Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Drama October week

i seriously think, d oni way i get doin a post is bcos my godsis tags me..y ahh..jus so weird..neways b4 i do dat, lemme jus do a wrap up on wat happen dis week..well dis week u can say has been a real DRAMA for me..a part of my life where i think ill rmbr so darn well..i've experienced n done a few crazy things,end up being crushed like an egg, manage to release some tension n insaneness from wit a few remedies..eating jap lolo,strawberries,drinking,cooking,cutting hair...n lemme c if ive manage to feel all kinds of emotions...according to wikipedia theres

Plutchik's wheel of emotions, Stoic view of emotion & Lojban emotions

im gonna use Plutchiks..since its quite general n easier to b used..hehe...
Robert Plutchik created a wheel of emotions in 1980 which consisted of 8 basic emotions and 8 advanced emotions each composed of 2 basic ones.


  • having such a good fren who's there for me thru d past week
  • having a chance to do n feel things no one else cud give me..
  • having my voice bak to normal
  • able to sing like normal
  • being able to COOK a good meal for my wonderful fren, Kristine n my family..tho it was d first time attemptin on dat meal but hack it tasted AWESOME!! =)
  • a "close" fren whom i recently got bak in contact wit accepted d way i was n din ask for any change in me
  • jus din wanna say anythin abt d form 6 farewell party
  • for d first time i had d fear of dyin wen thinkin of dying
  • fear of being lonely for d rest of my f***ed up life
  • fear of not bein loved
  • fear of crashin my car =p
  • fear of a frenship ending
  • fear of being in situations when u say "its too late"
  • fear of wasting those freshly flown bak from KK prawns wit my cookin
  • being able to fix frenship
  • having SHORTer hair
  • i actually did wat i did
  • I din BURN anything while cooking =P
  • not able to get wat i hoped wud happen
  • ppl change after a certain period of time
  • not being loved
  • cudnt do a perfect sauce for d mee
  • of wat act happened
  • time passed too quickly
  • how ppl can jus b so ignorant
  • cudnt wait to experience wat i experienced
  • while waiting to taste d Meal i prepared
  • feel like killing myself for not thinking things thru
  • not able to keep my word
  • going crazy over my own mistakes
  • hate how much i fell for u


Optimism(Anticipation + Joy)
  • maintain d frenship n move on wit life
  • b grateful for wat i have n stop complainin wat i dun have
Love ( Joy + Acceptance)
  • i tot i felt it but i guess i jus have to wait for d right one
Submission ( Acceptance + Fear)
  • hope no one finds out n things will jus b d way they are for theres ntg else dat can b done
Awe ( Fear + Surprise)
  • thank god ntg bad happened
Disappointment ( Surprise + Sadness)
  • if oni i jus kept my word den things wudve jus b normal n not how it is
  • d doorgift din turned out not d way i visioned it n there was jus wastage
Remorse ( Sadness + Disgust)
  • by the reaction of someone after everythin we've gone thru
Contempt ( Disgust + Anger)
  • 'same as d above'
Aggressiveness ( Anger + Anticipation)
  • jus feel like giving him a slap to think of others than jus himself
that ladies n a list of all dat ive felt d past week..d following pics r some of the events dat happen in dis few days...

drinking session in process..
i SUCK big time..worst den my past..

d next day was cooking session at my place..attempt on Big Prawn Mee.."sang har yee mee" n prawn sui kao...
the feasting begins..kris insisted her milo in cos she said she made awesome milo dat cant get anywhere..=P

n there she lays after overeating..n u can c there's still lotsa mee..

me goofing ard wit kris fly-like shades..hehehe..n last evidence of me in long hair..

a couple of hours later...ITS dat close to VB's hairstyle..=p

upclose n personal wit d HAIR..
d mum n daughter after Pro-Cared Hair..haha

suppose to b singing but d photographer jus had to distract me..haha..

sometimes..things r jus beta left unsaid n put pics to replace it huh..bcos in dis world, its loaded wit i shall jus continue wit d tag from manda..=)

  • three names you go by :
  1. Flora
  2. Flo
  3. Flori
  • three screen names you have had :
  1. Floriferous
  2. Flora Oh
  3. Flora
  • three physical things you like about yourself :
  1. my left eye
  2. my hair
  3. my teeth
  • three physical things you don't like about yourself :
  1. Gain tummy easily =/
  3. lil pimples tend to appear easily
  • three parts of your heritage :
  1. Portugese
  2. Chinese
  3. Baba Nyoya
  • three things that scare you :
  1. Losing my family and friends
  2. Dying
  3. Creepy crawlies
  • three of your everyday essentials :
  1. PHONE!!!!
  2. Laptop/tv
  3. Water?? Lol..
  • three things you are wearing now :
  1. Pyjamas
  2. does blanket count?

  • three of your favourite bands or musical acts :
  1. Secondhand Serenade
  2. Paramore
  3. Jonas Brothers
  • three of your favourite songs (right now) :
  1. When God Made You
  2. Just stand up
  3. It's Over
  • three things you want in a relationship :
  1. LOVE!!!!
  2. Honesty
  3. Understanding
  • three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you :
  1. Looks of course =P
  2. Dressing ( not being materialistic jus prefer a well dressed person)
  3. Hot Body ( hot body means healthy n got enuf strength to carry me if i fall)
  • three of your hobbies :
  1. ANything related to music (listening,singing)
  2. Driving
  3. Onlining
  • three things you wanna do really badly right now :
  1. Talk to someone
  2. Sleep
  3. Dream
  • three careers you're considering/considered before :
  1. Designer ( always dreamt of being d Msian Vera Wang)
  2. Event Manager (in d process n hopefully will b one one day)
  3. Cabin Crew/Airstewardess (love travelling)
  • three places you want to go on vacation :
  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Maldives
  • three things you want to do before you die :
  1. Own the things i dream off (house,cars,career,love, etc)
  2. Step foot at all 5 continents
  3. DO special things for d ppl i love
  • five people that you would like to see take this quiz now :
  1. Kristine (if u eva wanna do)
  2. Mark
  3. Freddie
  4. Sherie
  5. who eva dat wans to do it..
Dats all from me dis time..have a great sunday..god blesss...

floriferous OUT~~


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

u know I dont do tags...LOL...

kudos for updating..yay!

floriferous said...

kudos?? wat lang is dat all u can comment..dis is so sad..

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

kudos means good job la.....I dunno wat lang..sorry...what you want me to say? Its a tag...=/ and somethings cannot be said here...=.="

floriferous said... i edited got more pics..

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

*SIGHS* ugly pics of me actually there..=( oh well..oo ooo..nice dress/top? lol! xD

floriferous said...

lolz..its a dresstop..i love it too..=b it hides d tummy n i cud eat all i wan n no one cud c..=D