Thursday, 3 November 2011

Keep Walking with Johnnie Walker

Dear readers,

I know its been a long time since i last posted but since I'm on holiday now and this would actually be a good early birthday present, so here I am to share a lil something..=)

As we all know Johnnie Walker is the world's leading Scotch Whisky and the number one whisky in Malaysia. They have also been the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005 for the similar values of innovation, winning and leadership. JW brings the energy and glamour of the pulsating Brazil GP to the Black Circuit Lounge for a high-flying Formula One lifestyle experience.
Even though I do not watch F1 that often anymore but energy and glamour is what keeps me going on a daily basis. The reason why i feel i would match the style and sophistication of Johnnie Walker with the energy and glamour of Brazil is because I strive for perfection in everything I do, I do not compromise on the clothes and shoes that I put on, and I'm very determine in achieving my dreams and celebrate with a bottle of champagne. =)
Believe it or not, black has always been my first choice for dresses. If i had a choice on how i would dress for the Johnnie Walker it would be with a little black dress just like Audrey Hepburn style and pair it off with my lovely Guess lace peep toe's

We gotta look as good as we can just how these F1 cars look stunning even on the move.
dont you agree they look just incredible..
a girl can dream to look as stunning..=)
With that we have to Step inside the Black Circuit Lounge with Johnnie Walker for an inside access into the style and sophistication of the world of Formula 1.

As we all know, Johnnie Walker's motto is "Keep Walking", I personally think that Thanuja Ananthan epitomizes the meaning of those 2 words not solely because she was crowned Miss Malaysia 2009 but she live up to her words in saving animals as the ambassador of PETA Malaysia and also not supporting animal tested or produced products for her glamorous looks. She also personally help me gain more confidence during my training as a finalist in Miss Malaysia World 2011. Being first in the line up was not an easy task but she kept giving words of encouragement to keep me going.
She looking fab at Michael Kors store opening and quoted
"faux snake skin Micheal Kors clutch..EVERYONE can still look like a million dollar fashionista and NOT KILL!!!"

So who's your role model? Just answer in the comment box the question below

Name a Malaysian public personality who you think epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" and in 75 words or less, describe how this person inspires you on your own journey of personal progress and determination.

The best answer will be spotted by Johnnie Walker and you stand a chance to win exclusive passes to the JOHNNIE WALKER Black Circuit Lounge- Brazil Party.

So comment if you want to party like these people.

Hope to see you there..

Keep Walking!


shueili said...

Alex Yoong, Malaysia's first and only Formula 1 driver. He takes a tough journey from a race-watching toddler to the most prestigious series in motorsport. He ‘keep walking’ although battling a false perception that he was gifted millions of tax payers’ dollars to drive under the Malaysian banner. His spirit and the never give up attitude inspired me to think positive and be brave to handle all the problems faced.

chiewhsien said...

Tony Fernandes, one of the most admired executive-turned-entrepreneurs in Malaysia corporate and working world. He is a 'big believer on big dreams', turning a failing government-linked commercial airline into a highly successful budget airline public-listed company. Many thought him to be crazy during the 11th Sept 2001 tragedy, but he had the different thinking. Successful as he is today, he remains humble and stay down to earth. Because of his 'keep walking' passion, now everyone can fly.

Zunny said...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia's national hero, embodies the spirit of 'Keep Walking'. Despite his losses and failures, he has never given up. In fact, he comes back stronger each time - proving his determination and courage in facing his rivals. He has achieved so much, and now he is still working to claim his title as world number 1! His accomplishments only serve to remind me that we should never give up in all that we do, and if we fall, we should always stand back up, stronger than before. Face our obstacles with dignity and aim to be better. Even if we're going through hell, we should keep walking!

Amanda L said...

For me , Jimmy choo epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking” .
This is because his hard work , determination, and courage has brought him to where he is now. Owning one of the famous shoe brand around the work is not an easy task. The spirit of this man who came from a small country and manage build up an empire of his all around Hollywood has become my inspiration idol and determination to keep working and persuading my dream as a fashion consultant or fashion designer in the future. Because if he can do, why cant i :)

therefore, Jimmy Choo have nonetheless made Malaysia proud :)

amanda liu

angelinee said...

