Friday, 28 November 2008

365 days ago

ok i know im not suppose to b bloggin at dis point of time due to exams..but im jus bored ok..i cant study cos not realli in a good therefore im lyin on my bed in front of my laptop lookin thru pictures dat is exactly a year realli brings bak close i were wit peps who i oni knew thru another fren..s i posted last year, it was one of d best bday tridium or shud i say quadrium...

from d 28th till d 1st of dec..those 4 days were one of my happiest days..i enjoyed every moment, altho hectic but fun..from seeing d sunset up in d sky to over lookin d city at nite..

from watchin enchanted to preparing dinner..having dinner n jus hangin out..

n d best part is dat i made it to Live n Loud..thanks to Jason Soon who was so kind to gimme one of his passes..n mind u i oni knew him for a few months..where can find so kind ppl nowadays..neways d others aso manage to get passes n we had d concert of our was moments of shoutin out wit shaggy till lying dead for whitney to come on stage..hehe..

jus thinkin back makes me miss those moments..hack i even miss my hair n skin tone jus by lookin thru d pics..(so bimbotic) but i think i look beta last year den now..i shud stop payin so much money for a haircut..seriously..hehe

neways, today i sit here in front of my laptop, eagerly waitin for my fren Kristine to get bak from China n ntg else..u hear me kris i miss u..n im announcing it publicly.!!!! =P hahaha..hope she's not sneezing over there..=/

im not expecting much dis year..since i still have papers next week..pffftt...i shudntve mentioned dat my bday always falls on a holiday..cos within d past 3 years..i celebrated it twice during exams i guess dats all from me dis time..gonna knock out soon..=/ wat a non productive day...c u all soon..

6 more days to FREEDOM!!! =)


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

SPM and STPM taken during end of the year...hahahaha...if u had taken A levels probably u would not have papers on your exam...funny how we are not friends with that gang after a year...loads have happen eh? lol...oh well...somethings just are meant to last...yay! your freedom is getting nearer and I am yaying for you! :D

floriferous said...

hahaha..yeah things can change within months..still frens but jus not ard..oh well..

YAY to me..freedom soon..u yay for me so dat can go out wit me rite..hahaha..such tormenting 4 weeks man..seriously...