Thursday, 10 January 2008

Guys I look for =.= (tho not realli looking)

my best fren kris n i decided dat we wud post d same post dis time..we're too free n ntg to do at is afterall a public hol tom..hehe..

well in such a complicated world..with a bunch of great differences among ma group of frens..i say frens cos i wud rather have a bf who i know rather than dunno..n wit so many of them, i realli dunno wat i actually wan..s in ppl always ask..wat u wan in a guy? is it important to have dis n dat..i mean do we actually needa ask all these questions?? for me is wen i feel wen ive met dat someone i wont let ma eyes off dat person..oni in d later part, will i tend to feel dat i must like some sort of personality or something abt dat person..i dun realli have much to say abt how i look for a guy...cos at d moment i have someone whom i treasure alot in my heart alredi...dun get me still single.. =P neways to fulfill ma best frens r some of d few things i may like to find in a guy...

~* background of dat least know abit abt his family or get to know dem..religion is an important thing..someone who has a right mind n not a trouble maker..u wudnt wanna waste ur life wit a murderer or an insane fella rite? =P

~* caring definitely..not oni to me but to his family,frens n all those ard..

~* loving..100%..not half way not 75%..all out or nothing..dun waste my time..hehe..

~* knows how n where to least i know i wont get lost wen im wit him..hehe..

~* knows how to carry himself well wen wit family,frens..n not act like a jakun or a maniac =P

~* humourous..dun realli like those who control their laughs or hold bak their tears..jus let it a free emotion-full person..hehe..

~* physically-taller than me..d toner n tanner d betta..not realli a must..hehe..

~* dress well..not ah beng or cincai style..descent!! shirt n jeans is d best for me la =)

~* great smile..den i know i'll have nice pics wit him..

~* loves camwhoring s much s i dat we can share many memories together

~* loves good food..

~* somethin i missed out...b4 reediting dis post is..someone who keeps a promise n a sweet mouth..tho they say dun fall for sweet mouth guys but in every gal, she wans to feel loved n hear those words dat can bring her to cloud 9 n love dat guy more..n not jus simply making a promise n dun fulfill..

ps: im out of things to write...hehe..

but seriously..i dun realli care whether Mr.Right meets all these criteria or not..s long im happy to have him can d..its not nice to have such a rigid life..i prefer to go wit d flow n take things s they come..if got GReat..if not..jus too bad..cos d most important thing is to have d person u love n not wat criterias they fit in...neways..d more standards u put d harder will it b to meet screw d standards n may mr.right come to me one day..hehe..

ps: i reedited dis post bcos i was too emo-fied after watchin my best frens wedding..hehe

re-edited at 7.16pm 10.01.2008


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

very true...when he comes...its not going to matter abt others ade...ntg else matters as long we have him eh?? =/ haih...

floriferous said...

y got d haih behind there la..our mr. right will come my fren..all a matter of waiting..=p