Friday, 7 March 2008

Stepping up on d holidays..

hey..jus got to my lappie(7.55pm)..n decided to blog since i posted ma nick s "blog being floriferous during hols" yeah..

like in d previous post which was dis morning, i said i was headin to mv..well d main point was to watch step up 2..which we made it jus in time...11 buy tickets,11.05 buy food n drinks, 11.10 enter cinema..n lights so ngam timing..speakin of msian's time managament..we're punctual ppl k..dun mess..oh n a thing i realised,kris movie ticket seating act resembled d word dog..D 09..hehe..

den..went for pool session..had d chance to play at d MORE private place..but after 10 mins, privace invaded..hahaha..n we were like clowns playin tho we knew we'll end up laughin at our terrible pool playin skillss..hehe..

dun b fooled by d way i stand..gaya saje lebih..
btw dis was taken during kris bday outing

so b4 our 1 hour was up, we decided it was gettin on our nerves to get those balls in, n got bak our deposit n left..told u we were good at time management..haha..

after dat,our fren wanted to get colbie caillat's cd...for a "REASON"..shall not expose it so dat she wont get in trouble n i will benefit out of it.. =P hopefully..*fingers n toes crossed*..

so went cd hunting..d guy at d first store (cannot rmbr d store name rock something) wasnt very sure abt d "reason" went to tower records..sold went bak up to get d cd..n he actually found out for us the "reason" paid n den down we went for strawberry choc FONDUE..boy..those things taste like heaven..

after dat, helped kris out wit her jeans hunting headed to Levi's..tried a few..she was happy wit certain features of d many jeans she tried but weren't fully happy with went to mng n guess..but i wonder if im a bad fashion consultant..hmm...

neways, Guess was on SALE..s i wished..n d top/dress i loved n still want was 50% off..dude..who wouldnt b happy to grab it from d rack..but den...still cudnt afford it..smartess quote by kristine of d day "if u cant afford, dun buy it"..which somehow turned my whole day ard...n realised im neva gonna get it..tho she din offer me her credit card (as in she sign for me first)..but she was indirectly draggin me out d..oh well..there goes another nice piece of outfit..sadness jus filled all my artheries n veins..n blocked all flow of red blood cells..

so wasnt realli happy all d way bak..din have appetite at all..wasnt in d mood for anything..n we were on our way bak..d next thing i know, we were at mcd hussein onn drive thru ordering..n dat cashier almost make me blow my top but i held it together n we manage to get home with our happily..was plannin to go for a swim but was too darn lazy to move our juz lepaked n chat..n came up wit crazy ideas how to video our entry for amazing race next year..yes..we're plannin to join amazing race asia..had a real great laugh till i cud cry..hahaha..

it was a good start for dis least my mum din not nag me abt goin out n yada yada yada..i realli hope i can get my mum over to the gardens n buy me dat top...*sobbing inside out* it is oni 100+...dis is where a credit card or an atm card comes in handy man..argghhhh...

dats abt all i have..stay on9 to c futher progress of my holiday..

p/s to kristine: dun b my matchmaker on9 plz..
cos it might not go d way u wan it to..
let fate take its toll..aight??

floriferous OUT...
signing out at 8.48pm
not listenin to anything but d turns of d blades of my fan =P


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

got atm no money oso credit money to credit it on oso useless ngam bo?! it is hard work to self control!...ahah!....


you can meh the 'reason?'

floriferous said...

y cannot leh??
holiday there's "adult" supervision..hehe..haven ask aso assume cannot..wat a good fren i have..