Thursday, 4 December 2008


lolz..yes ppl.. finally finished my 1 and d half years torture of pre-u in high skool..well besides d frens i made, i jus wanted to get it over n done wit..n now its OVER.. it ended well..last paper was macroeconomy and i wud say d best paper among all..seriously..y cant the other papers be like dat..sheeshh..

neways now dat its over, cant wait to get xmas preps start off, cleaned d grills n changed d curtains..put my shoes bak into their respective boxes..its been lying ard for month,jus too lazy to put them away..=/ and now they're clean n bak nicely..

after that, i jus laid ard waitin for time to pass n head out for movie..Twilight..d movie everyone talkin abt, supposed to b my bday movie dis year but sadly it had to wait till suppose to go wit my juniors n kris..but end up jus me n kris..lolz..

so after dinner, fetched her n got our tickets..n we had a whole lot of laughin abt her being funny like barney..i cudnt stop laughin..besides d fact dat im happy, i think she jus drives me insane..hahaha...there was a point she was messing ard wit her left leg..OMG..i jus cudnt tahan..i asked her to walk away from me n me tryin to get a grib..gosh..kristine..stop being so BARNEY can ah...ohh n guess wat, d next thing i saw was a poster of a movie called LARNEY AND ME(i think)...neways i jus burst out in tears laughin la k..until we walked in d cinema..gosh..

well from at d beginning we were complainin abt how hideous Edward looks..d whole whitish face n d eye liner..jus made him look not dat attractive..den as it goes along, we found dat he act looked quite wth right..maybe it was his actions dat make him more Awwww-ing..but seriously i think its hard to find a normal guy wit half his character..he is jus d vampire version of prince charming..seriously..d words he say, d things he'd do, d way he treats a lady..guys shud learn from dis movie..i end up cryin at certain parts not cos d scene was sad or anythin but jus d emotions within me..d feelin of neva being able to feel such love n all..d feeling of loneliness..envious of Bella who gets such a lucky breaks my spanish they say "se rompe mi corazón para ver si así lo".


neways after d movie, my feet n hands jus cudnt wait to feel d speed..i dunno y..adrenaline?? oh stuck in carpark jam..can u believe wind down d window n we jus started blastin songs..n wonderin wen i shud install d woofer into d car since bro is not using it anymore..hehe..i had d idea of jus honkin all d way but din dare..later ppl start comin out from d cars n bashin me..beta we jus ROLLED our way down d car park..yes..we pushed d car from was moving DAT SLOW..hahahah..

den after d parking lot, kris tot she say one of juniors wen i jus swift pass i slowed down for him to pass us..but daym, he drives like a typical P..freakin slow ok..c c it wasnt him..wth..hahaha..den off i go n stoppin at almost every traffic light we went thru...seriously..

n now here i am announcing my FREEDOM..hahaha..i wish movies can cost much lesser tho..tom off to clinic wit mum n aunt..2nd day job = driver..=P lucky thing i like driving ok..

so to all STPM frens..Felicidades .. lo hicimos!!! Congratulations!! we did lets partayy...


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Let's do that again!! damn syok!! fwoaaahhh...adrenalin!

oh time when u have orgasm watching a love scene on the big screen...dont tell me hor! i not interested..a lil to much info you know!...


floriferous said... wasnt a love scene was jus them being together..u know happy..n must u publicly tell dats TOO MUCH info..aiyoyo..

u liked d driving? needs upgrading la..

den we can go WAAAOOOHOOOOOO