Gillian Hung.She is a pioneer in the Malaysian fashion industry known for her multi-tasking abilities from Fashion Designing, Branding, Consulting, Manufacturing and Forecasting.She helps Malaysia's fashion industry to move forward,and nevertheless she brings back a lot of opportunity for the Malaysia's young designer to let them have a chance into the fashion industry.No matter how many failure she had before, she never stop to keep walking.And due to what she "keep walking" with her passion in the fashion industry, it makes fashion industry grows up in Malaysia.

flora said...

Dear readers, thank you so much for your wonderful comments..

Also, please remember to leave your email add and your fb name at the end of the comment k..


LynxLee said...

Poesy Liang. Founder of Helping Angels.

I had the pleasure of getting to know her in person through my wife and her volunteers when I joined them at one point to tutor kids (Trinity Children Centre).

Her group of Helping Angels and ideas ripples for the good in some ways and that is one of the small reasons why I think she epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".

LynxLee (Daniel Lee)

AustinVictor said...

Tony Fernandez, CEO of Air Asia.

If Malaysia had a rendition of The Noble Prize of it's own, this man is surely the victor for the entrepreneurship award without a shadow of a doubt. Hailing from a third world nation where resources are substantially limited and inevitable political agendas arise practically on an annual basis, Dato Tony Fernandez has done himself as well as Malaysian people proud by pining our colourful land on the map of the world. With his ever expanding business endeavors throughout juggernaught nations all around Europe, his accomplishments simply epitomizes the phrase "Keep Walking" despite ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

Austin Victor

Unknown said...

For me it would be Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammad, the former Prime Minister of our nation. History will be a better judge of his achievements, be it in his personal life or for our nation's growth. There is no doubt in my own mind that Tun Dr. Mahathir is a superb politician and an intellectual with strong work ethics. We must acknowledge that it was him who made Malaysia to stand in the eye of the world. KEEP WALKING SIR.
Ray Dinesh David

Akt24 said...

I think Tun Dr.Mahathir Bin Mohammad. He brought a great changes for the country.

Alex said...

I vote for Marina Mahathir.

She isn't a politician but is smarter than most. She is the only one who write what others don't. She questions actions, answers doubts and provides hope to all Malaysians that a better Malaysia is possible. We need more people like her to keep writing, keep inspiring and keep walking the walk.

lee10 said...

A Malaysian public personality whom I think epitomizes the meaning of 'Keep Walking' would be Datuk Michelle Yeoh. To shine in Hollywood is not easy, and yet Datuk Michelle Yeoh managed to make it with her own effort and her acting in the movie 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. She does not complacent over her achievements but continue to give her best in her career. Her spirit of not giving up and striving for the best win my admiration the most.

Lee Elaine

Alfred said...

Lim Guan Eng was first imprison under ISA for 18months and later on another 12 months for criticizing the government in handing of allegation of statutory rape. His never ending passion in fighting for the people truly epitomizes the phrase 'Keep Walking'. And now he is standing before us as the 4th chief Minister of Penang. He inspires me to never give up on my passion, and always strive and thrive my way there.

Adzlan said...

Left school (16).
A carpenter (19).
A building sub-contractor (21).
Suffered heavily during the Japanese occupation in Malaya; vegetable farmer, petty trader and heavy machinery tradings.
Finally, the established Genting group.
In honor of the late Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong.
Keep Walking!
forward ~

thank you

vivian said...

Yasmin Ahmad (January 7, 1958 - July 25, 2009)

A scriptwriter and a film director, Yasmin Ahmad is one of the few Malaysian directors who produces films that make impact internationally. Best known for her Petronas advertisement, and her highly controversial films which touches sensitive issues in Malaysia, Yasmin Ahmad never stops in delivering her message for social injustice and love that crosses cross-cultural barriers despite receiving strong criticism and hardships in producing her films. A creative, humourous, and yet a humble person, Yasmin Ahmad who revolutionise the film industry in Malaysia, am truly the one person I believe epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking".