Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The weekend after exams...

hi there again..i realised im bloggin pretty regular dis days adi..hehe..payback for all neglection of me to dis blog...
*went off to set up and decorate xmas tree and dance prac*
after 10 hours later

on saturday went for shoppin and hang out time wit d god-siblings (fred,manda n sherie)..headed over to Damansara area..at first we suppose to go 1U first den said wanted to go IKEA first to get presents..so headed to Ikea first n wen we reached there, we were gettin realli fickle on where to go first..1minute ikea 1minute 1u..so its like back n forth askin where to go first..so decided on 1u..made a turn n headed out from Ikea area..got on to d highway n made d u turn..not being observant on d road, i happily too d turnin bak into mutiara damansara which is ikea side..so tried to come out from there but cudnt..so decided to jus stay ard there..went to find parkin in ikea..n guess wat, its daym full..so went round n round..finally we say a family walkin bak to their car, having some courtesy to ask does result a good ending..so we followed dat family n i quickly put my signal cos there's another car in front of me..d other car tot cud get d parkin but too bad..we asked n booked aledi..hehe..here's d funny part..s i was jus reversin to straighten my car, 2 cars from outta no where,came rushin in n tot of gettin my space..but sorry la too slow..hehehe..ppl goes crazy wen it comes to parkin..seriously..
d 3 of us walking ard while waitin for sherie..

so we went walkin in ikea first but came out not long after cos it was so crowded..headed over to the curve to do some happier shoppin cos amanda was yawning away while in ikea..hehe..it was kinda sad to find out dat they din have Guess outlet..cos i tot of finding d shoe i spoke abt in d previous post..so oh well..fred manage to get his black shirt n manda her starbucks to keep her awake..lolz..

after dat we headed over to IKANO..n we saw carolers gettin ready to sing..fred was excited..s always..so went to popular to get manda a story book n den headed bak down to hear them sing..it was ok la..ntg dat fantastic..i quote freddie "ours still beta"..after their performance, fred wen up to d guitarist to ask where were they from..after he answer SFX, fred said he's from HFC..d guys Ohhh-ed in a very long way...s in like those "i know you guys are good" oh's..hehe

so neways..after dat headed to Padini concept store where i found a nice pair of black shoes..n it was 1/3 of d guess shoe's price..everyone said ok n agreed its nice..so dats my xmas shoe..shall jus hope now d guess shoe doesnt go out of size n hopefully can get wen i start workin..=/
~will upload more pics taken from fred's fon..~

waited for bro n oi leng to meet up for dinner..while waiting we were laughin our lungs off on how manda explain abt her sister performin on sunday..gosh..dat laugh cause me stomach muscle cramp..haha..

headed to Ikea's dining area where their Swedish meatballs are like killers..hmmm yummm..d queue was exceptionally long due to d weekend crowd..undstandable..neways to cut short, we ate and den headed to Ikea store to get xmas presents..not gonna mention much but we were laughin non stop la k..until d counter we were still laughin..gosh..

headed to marks place after dat to surprise celine..d clown(mark) said they'd b back ard 9+/10 so we arrived at 9.45 n he said he's still in subang..=/ so waited for almost an hour plus till they we run n hide..instead of hiding in d original place planned, we hid in d guest room..hehe..jus to spend everyone..n finally we came out n sang d happy birthday song..celine looked kinda shocked la cos she din expect anythin but a twilight book..hahaha..neways happy birthday celine..


Went for mass as usual..bkfs wit parents..den rest awhile(30 mins) b4 headed out to Bangsar Village 2 for caroling..dat day was jus a casual dresscode..neways reached there almost an hour earli..so had starbucks n jus selected d songs we were gonna sing..at 2 we went to our venue which was d kids sport centre..sang pretty well..abit of mistakes here n there but cudnt realli notice unless u're a musician inclined person..hehe..

after dat we jus walked ard n ended up in MPH waiting for fred to finish his interview wit his candidate..(fred is a head hunter) lolz..wan a job lemme know..

headed home for awhile to get changed n packed for vball..its been 2 months since i touched d ball man..hands aso softened alredi..so it was okla..got ready for prac..had a great meal..n off for prac..

after months of not practicing, i jus felt kinda excited for some reason..sherie was setting up her cam for picture taking session..so manda n i became her models..haha..end up camwhoring while waitin for prac to start..goddess,3some and 4some..

n once d singin started..i was jus smiling all d way cos everyone sounded so nice n coordinated..jude(pianist) was on fire man..o holy night was so nice dat my hair stood..=/
fred lookin stoned..=p

the two dat is always ready for camera..

during picture taking..jus cudnt stop laughin thanks to reuben who kept focusing on d lil boy who was counting n shakin his butt..gosh..cudnt even get a nice pic of me out of d lot..sighh.

continued prac until 10.45..n den it was "dat's a wrap"..but dat wasnt d wrap of d weekend cos today(monday) is a public holiday and for me another day of holiday..hehe..will continue once i have d pics of today(monday)...

take care and god bless..have a nice week ahead..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

lets have a photoshoot with ur xmas tree...wheee...

floriferous said...

weeeeee...hehe..but have to finish d reef aso den oni complete..hehe..