detour to a lightings store next to SFA church in Cheras, den it was off to MO..well we having left so earli, reached d earliest among d choir members..haha..had an hour plus to walk ard..after dom did d sound check n all, off we went to KLCC..went to hunt for safety pins which end up not using >.< den went to get someone his xmas present from memory was realli funny getting present wen d person is jus next to more wrappers..n off bak to MO..

reached there,still there was no one but the clown n his gf(i think) hehe..funny part was dom entered n pickaboo them..lolz..dat was suppose to b d clowns work..hehe..den we saw dat freddies stuff was at d least someone la ahh..den all went to change n got ready for our opening session..

6.30 sharp we were cued to go out..den we waited n waited n waited for the VIPs..almost half an hour late ok..imagine us jus standing by d grand piano like idiots not doing thing..n wen finally they arrived, there were almost 150 kids gatherin round d huge xmas tree..n after the emcee addressed those who were present, we started off our 10 mins was so soft that it sounded realli weird..or was it jus me..after singing Silent Night,Jingle Bell Rock, n Winter Wonderland, we waited again..everyone was dreadin to go bak..hehe..after they had cleared d lounge, den oni we made our way bak to d Pearl Room.

all jus landed their butts on d chair..hehe..den had more photography sessions while waitin for our 2nd session..dis time they were ahead of went up to d Junior Ballroom, s soon s we walked in, they announced daym gaya ni..dis time, d PA system was louder..n guess wat, Reshmonu was seated right in front..n we had eye contact..haha..jus kidding =P

sang slightly more songs there..after dat, we joined the event n were served dinner..d food was not bad..better than wat we had in d staff cafeteria last year..hehe..den there were a few performances by the kids from diff homes..they were rocking d stage..

den while Glynn n i was walkin bak from the washroom, Reshmonu was at our table, we manage to take some pics wit him b4 he left d event..

all of us in black..including Reshmonu.. =P

den cam d magician..he realli caught all d kids n including our attention..he was good..tho at first we tot it was lame, but those tricks r real wei..n he was funny too..uncle vincent..haha..
after his tricks, it was d end of d event..made our way bak to d Pearl Room to collect bak d books,scarfs,tie, get our stuff n home awaits..hehe..

u cud c in d car dat everyone jus wanted to go home n lie down on d bed..hehe..but dom was still in d mood for clubbing..lolz..he neva gets tired man..reached home n landed on d bed..den was chattin wit dom n glynn b4 they left for Bandung earli dis morning..aledi missing them..lolz..was also waitin for pic files to transfer..but somewhere in d middle it failed..*sweat*

somehow automatically woke up at 4.30 n wished them bon voyage..cos i know i wont b able to wake up at 8 b4 their flight..hehe..altho i did wake up again ard 8.20..n now here i am blogging..act wanted to blog last nite but was waitin for the pics in dom's camera..oh well..we jus gotto wait la ahh til he comes bak..patience is a virtue.. =P

k dats all from me dis time..c ya'll ard soon..i think got carolin prac later...not too sure..haha..
tc..have a great weekend..

love from me..floriferous.. =)

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