Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Inspirational Cooking Day...

Although i am suppose to b studyin n preparing for my upcoming exams..but wat do u find me doing these days..doing everything n anything but studyin..since last week, i somehow got a drive to spend more time in the kitchen..

But was somethin i or any of my frens or my mum wudve expected me to do somethin so diff n 'wow factoring'..ok maybe abit of exagaration..but hey..till u see the pictures u know wat im talkin abt..hehe..i was amazed myself ok..


i woke up dis morning, suppose to act go round sg long or jus ard my hse or kris hse to do some photoshoot wit her new DSLR Sony A300 camera..but due to unavoided circumstances, my fren couldnt make, me having slept earlier n woke up earli, found it hard tryin to sleep bak..
dis is an example of wat i saw..i regret not taking pictures now..sighh..

I went out i felt d nice cool air n d mist hovering d mountains n d sun shining thru it...den something struck my head n told me i wanted Pancakes for bkfs bcos its a beautiful day i must have a nice without any time wasted, i googled up the best basic pancake recipe there is..I know u're thinkin why dun jus get those ready in d box n stuff..well, s far s i know, pancake doesnt contain much ingredients n doin from scratch aint that hard..cos i did do it wen i was younger..jus cant rmbr wat is in it n i wanted it to b perfect..yes i know ure thinking im such a PERFECTIONIST...well dat thing is gonna b processed in my stomach u know...its important!!

I got the ingredients, decided to make some lemonade to go with it since mum told me to use up d lemons she bought b4 it dries okla..went to find recipe again tho i aledi know how to make it..again i think i jus have OCD now...pffffttt..neways there wasnt enuf lemonade for d recipe i wat d hack..decided to make a list of things i needed n headed out to d market n grocery shop..yes again..y d hell am i so organized...sighhh

found a nice parking lot n headed to d grocery shop first since i needed more stuff there..after that to d market to get mum's kampung chicken eggs n aso quail eggs..den over to d fruit stall to get lemons n Strawberries to go wit my pancakes..hmmmphh yumm...

so got bak..decided to make d lemonade first since it needs to b chilled..squeezing those lemons used up quite a lot of energy tho...but hey i need those guns..haha..den it was to d pancakes batter..added everything in following d instructions and once it was ready i jus kept it one side n waited for frens to wake up n come over..

while waiting..another inspiration came into thought..cos there were jus too much lemon skin n i din have d heart to throw it all away..i thought wait till my mum came home..but while i was browsing thru d web, i rmbred dat my mum said abt lemon zest could b used to do thats wat hit me n i googled up recipes for lemon zest cake..n guess wat came up, Lemon Layer Cake sounded interesting n it used lemon juice n it was a bonus..i din needa get any extra ingredients..i had everythin in stored n jus enough in wat d hack d recipe, jumped up n headed to d was mission no 3 for d day..

well, d thing abt me, i somehow end up choosing somethin dat is complicated or needed hard work..i dunno y..weird s i got started wit d lemon zest, i realised, alot of effort needed to get jus a table spoon of it..den i thought.. "OH NO!! dis is gonna take forever" den i found another technic n it speed things up..had a few cuts here n there la in d process..but after dat, i d measuring for other ingredients n from then on a cake was on its way...a few hick up but managed to settle it n d next thing u know d cake is aledi baking..

so while d cake was in d oven, i thought, y not jus do d will look n taste nicer next task, more ZEST needed..haha..but now pro d, so it din take too long..n here comes d scary part..d double boiling of d eggwhite n sugar..imagine everythin is goin well n its up to dis whether d frosting will jadi or not..cos d eggs used were d last 3 of d normal eggs..if dat failed, i wudve to use kampung eggs..which r realli expensive n needed to use more due to its ya..i was kinda i made sure dat d fire was too big n made sure dat d egg din get too hot n got it out b4 it turned into scrambled eggs..

after dat, it was firming of icing...beating it till it had a firm surface was aso minute it could b fine but d next jus ya..while dat was in d process, d second portion of d cake was cud say timing was all good...

headed to d filling n final touch of d cake..put on a layer of blueberry jam (Cameron's product) haha..n den slices of strawberry on top of t n den a layer of frosting on it b4 d 2nd layer went on..there was a hick up there but it was fixed once d frosting went on to cover d cake..decorated it wit strawberries n den it had to b chilled for a while cos d frosting was melting aledi..

during d frosting kris n jason thong came to gimme a hand..kris enjoyed her pancakes n it was jus nice to c smile on someone who is in rather much pain..den later on tasya joined us n she was juz simply amazed..hahaha..n after dat i was off to town to fetch mum n get my dressed tailored..daym if oni i took picture of my design..its somethin like jessica biel's famous fuschia dress on the red carpet..we shall jus wait n c how it turns out..=)

Neways now i shall jus leave u pictures dat will leave u drooling n keep wanting for more..hehe...
Just so you know, these shots were taken by Kristine n her New DSLR..

the main idea and appetizer for d day..
Pancakes topped wit frozen strawberry..

the first SHOT of the home made LEMON-strawberry-blueberry LAYER CAKE!!

the baker and her hard-effort-put-in CAKE..
s u can c i wasnt realli prepared for a shoot...=/
The First Cut on a almost perfect creation!

opening ceremony of d the best taste cake ive tasted..
those who tried care to agree??

the cut out portion of d awesome tasting cake..
filings of blueberry and strawberry slices..=)

the fussy but contented consumer..=P

It surprised me wen everyone asked why did i have do it from scratch..wen there's the instant for each of wat i made..n d funny thing is altho i did it from scratch, D BEST part of d whole process was I enjoyed n loved doing was done wit full of passion n patience..hehe..i wanna feel like this everyday..can i?

neways d cake may become my signature cake dat i will work on it n perfect it from time to time..not oni does if have simple ingredients, it is simple to do n taste real good...The other reason why its gonna be my signature piece is cos of its toppin..all d recipes dat ive seen doesnt contain blueberry n strawberry combo..=P so wish me luck...

dats all for now..Peace out..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

what your sis said abt the cake? LOL..

it actually tasted better at my house..LOL..i dunno why...=.="

floriferous said...

din say much? i cant rmbr..too tired la wei..

for me it tasted nicer in d aftn..maybe i chai d la..hehe..its nicer wen its cooler??

~T-RoxXx~ said...

Im not fussy laaaaaaaaaaaa

floriferous said...

yes u are...hehe..