Saturday, 13 December 2008


Just got bak from dinner wit family at Coliseum..sound so ancient right..i haven been there for god knows how many years..n d food still rocks..

neways still excited after a whole day walking pavilion n shoppin wit mum..lucky i din scold her for wakin me up so earli...(9am)..hehe..went for floral arrangement in church first..was kinda scared of leavin late cos PC fair goin on..traffic might b bad..neways we finished floral abt 12+..den mum was worried abt d clothes dats left under d sun to came bak to bring them in b4 it d same time she took a quick shower..sempat lagi..

1st time my mum said LET's Go for shoppin..i was still happily watchin Paramore's Decode video clip on tv..twilight soundtrack..Edward n Bella on d tree..awww...i was glued to d screen wen mum shouted lets we went..

traffic wasnt too bad..yest was worst..stupid friday..traffic was smooth all d way into Pavilion..happy still..found carpark right in front of d awesome..feeling lucky aledi even b4 i new it was a good start..

having eaten some bread in d car, we skipped lunch..din wanna waste anymore time..hehe..headed up to d 1st floor..initially wanted to go Forever 21 first..but saw Ms.Read got mum in since she said she wanted to find tops n i saw some pretty nice wans on hangin..

so got her to try a few...n A few more..n more..i dunno whether she pretend to like it or wat..but all dat i chose she tested it n liked it n she got ya..she told me not to mention how many but yeah..u get oni dat..she manage to sign up for d member card..u can check out how much u needa spend in order to sign up..not oni dat..she got a free vinyl goldish brown bag n a leather card holder which is freakin awesome..n both suits my awesome is dat..even i was happy for after an hour or so..we were done wit Ms.Read..prac her shoppin was done even b4 mine begun..=/

next stop..Forever land..hehe..saw a few nice wans..manage to find size for those dat i them into d fitting room..s usual..out of d 5, oni 1/2 could fit nicely n looked got both d wan dat fitted n mum was a black shoulder/back laced top n another was a redish long sleeved with somethin to tie both me like..hehe..mum straight got me to d counter n said to go somewhere else to look for a dress..suddenly she sound so cool right..hmmph..i wonder why..lolz..

neways after dat was walkin in Parkson..where we found cun dresses from Warehouse..selected 3 n put it to d test..hehe..first wan was a purplish wan which was a heavy kinda material which i liked d back..den d other wan was a blue-ish print..mum said it looked like an army dress..wth..din fit d last piece was a 2 strap crossed back,satin/silkish print dress..d material is so nice u feel like dancing..everythin was nice but one strap which wasnt adjustable was it din look so nice from d decided to note down d design n maybe tailor make one in d future..

after tryin those..everythin else seem so not dat attractive anymore..=/ well it was way cheaper but it jus din catch our den i was aledi giving up..walked n walked n walked..ntg nice..finally our last stop b4 we headed down for makan..saw Zara opposite of told last stop b4 goin headed in..straight there were a few dat caught our eyes..mum saw a purplish dress..i saw more Black dresses..i somehow have a thing for black dresses for xmas i dunno y..i have errr..4/5 black dresses n i wore it all for xmas..i tot i may b able to get somethin diff dis year but maybe i shud juz set my own trend of having black dress n interesting shoes for xmas..BTW, i got the Guess Okanarra Shoe i blogged abt, yest..=)

so took 5 pieces into d dressing room..1 grey,1purplish,1 plain satin/silk black, 1 black printed silk n err one more i cant rmbr..d grey wan was too low..purplish wan looked like a was a tie between d silk n d satin/silk wan..mum liked d satin/silk but i liked d cuttin of d silk wan..more me..but it was abit loose n d pieces left were not properly handled n torn at d zip end..tried on d satin/silk wan n it fitted perfectly n mum had a smile on her face n i felt dat it cud go with dat..n while walkin to d cashier, saw another lace typed purple! hehe..asked mum n she said go was a with dat, we ended our shoppin n headed for makan cos we were both tired n hungry..hahaa..

after dat headed to Coliseum area to find parkin n made reservations..went across d road to Nagoya Material Store to check out some materials for future usage..n guess wat..we found d perfect color n material for d dress i was suppose to make but d tailor said cudnt find material...=.= so din wanna say anythin abt tryin to get it done by xmas but i slipped it out my mouth..den mum said, but u got ur dress alredi..den i said, can make it for cny den..=/ thank god she din scold..=/ d dress wasnt dat ya..

den bought d material n den headed over to Coliseum n met up wit d rest for dinner..d Sizzling Steak was no doubt *HANDSDOWN* to them tasted so good dat i wanted to get recipe..haha..but boy was d old man grumpy..=/ he insisted dat my mum waited for d main course to finish b4 serving her dessert which she wanted to come out first..hahah

neways, I am very happy n contented for very much covered up d emo-ness n complicatedness of yesterday..hehe..

*i wish i had pics to add in here*


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

not necesaary must have pics 1 ma...come lets go coliseum...i lama tak pergi sia! its sad i dont eat beef...gah! >.< last time i always go see ppl order the sizzling stick...woo! xD

floriferous said...

well they have d chicken wan ma..bugger i dread d parkin there wei..bird shit ALL OVER MY CLEAN CAR..wth..

but its a nice place to makan..daym old skool..hehe

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

LOL...the waiters there all damn old d wey! cute sia! xD

awww....poor car! xD eewww!

floriferous said...

yeah la..came home terus wash wei..n guess wat? my car number came out on toto..wth rite..d 7 n 0 swap..came out 3107..all cursing n swearin y d sign to buy no so late if not everyone sure buy no d..hehe..

yes d old man is daym grumpy wanted her dessert first,he insisted it has to come after makan..she asked twice!daym cute la dat fella..

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

must listen to old man ma! class! xD

why yesterday u emo? u emo ke? hmmm...apa so complicated? OWHH!! eh wait..thats not yesterday...I dont know...

Free on tuesday not?

floriferous said...

u know wat happen d other day ma..friday nite..oh my forgetful fren..hehe..

tuesday c la..will have wrappin to do..but sure can squeeze u in..hehe..*squashed*