Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Its time for NEW beginning... =)


how's d celeb for everyone going???fist post of d year mannn....lolz....

well last nite was a clash of all kinds of emotions..HAPPY, Excited, n sadly sad..tot i cud skip dat dis year but guess not..it somehow jus follows wit d other happy emotions..neways..last nite in church was jus an ordinary thing..din feel anything special..cos i was jus too freakin tired..after how many days of non stop action..so after mass...it was still too earli to wish ppl so started walkin ard d church compound..finding ppl to mingle n stuf..since there was food n drinks for sale..Dance floor was open instantly but bad responds..hehe..den it was close to countdown time where we decided to take pics n record video for Dom since he wasnt ard..can check out d videos at Glynn's blog ( http://www.glynnwong.blogspot.com/ )

there was no warning wat so eva...n den suddenly u hear d crowd go 3....2....1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!....lolz..so since i was holding ma fon..decided to call someone..tho he was almost sleeping or sleeping =P (sorry if i woke u up)..poor fella had to wake up earli d next day...sighhzz..neways passed d fon ard to let everyone wish him n let him feel some of wats happening..after dat..got blessings from both priests..n den went round wishing everyone..

den it was party time..everyone headed to d dance floor..even ma parents were there earlier than me..hahahaha..amazing..danced till ma clean jeans was wet..=P
at ard 1+ it was goodbye time..fr.william started saying thank u n all..so parents decided to leave..so came home n got a surprise miss call from Mel while i was showering..miss called him bak but end up calling him..bugger knows i have credits..shesshh..neways they wanted me to join them but i told them i cudnt..cos it was late n no way was ma mum gonna let me out after wat happened earlier that nite..sighh..so since i cudnt on9..decided to try to sleep..but i knew somehow i was gonna have difficulty doing it..y?? u know y...hehe..was awaken up a few times..i dunno y la..aihh..den decided to wake up n go for mass..wit d stoned n head banging feeling..jus tot it wud have been a diff new year..but sad thing is..i dun feel much diff..so wateva laa ahh..life still goes on..as far as i know..d thing i have to accomplish dis year is to do well in STPM..goshh..dat word is haunting me..HELP!!!...no effort.. no good grades..no future..sucks!!..

neways enuf bragging here...hope ya'll had a blast last nite n have a great nite...may d current year b a diff wan for all of us ya?? god bless...

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