Friday, 4 January 2008


hey alll..looks like im gonna abandon ma blog more often dis year..i can sense tat i wont have d time to blog s often s i did in d last month..sad ehh...but oh well..i will keep ya'll posted wats happening..i cant go very far..hehe..will still in b in sg long..anything jus HOLLLAA!!!..lolz..
Just after 2 days of schooling n i feel so drained out..all due to d waking up earli n still sleeping not helping..but hey at least im doing ma homework..=P dis year aint gonna b ez..its gonna b a is full of battles..hopefully i survive thru dis wan..hehe..neways enuf of bragging..long story short..i maybe having MIA's from d on9 TAKE CARE ya'll..dun b naughty..d year jus begun..wait till end of d year den i can party wit ya'll like there's no tom..hehe..ok confirm im lack of sleep...ok..c ya'll k...hugss...

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